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Minerva Edith "Minnie"  "Edith" Thornton-Hilton
Lu Dawn's Maternal Grandmother
We knew our grandmother as "Granny Hurd".   I have heard her called "Minnie'  and  "Edith" depending on who the person was talking to her.
My sister & I have many fond memories of Granny Hurd and the numerous visits to her home in Laconia, New Hampshire.
I have fond memories of bus trips to Missouri and back with Granny Hurd!
Granny Hurd was the love of my life!  I have many fond visions in my head of this woman. I was there with her thenight she died in Southeastern General Hospital,
Lumberton, N. C.
She hardly never sat down to the dinner table, instead she stood in front of the stove and ate her meal standing there.
It was years later before I understood the reason for her doing so.  It was mighty
simple - she
was simply trying to follow doctors orders and felt if she stood instead of sitting, she would eat less!
She was often found sewing dresses and other bits of clothing to send to her grandchildren in Missouri. 
Many a night would be spent sleeping by her side, even when I was a full grown married woman!  I would visit her and while we were drifting off to sleep we would talk while she stroked my hair.
I remember her habit of hanging up the phone while she was saying goodbye - she would have the phone far away from her ear and ready to place it on the wall when she said goodbye.  I quess this was her way of ending the conversation quickly and not dragging it out.
I remember her standing by the window in the front room with a little piece of mirror sitting on the windowsill high up where she would pluck those long white hairs from her chin.  I must admit I find myself doing the same thing these days.
She never learned to drive a car.  Ernie drove us every where we went.
One of our favorites outings when we were young was the drive to get creamy cones on the way to Lake Winniepausaukee.
Mom tells that Granny drove a mean horse and buggy and that the horses name was Star.  I sure do wish I could have seen that!
Need Photos of Family Members!  If you have Photos to Share Please Contact Lu Dawn!

Our Granny Hurd - Minerva "Edith" "Minnie" Thornton-Hilton-Hurd

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James Ross Hilton  b. 15 Nov. 1891 Married Edith M. Thornton b. 7 Dec. 1899-1900
Edith Minerva "Minnie" Thornton-Hilton was born 7 December 1899-1900 Bluff, Taney Co., Missouri
Died 1972 Lumberton, North Carolina, Robeson Co.,
Buried Spokane, Christain Co., Mo.
(See Hilton in Navigation Bar for Info/Data related to Hiltons & Check Out the Hilton Family Photo page)
(Note:  Much info on this page is missing - as not available to me at this time!  Thank you for your patience!  If you have any info/data you would like to see included here contact Lu Dawn)
James Ross Hilton & Edith M. Thornton had 8 Children:
(See Hilton Page)
1.  Mildred "Millie" Maxine b. 9 July 1920 in Eaudevie, Christain Co., Mo.   1st m.  George Sims and had two sons-Wilford & James W.  2nd m. Colin Ross of West Bridgewater / Brockton, Mass. and had two daughters-Lu Dawn & 2nd daughter  3rd m. Francis Marian Floyd of Lumberton, Robeson Co., N.C. and had one daughter-Barbara Jean.
Mildred died 18 Dec. 2004, is buried Lumberton, N.C.
2.  Ruby Pauline (Ruby Jane or Jean) b. 9 Aug 1922 m. Raymond Holliday b. 14 April 1921, he d. 17 Feb. 1971.
Ruby & Raymond had ________ children.
3.  Daniel Rex "Billy" b. 1924 m. Martha Alice Dodson.  Billy & Martha had two children:
Cindy Ellen Hilton-Click
James Dodson Hilton
4.  Edith Geraldine "Gerry" 1st m. Harry Albers and had 2 children-one son & one daughter.  2nd m.  Arthur Wood (no children)  3rd m. Claude V. "Vannie" Barns (no children).
5.  Kenneth Eldon m. Joan Peterson and had _______ children.
6.  Velma "Eileen" 1st m. Jack Burgess and had one son and one daughter.  2nd m. Fred Luff and had two daughters.  3rd m. Danny Rodrigus (no children).
Joann 1st  m.  John Mohney in Mass. and had one son. 
2nd m.  J. C. White in Mo. and had one daughter.
