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MacLean Crest

The Family of Neil & Maggie Mac Lean
Seal Cove, Cape Breton, nova Scotia

In the above photo, left to right:
Neil, Maggie, Mary Ann 'Maggie', Norman Ross, Mary Ann's  twin sister Catherine, and the three youngest boys:  Angus Hector, Allan & Colin.

The Twins, Brother Neil, Sister Florence, & Elsie
MacLeans-Elsie, Florence, Mary Ann, Neil, Catherine

Scroll down through the entire page not to miss finds and family lines!
Today, August 18, 2007,
I (Lu Dawn) took a closer look at Great Uncle Angus's Book, "God and the Devil at Deal Cove", and I must say that I am a bit upset to say the least!
When reading on page 4, it is quite obvious that Uncle Angus was successful at  finding HIS great grandfather!  That great grandfather is or should be Angus MacLean!  BUT the author, Uncle Angus, does NOT write anything about him!
He does write:
"I gave this good start  to an ancestry research concern in Edinburgh to get them started on digging up the family tree.  They made a registration charge of _____, expended all of fourteen shillings and fourpence on the search, and got as far as my great grandfather.  Beyond him there seemed to be a confusion of two families."
Oh how sweet it would be today to have those two families to study!!!!!
If we are able to locate and commuinicate with one of his two children or their children, we may be able to locate and have access to the above LOST information & data!
Onward with that search!
Today, 25 September 2010 we have the results of that search:

The following information was sent in by Kail Cadman direct descendent of our Angus Hector MacLean, Angus the brother to Mary Ann ‘Maggie’ MacLean.

Scots Ancestry Research Society

The following material was addressed to: Angus H. MacLean, Esq. on 17th February 1967.

Dear Mr. MacLean,

Further to our letter of 30th June 1966, we have now been able to undertake research on your paternal ancestry.

Prior to 1855 registrations of Births, Deaths and marriages in Scotland were voluntarily recorded in the old parochial registers 9unindexed) of each parish.  The old parochial registers of Coll were accordingly searched for the birth of Neil MacLean (junior) which was found to have been recorded thus:-

“Neil McLean (sic) tenant in Acha and Mary McLean his wife had a son born the 11th and baptized the 19th August 1842 named Nei.”

The only other child found to have been recorded to the above coupe in the old parochial registers of Coll was:-

John born 18th baptized 29: 5:1841.

The marriage of Neil MacLean (senior) and Mary Maclean, was then found to have been recorded in the old parochial registers of Coll thus:-

“18th February 1840.  Married Neil macLean (sic) at Achda to Mary McLean, Hyne.”

The 1841 Census Schedules for Coll were next consulted, and the following entry was found:-

“Address:  Acha.

Niel Mclean (sic). Aged 35, born in Argyll

Mary McLean       Aged  30, born in Argyll

John McLean        Aged 10 days, born in Argyll

Nancy McLean      Aged 40, born in Argyll

The 1851 Census Schedules for Coll were also consulted for an entry relating to Niel MacLean’s brother Alan, and the following entry was found:-


“Address:    Acha.

Allan Mclean, head of house, aged 48, agricultural labourer born in Coll, Catherine, his wife, aged 48, born n Coll.”

The old parochial registers of Coll were next searched for the birth of Neil MacLean (senior) circa 1806 with a brother, Allan, born circa 180.  The following families were noted there:-

“22nd January 1805 John McLean (sic) and Flory McLean, Kilbride, a son Neil.”

Other children to John McLean and Flory McLean:-

Hector baptized 4: 9: 1791 at Gallanach

Murdoch            17:11:1793 at Arnabost

Hector                    5: 4:1795 at Arnabost

Mary                       4: 6:1796 at Arnabost

Donald              12: 3:1797 at Arnabost

Lachlan                   2: 6:1798 at Arnabost

Donald                   22:3: 1798 at Grimsary

Peggy                      11:5:1800 at Honabost

Effy                         8:12:1800 at Kilbride

Hector                     13:6:1802 at Arnabost

Allan                        27:3:1803 at Arivaoraich

Donald                      10:11:1806 at Arnabost

Mary                         12:6:1809 at Kilbride.

It is presumed that the above children belong to at least two different families and it cannot, therefore, be proved that the above Neil and Allan are in fact brothers.  The second possible family found in the old parochial registers of Coll was as follows:-

2)            “27th July 1805 Donald McLean (sic) and Catherine McDonald, Kilbride, a son Neil.”


Allan baptized 27:  3:1803.

Since Neil MacLean (senior) named his eldest son John, it was thought probable that entry (1) above might be relevant and the old parochial registers of Coll were accordingly searched for the marriages of John Maclean and Flory McLean, and the following was the only one found there:-

“1st February 1792 John McLean (sic) and Flory McLean in Arnabost.”

The 1851 Census Schedules for Coll were again consulted, and the following entries were noted:-

1)      “Address:  Acha.

John McLean (sic), head of house, aged 74, cottar, supported by the H    D    Com  born in Mull

Flora, his wife, aged 72, born in mull

John, his son, aged 30, born in mull

Marion, his daughter, aged 28, born in Mull.”


2)      “Address:    Acha.

Flora McLean, head of house, widow, aged 80, retired farmer’s wife, born in Coll

Mary, her daughter, aged 42, born in Coll

Effy, her granddaughter, aged 11, born in Coll

Niel, her grandson, aged 9, born in Coll.”


As it was not known whether John MacLean in entry (1) above might be the relevant one, and as it would be impossible to identify the correct birth entry for John Maclean, there being so many MacLeans in Coll, we were reluctantly obliged to abandon research at this point.

