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Searching for Our Lewallens

What we know for certain is that Hannah and ten of her children appear on the 1850 & 1860 Taney County, Missouri Census Lists.
We say ten of her children as there was, according to a family story, another son by the name of Will or William.
Curiously enough, this son and Hannah's husband, do not appear on any census list to date.

Studying the 1850 Taney County Misssouri Census Listing we are able to follow Hannah and her family from Tennessee to Missouri.

Hannah Lewallen Tennessee  36  -  1814

Married in Tennessee in 1830 to a Lewallen.

 C. Lewallen Tennessee 17  -  1833

M.J. (Mary Jane) Lewallen Tennessee 15 -  1835

E. A. (Keziah) Lewallen North Carolina  13  -  1837

M. J. (Matthew John) Lewallen  Tennessee  11  -  1839

J. V. (Jesse) Lewallen Tennessee  9  - 1841

S.E. (Sarah Emmaline) Lewallen  Arkansas  8  -  1842

G. W. (George Washington) Lewallen  Missouri  7  -  1843

J.R. (James Ross) Lewallen  Missouri  4  -  1846

R. B. (Robrert B.)  Missouri  3  -  1847

E. (Elizabeth D.)  Missouri  2  -  1848

Findings on Death Certificates of her children:
E. A. (Keziah) Lewallen Oliver born somewhere in North Carolina in 1837 died 22 March 1920 and is buried in the Lewallen Cemetery in Branson, Missouri.
On Keziah's death certificate, it states her mother was UNKNOWN,  and that the name of her
father was BABIL.
Thoughts to consider:
-Keziah was 83 yrs old at her death
-This was 58 years after her mother died
Now look at the other children:

C. b. 1833 - nothing further found

Mary Jane b. 1835 - no death cert. located

E. A. (Keaiah) b. 1837 - 'Babil'

Mathew John b. 1839 - 'Mathew John'

Jesse V. b. 1841 - this child is mentioned in a will-no father's name forthcoming; unable to locate said Will

George Washington b. 1843 - 'Robert" (George spelled his surname Lieuallen)

James Ross b. 1846 - nothing further found

Robert B. b. 1847 - this child known as Rob, -  'John'

Sarah Emmaline b. 1842 - 'Lewelan' (mother as Hanah Ford)

Elizabeth b. 1848 - no death cert. located


Studying the above info., we can say with all honesty, that this man was most likely one Mathew John Robert Lewallen or John Robert Lewallen!  It is possible that his father was a Mathew John Lewallen.   And that our Mathew or John had the nickname of Babil!


ALSO: Mary Jane Lewallen Bilyeu had a daughter named Elizabeth  (Mary Ann) 'Polly' Bilyeu Green Williams who died in 1958; Polly's death certificate and obituary show her mother as Mary Jane Sinclair!
As there is always a tiny bit of truth to all family stories, there is the possibility that Mary Jane Lewallen was adopted by Hannah and her husband.
 In a story from the Hogan family, Hannah had a brother known to the children as Uncle John and that he was John Motley.
In Uncle Bill Hilton's letter to Carol, he believed Hannah's husband to have been Mathew John Lewallen.  He does not state what led him to this decision.  The census list we found for Mathew John Lewallen in Wayne Co., MO., does not coincide with the children for our Hannah and her husband on the 1840 census list.
All family stories say that Hannah was a full blood Cherokee.
Many of the TN & KY census lists have been destroyed either by fire or war!  We have found that in 1830 there were three Lewallen families listed on the Wayne County, KY 1830 Census - Jesse, Matthew & Henry; along with ONE Ford family!  The Jesse and Matthew families are not on the 1840 Wayne Co KY appear on the census, BUT they do appear on the 1840 Izard Co Ark Census!
Hannah's daughter, Sarah Emmaline Lewallen Hogan,  is shown as born in Yellville, Arkansas in 1842.
The child prior to that is shown as born in TN. in 1841.
Thus we can say that the family moved from TN to Arkansas between the yeas of 1841 & 1842.
According to the birth dates of children, the family then moved from Arkansas to Taney Co. MO. some time between 1842 & 1843.
 Curiously enough, if we look at the first child listed on the census, we see a C. Lewallen, and remembering that there was suppose to be an older son named William, then if we look for a girl's name that begins with 'C', we looked at that and came up with the following finds:

1810 Warren Co., Ky  Census

            Lewallin, William      8 in family

            Lewallen, Clabowin  9 in family

Searching for parents of Charity Lewallen c 1817 in TN or AL. Married Hyram Evans of Jackson Co, AL. They moved to Searcy Co, AR in 1850 Census and in 1860 census she is married to George W. Hock of Madison Co, AR. May have had a brother named Willie Lewallen.

McMinn County 1830
Lewallen, Willie: 2 boys ages 0-5, 1 boy age 5-10, 1 male age 20-30; 1 girl age 10-15, 1 female age 20-30,1 female age 50-60.

 Ann GIFFORD was born between 1810 and 1813 in Silver Creek, Maury (now Marshall) Co, TN.12 She married William LEWALLEN on 7 May 1832 in Maury Co, TN, (bond, looks like 7 but could be 9).


LEWALLEN, William L., Born Aug 31 1809 in Wake,NC., Died Nov 16 1897 in Knox, TN.


From: < FFHILBERT@aol.com>
Subject: Re: EVANS - NC>Jackson Co, AL>MO>Searcy Co, AR>Madison Co, AR
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 09:13:47 -0400 (EDT)

Searching for additional info on John & Nancy EVANS and their son Hyram who
married Charity Lewallen (Cherokee Indian) Their son, Alfred, (per family
tradition) was a Cherokee Chief.
John EVANS b 1771TN d Aft. 1850 married Nancy (Poss VEATCH or JONES?) b 1780
in NC d Aft. 1850
son -Hyram EVANSb: Abt. 1819 in TN married Charity LEWELLEN b: Abt. 1817 in
TN/AL m: Abt. 1838 in AL d: 1883 in Madison, AR Charity married second
George Wasington HOCK   Children of Hyram & Charity: Alfred W EVANS b 1839 AL, Louisa Jane EVANS b 1841 AL, Nancy C EVANS b 1843 MO, James W EVANS b 1845 AR/MO, John Allen EVANS b Dec 1848 AR d 1919, Drakes Creek, Madison, AR,
Sarah E EVANS b 1851 AR ,Mary Arkansas EVANS b 05 Apr 1853 in Huntsville,
Madison, AR d 16 Nov 1911 in Hood, Sequoyah, OK
Loretta ffhilbert@aol.com

From: Cathleen Larson < symonslarson@bigplanet.com>
Subject: Charity Lewellen
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 18:29:07 -0500

Hmm, I have a Charity Luellen, born March 29, 1818. She was the daughter
of Thomas Lewellen and Mary Polly Gough,-
Thomas, the son of Samuel Llewellyn and the Widow Hannah Jones. This
Charity married Phillip Minear on July 13, 1843,

This Charity did have a brother William Lewellen, born in 1808, he
married Ruth McVey abt 1858.

Hope this helps rather than confuses,

We need to find some way of accessing TN records online as they require you to live in TN and have a TN telephone number!

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