8.  Cora Lee m. Hutchison
Parents of Edith M. Thornton-Hilton were Henry Everett Thornton & Savannah Lee Foley
Henry b. 20 Oct. 1855 Franklin Co., Va. d. 24 Dec. 1878 Taney Co., Mo. m.  Savannah :ee Foley  b. 24 Oct. 1861, d. 5 Feb. 1917, Taney Co., Mo. She the dauther of James A. Foley & Mary Ellen Larkins
(See Wives & Mothers Page for Lineage of Mary Ellen Larkins)
Henry Everett Thornton & Savannah Lee Foley had 12 Children:
1.   James Albert Thornton b. 28 Nov. 1879 Lived in Cherrydale, Kansas  m. Mae Etta Cole on 20 April 1902 in Taney Co., Mo.. Had 2 sons-Raymond & Manford
2.  Bessie Catherine  b.  10 Nov. 1883 Christain Co., Mo. d. 12 Feb. 1960 Portage CO., Ohio  Lived in Garrettsville, Ohio.  m. 8 Nov. 1903 to Wm. Oliver "Ollie" Evans in Taney Co., Mo. Had 3 sons & 5 daughters.
3.   Mary Ellen (Mary Emily) b. 23 Nov. 1881 m. Thomas Brown Case on 27 October 1898 in Taney Co., Mo. Resided in Garrison, Mo.  Had 2 sons & 1 daughter. 
4.  John Thomas "Dan" Ezekial b. 8 Jan 1885  m. Mae Meadows.  Married late-no children.
5.  Norph  Otho  b. 16 Oct. 1887 m. Lina Bell Wicks on 14 Dec. 1909 in Taney Co., Mo.  Had 3 daughters-Iva, Irene, Mae.  Lived Paradise, Calif.
6.  Mamie Ellen b. 12 March 1881 m. Alfred J. Estep on 12 December 1909 in Taney Co., Mo.  Lived in Springfield, Mo.  Had 1 daughter & 2 sons-one died in infancy. 
7.  Clarence O. (Harvey Clarence) b.  23 Aug. 1893 m. Maude May Pryor on 5 September 1920 in Bourbon Co., Kansas.  Lived Fort Scott, Kansas.  Had 2 sons & 1 daughter.
8.  Infant died - b. 23 Aug. 1892 Name "Willie"
9.  Henry "Clyde" b. 10 Nov. 1895 d. age 21 buried Meadows Cemetary, Mo.  Never Married.
10.  Edith Minerva "Minnie" b. 7 Dec. 1899-1900 Bluff, Taney Co., Mo.  m. James Ross Hilton on 23 August 1919 - had  8 children.
Edith 2nd m. Ernest Hurd and lived in Laconia, New Hampshire.-no children.
11.  Anna Bell Lee b.  27 Dec. 1904 1st m. Roy G. Burns on 18 March 1923 in Taney Co., Mo.- Had 3 children.  2nd m. Lawrence Bilyeu. Lived Ozark, Mo.
12.  Tru Alphonso "Mackie" Mack b. 10 march 1910  m.  Beatrice G. Irwin on 23 December 1936 in Christian Co., Mo. Lived Fort Scott, Kansas.  Had 2 sons & 2 daughters. 
(Above Info of Henry & Savannah's Children from:
 Colleen Thornton of Henry, Va.  8-23-1980.)
Parents of Henry Thornton were Samuel G. Thornton & Mary Jane Claughton
Samuel G. Thornton was born ca 1810 (1850 Census), Franklin Co., Va. Samuel died 1872, Hickory Co., MoSamuel married on 22 Aug 1844 to Mary Jane Claughton, b. ca 1828 (1850 Census), Mary's mother was dead in 1858.  Her father was a minister.  She was 16 when she married Sam, he was 34 yrs.
Children of Samuel G. Thornton & Mary Jane Claughton:
(This family info / data is from Colleen Thornton of Henry, Va.)
1.  Susan b. 1845 Franklin Co., Va.  Died on way to Arkansas.
2.  Melvin b. 1846 Franklin Co., Va. D. 1909, buried Ozark, Mo.
3.  Dora b. 1847 Franklin Co., Va. m. Elisha Rains
4.  Ruth  b. 16 Oct 1848 Franklin Co., Va.  d. 17 Aug 1939 Fairview Butcher Cemetary, Hickory Co., Mo.  m. James Thomas Wheeler on 27 Dec. 1868  He also buried same cemetary.
