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Our Oliver Lineage As We Know It
(Info & Data taken in part, from the 'History of James Oliver,' By Noma Johnson and from Ancestry.com finds.)

James Oliver & Keziah Lewallen were married on_____________________ in ________________________________.  They had 7 children.  They are both buried in the Lewallen Cemetery in Branson, Missouri.  When Uncle Billy Rex spoke of Jesse Oliver in his story of the Hiltons, he was referring to the son of James & Keziah, Jesse Oliver.   More on this later down this page.
From 'The Land of Taney', by Elmo Ingenthron, page 23 and pages 169-70:
The oldest water-powered mill on Swan Creek, and perhaps the oldest one in taney County, was built and operated by James Oliver who settled on Swan Creek in 1831.  The mill was located about a mile above themouth of the stream and only a short distance above Cole's Spring.  The ownership of the mill was later trasferred to James' son william, who operated it for a time before selling it to George Gibson.
The exact year of its construction is unknown, but it is believed to have been built in the mid-1830's and to have ceased operation just prior to the Civil War.  This pioneer industry being the only mill in the vicinity capable of grinding corn and sawing lumberr, undoubably served many early settlers.   the anchoring irons that held the nill dam are still embedded in the bedrock where the old mill was built.
James Oliver was (Taney) county judge during 1837-1844.
Another finds speaks of: It is said james Oliver owned a hemp mill for making rope and a grist mill for grinding grain and sawing lumber.
John & Martha had:
One child found:
James Oliver born abt. 1785-88 in Boone Co., Ky. 
Died in 1882 in Texas.
James married Martha "Rachel" Holman born 1786 in boone Co., Ky.
They were married on 5 April 1810 in Gallitin Co., Co.
She was the daughter of Edward and Abigail (Williams) Holman.
James & Rachel had 12 children.  Children, as you will see, were born in Boone Co., Ky., Vermillion Co., Indiana, Callaway Co., Mo., and Taney Co., Mo.
Children of James & Rachel Oliver:
1Archibald Oliver born 3 August 1811, Boone Co., Ky.  Died 28 June 1849 ?Ark.  Married Elizabeth Garner, daughter of Samuel & Rachel Pugh Garner.  Archibald & Elizabeth were married on 6 June 1833 in Taney Co., Mo.
Their Children:
Rachel b. 17 April 1834 Taney Co., Mo. d. 26 August 1835.
Theopholis b. 22 Dec 1835 Taney Co., Mo. d. 26 Jan  1837
Sarah Jane b. 30 March 1838 Taney Co., Mo. d 1906
James Monroe b. 12 Nov. 1841 Taney Co., Mo. d. 6 Aug 1898
Willoughby N. b. 24 March 1844 in Ark., d. 13 June 1923
William Holman b. 4 March 1848 ?Taney Co., Mo.  d. 21 June 1920.  He married Martha Cummings b. 29 Nov. 1849 m. in Logan Co., Ark.
Archibald Jr. b. 1849 d. 1849
2. John Oliver born 28 April 1813 Boone Co., Ky.  d. 24 Feb 1881.  Married Frances Archer b. 1810 in TN.  They were married on 20 January 1836.  John is buried in the Lewallen Cemetery in Branson, Mo.  Frances  is buried in a cemetery near Kimberling City, Mo. 
One known child of John & Frances Oliver is:
James Oliver born 1838 in Taney Co., Mo.  Died 1913.  he married E.A. (Keziah) Lewallen born 9 A inpril 1836in TN or Ky. 
They were married on ___________.
Children of James & Keziah Oliver:
-John R. born 9 February 1859 Taney Co., Mo.  died 7 October 1899.  John 1st married Dora E. Stewart on 9 Feb. 1887.  2nd married Dovie White born 12 September 1867 died 5 Oct 1899.  Both John & Dovie are buried in the ewalen Cemetery in Branson, Mo.
-Jesse William born 22 February 1861 Taney Co., Mo.  Jesse was born in the same log cabin that his father was born in, near the present day site of the Powersite Dam.  Jesse married Salina Parilee Benton born 8 August 1866 in Iowa, died 9 November 1939 in branson, Mo.  Salina was the daughter of James F. and July (Bayles) Benton.  Jesse & Salina are both buried in the Lewallen Cemetery in Branson., Mo.
Jesse was a well known cattleman (stock raiser) and one of the early presidents of the Bank of Branson.  Jesse claimed our Grammy Polly as a first cousin.  This would be due to the fact that his mother, Keziah, was a sister to Mary Jane Lewallen Bilyeu, mother of our Grammy Polly.