Gustavius & Everett-1 daughter
5.  Clara? b. Franklin Co., Va.  Died on way to Arkansas
6.  Henry b. 24 Oct. 1855 d. 1934 Buried in Meadows Cemetary  40 miles South of Springfield, Mo. m.  Savannah Lee Foley
Stayed in Taney Co., Mo. after the Cival War.
7.  Ellen born in Arkansas-baby Thornton
8.  Jas ?spelling
9. Wielie ?spelling
8 & 9 - These two not Thorntons, or at least not Sam's, although they carried the Thornton name. Born after Mary left Sam in Mo. and went to Cord, Ark.
Info Found---See Edwin Thornton's Research Page found on this site.
Lu Dawn shows a child named Joseph - Dropped out of sight when Civil War broke out. ? which child of Samuel & Mary's this is?  Or could this possibly be the Jas #8 above?
Help Needed here-
Need help here- as Lu Dawn lists a child named Mel m. Nan Kissenger with note: Wife of H. Clarence perhaps has Civil War picture of Mel in uniform.
Parents of Samuel G. Thornton b. 1810 were Starling (Sterling) Thornton & Sarah (Salley) Moseley
They were Primitive Baptist.
Starling Thornton  b. ca 1777 (Lu Dawn has a note: get Census Record 1790-He will be about 13 yrs old-for Va.-ask for microfilm.) d. 1848, buried family cemetary, Thornton's Mountain, m. Sarah (Salley) Moseley b. ca 1777 Franklin Co., Va. d. 1853, also buried Thornton's Mountain..  Sarah was the daughter of Mordecai Mosely  b. ca 1805 & Rebecca________,  They were also Primitive Baptist.
Children of Starling Thornton & Sarah (Sallie) Moseley:
1.  Rhoda W. b. ca 1805 m. 28 Aug 1827 to James Gadd in Franklin, Co., Va.  Migrated to Wyoming Co., Va. Lived W. Va.  Had 6 children.
2.  John b. 1806 d. 1888, buried family cenetary, Franklin Co., Va., Thornton's Mountain, m. Lucy P. Ashworth, had 12 children.
3.  Sterling Moseley b. 1808 d. 1894, buried Providence CH Cemetary beside Millicent 1 st wife.  Married 1st Millicent H. Whitten-3 children
m. 2nd Fannie ?SP Bell
4.  Samuel G. Thornton b. 1810, d. 1894, m. Mary Jane Claughton 22 Aug 1844.  See Samuel  G. Thornton as noted above.  Migrated to Arkansas & Missouri.  Buried near Old Miller School-Hickory County, Missouri.
5.  Elizabeth b. 1813, d. 1888, m. Owen Stanley on 25 May 1840.  Buried Providence CH. Cemetary.  Had 6 children.
6.  Page James  b. 7-7-1815, d. 1898, buried Home Place-Family Cemetary, Thornton's Mountain, Va. Married Rebecca Frith on 11 Feb. 1839.  Had 8 children.
7.  Dorcus (shown on Lu Dawn's family group page.) - No Info.
8.  Burwell b. 14 Feb. 1818 d. 8 Nov. 1864, married Ruth Willis on 11 or 18 Feb. 1839 He is buried on Geo. Thornton Farm Cemetary, Franklin CO., Va.  They had 5 children.
Parents of Starling Thornton b. 15 Feb 1776 were Henry Thornton b. abt. 1750 - 1755 in Orange Co., Va.
& Mary ____.  Henry d. after 1817.
Children of Henry 1750 & Mary _____.
1.  Benjamin
2.  Judith
3.  Allen b. bet 1770 -1776
4.  Starling  b. 15 Feb.  1776 in Va.
5.  Hannah b. abt. 1783
6.  Martin b. bef 1785
7.  Littleberry b. bef 1786
8.  Patsy  b. abt 1800
Parents of Henry b. 1750-1755 were John Thornton b. 1715 in Richmond Co., Va. & Jemima Longworth b. Sept 1724.  John & Jemima were m. 1740 in Westmoreland or Orange Co., Va
Children of John Thornton b. 1715  & Jemima Longworth were:
1.  Luke b. 1745 Orange Co., Va.
2.  William b. bet 1749 & 1752 Orange Co., Va.
3.  Jane b. 1752 Orange Co., Va.
4.  Henry b. 1750-1755 Orange Co., Va.
5.  Josiah b. 22 Aug 1758 Orange Co., Va.
6.  Randolph Ransdell b. 1759 Orange Co., Va.
Parents of John b. 1715  were Mark Thornton, Sr. b. 23 Sept 1686 North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co., Va.  & Mary Bruce b. 3 April 1692 in North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co., Va.
Mark Sr. & Mary were married in Richmond Co., Va. Mark Sr. d. 1721 in Richmond Co., Va. Will Probated 1 Oct. 1729.
Children of Mark Thornton, Sr. & Mary Bruce were:
1.  Rowland
2,  Mark Thornton 11, b. bet 1712 & 1713 Richmond Co., Va.
3.  John b. 1715 Richmond Co., Va.
4.  Thomas b. bet 1719 & 1720 North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co., Va.
Parents of Mark Thornton, Sr. b. 23 Sept 1686 were  Luke Thornton b. bet 1650 & 1665 in Lunenburg parish, Old Rappahannock Co., Va./Richmond Co., Va., d. bet 29 Jan 1725 & 2 Mar 1726 in Richmond Co., Va., Married Anne ____ abt 1680 in Old Rappahannock Co.,/ Richmond Co., Va.
Children of Luke Thornton & Anne ____ were:
1.  Luke Thornton !! b. 1676 in Old Rappahannock Co., Va./Richmond Co., Va.
2.  John b. 1678 Old Rappahannock/Richmond Co., Va.
3.  Elizabeth b. abt 1679  Old Rappahannock/Richmond Co., Va.
4.  Anne b. abt 1682 Old Rappahannock/Richmond Co., Va.
6.  Mark, Sr. b. 23 Sept 1686 North Farnham Parish, Old Pappahannock Co., Va.
7.  Thomas b. 5 April 1688 North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co., Va.
Parents of Luke Thornton b. bet 1650-1665 were Henry Thornton b. abt 1630 in Fulham Parish, Middlesex, England, died in North Farhman parish, Richmond Co., Va.  1st married Deborah Scoper b. abt 1635 c: 31 Mar 1635 St. Margaret's, Westminister, London.  They were married 18 Nov. 1652 in St. margaret's Westminister, London, England.
Children of Henry b. abt 1630 & Deborah Scoper were:
1  Luke b.  bet 1650 & 1665 Lunenburg Parish, Old Rappahannock Co./Richmond Co., Va.
2.  William b. 1654
3.  Henry b. abt 1662
4.  Thomas b. 1685
Parents of Henry b. abt 1630 were Henry Thornton b. 1607 Northend, Fulham Parish, London, England & Martha Floud b. abt 1607.  They were married 2 Oct 1628 in Fulham Parish, London, England
Children of Henry Thornton b. abt 1607 & Martha Floud were:
1.  Henry b. abt 1630 Fulham Parish, Middlesex, England
2.  Mary b. abt 1632
3.  Elizabeth b. abt 1636
4.  Benjamin b. 5 Jun 1651
Parents of Henry b. 1607 were Henry Thornton, Jr. b. abt 1582-1558 Northend, Fulham Parish, Middlesex, England & Alice Clark b. abt 1584. 
Children of Henry Thornton, Jr. 1558 & Alice Clark:
1.  Henry b. abt 1607
2.  Jeromy b. abt 1608
? more
Parents of Henry Thornton, Jr. abt 1582 were Henry Thornton b. abt 1558 Northern, Fulham Parish, Middlesex, England & Margery Laughlin b. abt 1560 of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England. 
Children of Henry b. abt 1558 & Margery laughlin were:
1.   Henry Thornton, Jr. b. abt 1582
2.  Thomas b. abt 1584
3.  George b.  abt 1586
4.  Hoane b. abt 1588
5.  Elizabeth b. abt 1590
FRANKLIN CO., VA. 7-20-1980
Membership list of that date 1980 shows 36 members & addresses.
Lu Dawn has copy of this membershiip list.
Buried in the Meadows Cemetery, Bull Creek, Missouri
Thornton Henry . 20 Oct 1855 11 Feb 1934 s/s Savannah
Thornton Henry Clyde 10 Nov 1896 31 Jan 1917 .
Thornton infant . 2 Jul 1893 2 Sep 1893 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Henry
Thornton Mae Meadows 1886 1957 .