- Richard Oliver born abt. 1864 in Kansas, married Lucretia _______________.
- Francis born about 1866 in Kansas.
- James born abt. 1869 in kansas.
- Mary F. born 3 January 1872 in Missouri,   died 12 July 1954.  Mary F. married Charles Thompson born 11 November 1858.  Charles died 20 May 1942.  They were married on 14 July 1896.  They are both buried in the Lewallen Cemetery in Branson, Mo.
-  Emma born 9 January 1873 in Missouri, died 17 April 1965.  Emma married James M. Holliday, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lambert) Holliday born 26 February 1870 and died 10 September 1964.  Emma & James were married on 18 February 1893.  they are both buried in the Gobblers Knob Cemetery in Missouri.

3.  Abigail Oliver born abt. 1815 in Boone Co., Ky.  She married William Archer on 27 June 1833 in Greene Co., mo.  Willaim was the first judge in taney County, Mo.
4.  William Oliver born 6 October 1816 in Boone Co., Ky.  Died 3 June 1908 in McLennan Co., Texas.  William 1st married Annie Haggard born 66 May 1816 in TN.  She died 3 December 1851.  William & Annie had one daughter, Annie Oliver born 11 November 1851, died 1918 inTexas.  She married J.S.P. McNatt on 30 May 1867 and had 13 children.
William 2nd married Margaret Beals born 25 December 1828, died 14 April 1909 in McLennan Co., Texas.  They were married on 17 March 1853 in  Forsyth, Mo.
Children of William 7 Margaret:
-Elizabeth born 26 February 1854 in taney  Co., mo., died 4 July 1930.  She married William Price.  No Children.
- Paralee born 12 November 1855 in McLennan Co., Texas.  She married John Henry born in Virginia.  They were married on 21 Spetember 1873.
- James N. born 27 July 1859 in McLennan CO., Texas.   Died 11 October 1916 in Texas.  He married Mary Bilbo on 16 November 1881.
- Jeff D. born 17 November 1861 in McLennan Co., Texas.   Died 26 October 1928.  He maried Lina Nash on 4 january 1885.
- William J. born 9 September 1863 in McLennan Co., Texas.  Died 18 June 1927.  he married Mattie torans on 7 May 1885.
- Susan M. born 21 July 1866 in Mclennan Co., Texas.  Died 2 June 1897.  She married W.S. Mitchell on 15 May 1883.
- George W. born 9 March 1868 in McLennan Co., Texas.  Died 10 october 1927.  He married Delurah Rosamond on 16 September 1891.
5.  Cynthia Oliver born July 1818 in Boone Co., Ky.  Died 5 March 1885 in Cook County, Texas.  She married Sandipher Spearman.  They lived in Cook Co., Texas.
6.  Lucinda Oliver born abt. 1820 in Vermillion Co., Indiana.  She married James archer.  They lived in Parker Co., Texas.
7.  Martha Oliver born abt. 1823 in Vermillion Co., Indiana.  She married Turner Haggard in Taney Co., Mo.
8.  James Oliver Jr., born 1825 in Vermillion Co., Indiana.  He married Elizabeth  M.  __________?.  They lived in Lorena, Texas, McLennan Co.

9.  Milton Oliver born 21 March 1827 in Calloway Co., Mo.  Died 21 March 1905 in Bellefonte, Boone Co., Arkansas.  He married Kisire Haggard born 22 July 1826 in  TN., died 25 April 1872 in Ark.  Kisire was the daughter of Nathaniel & Jane Leonard Haggard who came to Taney Co., Mo. abt. 1848 from Roane Co., TN.  The Haggards settled on the White River, Taney Co., Mo.  Both Milton & Kisire are buried in the Bellefonte Cemetery, Bellefonte, Boone Co., Ark.  Milton served in the Civil War.  He was a confederate soldier under Green's Missouri Calvary Co. E, 2864-1865.  Milton was severely wounded but he survived.
(Note:  Milton Oliver 2nd married Julia Ann Harrison born 1875, died 1924, buried in the Bellefonte Cemetery.)
Children of Milton & Kisire:
- Artelia Eminda born 31 August 1845 in Taney Co., Mo.  Died 8 October 1932 in Bellefonte Cemetery  She married William Hall on 12 January 1873 in Bellefonte.
-  Elias William born 1848 in Taney Co., Mo.  He married angeline gavin on 27 December 1874 in Bellefonte.
- James Nathaniel born 1854 in Taney Co., Mo.  He married Mary Jane Starkey on 27 December 1874 in Bellefonte.
- Campbell B. born 1857 in taney Co., Mo.  No futher info.