Thornton Savannah . 24 Oct 1861 4 Feb 1917 "His wife"  s/s Henry

Additional Miscellaneous 
Thornton Information & Data
Thornton Family Quarterly
*Some of this info & data
connect to us while much does not - Enjoy!*
October 1969
William Thornton b. Dec 20, 1717, who married Jane Clack b. Jan 9, 1721, their son, William Thornton, b. June 14, 1751 married Sarah Starling (Goodrich?), d. July 7, 1815.  The reminder concerning their descendants is summarized in the register.
"Mary (Jones) Jones married secondly, March 17, 1777, Sterling Clack Thornton, son of William and Jane Clack Thornton of Brunswick County, who was born in 1753, just before his father's removal from Gloucester County in 1754.  On February 13, 17777, Sterling Clack Thornton and Mary Jones and Richard Jones Jr. 'A marraige shortly to be solemnized between Sterling C. Thornton and Mary Jones who for the sum of 5 shillings turns over to Richard Jones Jr. trustee, one negro woman and all personal estate which she came into possession of under the will of her late husband Branch Jones deceased; also all debts due by bonds and otherwise, with legacies from the estate of her father which she is entitled to at the death of her mother.  The said Sterling to permit the said Richard Jones Jr. to act as trustee in all business transactions.'  Witnesses:  Peter jones, Jr., Thomas Short.  This was entered on record at July Court 1777. (Amelia Co. D.B. 14, p. 114)."
(Mrs. Fothergill in her "Peter Jones and Richard jones Geanaolgies" treats this branch (of Sterling Clack Thornton) extensively.  The above is quoted from page 184 of that book.
? Date of publication
page 5 Volume 1 No. 2
(Source Unknown)
The name of Thornton is of local origin and was anciently derived from a place of that name, probably the town of THornton, in Yorkshire, England.  It was taken by its first bearers because of their residence either in this town or in one of the several parishes named Thornton, in the Counties of Lincoln, Oxford, and Chester, at the found in ancient Enlish and early American records in the various forms of Thorntons, Thornetone, Thornteon, Thorndon, and Thornton, of which the last is the spelling most frequently used in modern times, both in England and in America.
Famiklies of this name were resident at early dates in the English counties of York, Oxford, Chester, Lincoln, Essex, Northampton, Herford, Middleses, and London, as well as in the counties of Limerick, Queen's Cavan, Fife, and Donagal, in Ireland, and in Scotland, at slightly later dates.  They appear to have been, for the most part, of the landed gentry and yeomaury of the British Isles.
One of the earliest known lines of the Thorntons was that represented toward the end of the twelfth century by Hugh Thornton, of Leedes, in the County of York.  He was the father of two sons, Thomas and John, of whom the first left only female issue, while the latter was the father of Walter, the faterh of Roger, whose son, Thomas Thornton was living in the year 1299.  This Thomas had a son of the same name, who was the father of Roger and William.  Of these, the first died without male issue and was succeeded by his brother William, who had a son named Thomas.  The last Thomas was the father of Thomas, John, Richard, Robert, William, and Margaret, of whom the first had a son named William, living in 1456, who was married about 1424 to Matilda, daughter of Wiliam de Tyersdale.  To this union were born Walter, George, Edward, Bernard, and Isabel, of who the first left issue by his wife Joane or Janet of three sons, ercival, Thomas, and John.   Of these, Percival Thornton married Magery Walworth before 1524 and was the father by her in that year of a son named Richard, who left issue by his wife, Ann King, of William and Elizabeth.  The son William was the father by his wife, Beatrice Tempast, of only one son, Richard Thornton, who married Elizabeth Hobson before 1600 and had issue by her of Tempest, William, Richard, John, and several daughters.  Of these, Tempest married Margaret Lockwood, by whom he was the father of Richard, John, Ann, and Elizabeth, of whom the first died without male issue.  The last mentioned John married Judith Richardson and left issue by her of Richard, Tempset, Jan, William, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Judith.
Another early line is descended from William Thornton, of Yorkshire, who died about the year 1333.  He was the father of Thomas, who had Robert, who died about 1402, leaving a son named William who was the father of Robert, who married Isabel Gray (fourteenth in descent from King Stephen of England) and had issue by her of a son named Robert, who had Francis, who was the father of WIlliam Thornton, who married Barbara Westhy (a descendant of King Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, and William the Conquerer) and was the father by her of William, who was the father of the William Thornton who came to Virginia in 1646.
One Wioodam Thornton, son of Robert Thornton, of Yorkshire, was the father in the early fourteenth century of John Thornton, who married a Miss Dalton and had issue by her of William, who married a Miss Newton and had issue by her of another William, who left issue by his wife Jane, daughter of Sir John Eaton, of a son named Robert.   This Robert married a Miss Gray and was the father of WIlliam Thornton, of East Newton, in Yorkshire, who married a daughter of Sir John Pickering, and was the father by her of Robert, who married Jane Layton and had issue by her of twelve children, William, Robert (Died young), Thomas, Martin, Robert, Richard, George, John, Christopher, Francis, Elizabeth, and Anne.  William, the eldest of these, left issue by his wife, Margaret Leigh, of Robert, Roger, Ralph, William, George, Edward, and four daughters.  Of these, Robert married Margery Tawange, and had two sons, William and George, of whom the former was married about 1575 to Elinor Crimston and was the father in that year of a son named Robert.
Another early branch of the family was that represented in the early fifteenth century by Matthew Thornton, of Thornton, in Yorkshire, who was the father of Sir WIlliam Thornton, who married margaret, daughter of Sir Bryan Stapleton, and left issue by her of a son named William.  This William married Mary Kirkby and was the father of Sir Roger, who married Catherine, daughter of Sir Henry Redman, and was the father by her of Thomas, the father of another Thomas, whose son Stephen married Cicely Medcalfe and had issue by her of three sons, Peter, George, and Christopher.  Of these, Christopher settled at Langdon, in Licolnshire, about 1585 and was the father there by his wife, Isabell Brooklesby, of Matthew, Mary, and Margaret; while Peter, the eldest son, married Margaret Medcalfe and had issue by her of William, Anne, Alice, and Henry.

A John Thornton was Lord Mayor of York in the latter half of the fifteenth century.  he was the father of another John, who married a Mill Blades and had Richard, who married Jane Norman.
Richard and Jane had issue of Margaret and John, of whom the son married Anne Thomlinson and had issue by her of Richard, Thomas, John, Christopher, Francis, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth, and Dorothy, of whom the son Thomas married Helen, daughter of Percival Lumley and grandaughter of Lord Lumley, and had a son named John, who married Grace Withes or Wythers and was the father by her of the Reverend Thomas Thornton, who was one of the clergymen ejected from the ministry under the "Act of Uniformity" in 1662.  This Reverend Thomas Thornton came to America soon after this time.
One Hodgkin Thornton, who was living in Northumberland, England, in the latter half of the fifteenth century, left a son named Roger, who was the father of Sir Roger, John, and Giles.  Of these, John had a son named Nicholas, who was the father of Roger and Lawrence.  Of these, Roger left issue by his wife, Margaret Lawson, of Roger, Nicholas, and several daughters; and Lawrence was the father by his wife, Elizabeth Collingwood, of John, James, George, and Henry.  Of the last-mentioned brothers, John married Barbara, one of the daughters of Roger and Margaret Thornton, and had issue by her of a son named Nicholas, who married Jane Rateliffe and was the father in the early seventeenth century of Nicholas, John, Cutabert, Roger, Henry, and  E;;en; James had issue by his wife, Ann Fenwicke, of Robert, John, WIlliam, and several daughters, and Henry left issue by his wife, Barbara Fenwicke, of Nicholas and WIlliam.
Among the other early records of the name in the British Isles are those of Roger de Thorntone, of Cambridgeshire, in the year 1273; Hugh and Richard de Thorntone, of Yorkshire, about the same time; Laurence de Thorneton, of Lancashire, about 1340, who had two sons John and William de Thorneton; John Thornetone, of Cornhill, in 1515, Thomas Thornton, of Cambridgeshire, in the early sixteenth century, who was the father of Oliver, who had three sons, William, John, and Oliver; George Thorneton, of London, in 1570; John Thornton, of Northamptom, in the itme of Henry V111, who was the father of a son named Henry, who was the father  of Thomas, the father of John, Abaslom, Henry, Edward, and several daughters; Sir George Thornton, of County Limerick, in 1599; and Lieutenant Thornton, of Queen's County, in 1628.

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