- Ellen Jane born 1859 in Taney Co., Mo.  Died 1899 in Bellefonte.  She married John w. Baker born 1860 in Fulton Co., Ark. and died 1904 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They were married on 28 December 1877 in Bellefonte. 
10.  Henry Oliver born 1828 in  Calloway Co., Mo.  Died from gun shot wound in the Cicil War.  he married E. _________? born in TN.  Henry adn his wife were living in tanbey Co., Mo. on the 1850 Census.  Then on the 1860 Census, Henry is located on the McLennan Co., Texas Census, no wife, but with 2 daughters.
11.  Fielding Oliver born in tnaey Co., Mo.  Died youong.  Posibly buried on the Oliver property.
12.  Elizabeth Oliver born abt. 1834 in Taney Co., Mo.  Died abt. 1854-55 in Taney Co., Mo., possibly buried on the Oliver property.  She married Alpheus Wheeler born abt. 1807 in Virginia.  (See statement of James Oliver concerning land of Alpheus Wheeler, that follows below).
Children of Alpheus Wheeler & Elizabeth Oliver:
-  Benton born abt. 1852 in taney Co., Mo. Benton was killed in Texas abt. 1867/69.
-  Henry T. born 9 may 1854 in Taney Co., Mo.  Died 2 August 1885.  He married Mary Hannah May born 4 October 1857 in Taney Co., Mo.  She was the daughter of John and Amanda Morgan May,.  She died 25 April 1926,  Henry and Mary were married on 2 march 1874.
The following is taken from Book 43, page 146 :
State of Missouri
County of Taney
On this 29th day of July A.D. 1912, before me personally came James Oliver, to me personally known to be of lawful age and entitled to full credit, who being by me first duly sworn, upon his oath deposes and says;
My name if James Oliver, I am 74 years of age going on 75, was born inTaney County, missouri, and have lived here all of my life, except eight years.  I know tractd of land now known as the Sam J. Wheeler farm.  I (k)new it when it belonged to my grnad-father, James Oliver.   I was born a few miles up river from that farm andlkived on the Wheeler farm with my father, a part of the time before I married.  My grandfather, James Oliver, sold the place to one Alpheus Wheeler who paid him in cash, he paid gold,when I was a boy 10 or 15 year old. Before grandfather moved off Alpheus Wheeler married Elizabeth Oliver, the daughter of grandfather, james Oliver.  My father's name was John Oliver.  Elizabeth Oliver Wheeler died there and left two sone, Henry T. and Benton J. Wheeler, Nemton w as the oldet one.  Alpheus Wheeler then married widow Franklin some time before the Civil War.  I do not know her given name, and was well aquainted with her family too.  They lived on the tract adjoining upstream on the north bank of White River, now called the grover land.  Benton J. Wheeler and henry t. Wheeler went to Texas just before the war, Benton died there and was not brought back, tht was during the war, he might have been killed, we were own cousins.  I had gone to ansas and when I came back after the war I met Harry t. Wheeler and he told me about Benton J.
Alpheus Wheeler died some time before the war and Preston haggard had charge as administrator or guardian or something like that, and settled on Alpheus Wheeler's estate and turned the said farm over to the possession of Henry Wheeler when he came of age.  After Apheus Wheeler's death his widow (formerly Franklin) went back to her home place and then married; It seem to me she married the father of Benjamin F. McKinney, she married him before the war, Henry t. Wheeler married a Mrs. mary root, now Jim G. Root's wife was the widow of Henry t. Wheeler.  They had three sons, John was the oldest, he never married and died before henry t. Wheeler died, and when Henry t. Wheeler died he lkeft as his sole heirs his widow, mary H, Wheeler and their two sons David and Sam.  Grandfather James Oliver, who sold the land to Alpheus Wheeler, died in Texas at the age of 96.  I saw him here about 1872 or 1873 when he was going back to texas in a wagon two years before his death.  I knowof my own knowledge that from Alpheus Wheeler and down through him to Sam J. Wheeler they have undisputed possession of the said Sam J. Wheeler farm in Lots 1 nd 4 of Section 8 and Lot 1 of Section 5, Township 23 North range 20 West since long before the war.  No one ever questioned their title, and they have held peaceble, adverse, open, notorious and undisputed possession thereof since the time that Alpheus Wheeler bought it from my grandfather, James Oliver, which I expect was at least as early as 1852, which I judge by my age.  Ben McKinney and william E. Moore know about this.  I do not know any one that knows more than Ben and Billy.  Further deponent saith not.
James Oliver
Ross Brown, Notary Public 29th day of July A.D. 1912

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