(Note: of these last two entries above relating to John MacLean, it is possible they were brother and sister given their ages!)
More Info & Data coming from
Barbara MacKay, Canada, related to
Info from Frank MacLean & Blanche MacLean:
Family of J. Neil, Mary (MacLean) MacLean, arrived at Cape Britian circa 1844.  With them came two sons, John D. (Ian) aged 3 yrs (1841) and Neil (later called Black Neil) 1 yr (1843).
John Neil MacLean, believed to have died at the age of 38 from an axe wound to the leg.  Black Neil died (in 1920).  Both buried at Malagawatch at Fulton Cemetery.
After arriving at Spanish Harbour
(now Port Hawkesbury CB)
they journeyed to Blues Mills then on to Valley Mills where they started a new home and began to raise five additional children, seven in all. 
I have our Neil born 1842 Isle of Coll, but the census records him as age 48 - this makes him born 1843 !  This is close enough !
Today, June 25, 2007, I found a wealth of information & data concerning OUR
MacLean's of Valley Mills, Nova Scotia !
The Link Follows:

History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia Chapter XXXIII - River Dennis This District takes its name from the river flowing through Whether the river was named after the famous Nicholas Denys after an Indian Chief called Deny

Now to study the contents and attempt to intergrate findings there with Great
Uncle Angus's information!

Search Continues

See bottom of this page for Lists of MacLean's on Passenger Ships from Scotland to Pictou, Nova Scotia
Today, 27 June 2007,
 I found that a Seal Cove is now known as Louisdale, Richmond County, Nova Scotia !  See List of Richmond County Cemeteries with MacLeans'  buried therein towards the bottom on this page - this is not OUR Seal Cove - See the following:  (for OUR Seal Cove MacLeans)
Today, 28 June, I rec'd an email from an amateur genealogist, Eugene, who has done much research on MacLeans of Inverness County. 
I learned there is another Seal Cove that still exists today!  This has got to be OUR Neil MacLean's Seal Cove!
See map that follows - THANK YOU EUGENE!
Please Note:  This Map is LARGE - I put it here full size so you can better see all that it has to offer!  Use up & down as well as side-ways scroll bars to view it!  Great Map!

Great Uncle Angus's Seal Cove !
Map of Orangedale, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - Seal Cove

Counties of Nova Scotia

Please See Highlighted Areas That Follow  on This Page Below
In Angus H. MacLean's book, "GOD AND THE DEVIL AT SEAL COVE" , Great Uncle Angus wrote the following found on page 4:
'My ancestral line was often recited like a nursery rhyme by my father, first names being used exclusively. 
"Aongas, ich MacNeil, ich Neil, ich Ian, ich Donal Ban." 
That is a somewhat phonetic writing of what meant Angus the son of Neil, the son of Neil, the son of Ian, the son of Donal Ban.  Ban means blond or light-colored,'
Keep in mind that :  Ian (Scottish derived from Gaelic Iain) is an alternative and other language form for John.
Black Neil(4) carried by his father Neil(3) upon arrival to N.S.
Ian(2), Donal BAN(1)!
Neil McLean b. 1842-43 Isle of Coll, Scotland
Although we have no dates for these men, we can definitely know them as our beginnings !
Starting at this point:
Donal Ban
Ian (John)
Neil - Can this be Neil b. 1806
Neil b. 1842-43 Isle of Coll
Great Uncle Angus writes in his book when his writings are carefully studied that *Angus, son of Neil, had the following children
woven into the pages of his book:
1.  Uncle Alan wrote the letter to his
brother J. Neil MacLean
2.  Aunt Effie mentioned in the letter
moved to Australia
3.  Uncle Alexander mentioned in the letter possibly went to Australia
4.  Grandfather was J. Neil died in his 30's, m. Mary MacLean moved to NS
5.  One son stayed in Coll
So thus far we have 5 children
born to Neil son of Neil !
Investigation of the 1841 Census - Isle of Coll
we find the following in regards to our Neil:
No. 885 McLean, Neil age 35 Farmer Acha Born in Argyll
Mary McLean age 30 Acha Born in Argyll
John age 10 days Acha Born in Argyll
Nancy McLean age 40 Acha Born in Argyll
This poses the question:
Who is this Nancy McLean?
Note:  in the 1841 census, ages above 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5, e.g. ages 16-19 were recorded as 15, ages 20-24 as 20, etc.
Great Uncle Angus left us more clues back on pages two & three of this same book about his childhood and early years growing up in Nova Scotia, when he included what he calls 'the only family document to remain from my grandfather's time'. 
In this letter to J. Neil MacLean, Valley Mils, Cape Breton, Canada, Alan writes  'Beloved Brother,'.  This letter is dated May 1st, 1854.  Angus explains that the letter was written in Gaelic, 'and only partly translated as follows:'
Also mentioned  in this same letter is:
"Effie in Australia" and her address at that time was "Towerhill, Belfast, Victoria, New South Wales."
"Alexander" and "his wife" 
"Neil" ----Bhillibhride)...{This must be a nickname} has sold his stock already, making ready to go;'
On page 2 Great Uncle Angus writes:
'Some of his family went to Australia---at least one brother and a sister who raised wheat and sheep to their hearts' content.'
Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross
is Lu Dawn's Paternal Grandmother.
Scroll down through the Photos then down through the genealogical Info/Data.
Please share your Photos with this site! 

Mary Ann MacLean & Twin Katherine

Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross

Mary Ann MacLean-Ross-MacKay Reunion With Siblings

Neil MacLean Family

Angus Hector MacLean

Son of Margaret(MacRae) and Neil MacLean-grandson of Duncan and Catherine(MacDonald) MacRae.

Angus Hector MacLean

Ahangus H. MacLean - Mary Ann "Maggie MacLean-Ross' Brother

Katherine MacLean on Left-Sister Florence Middle

Florence MacLean

Flora MacLean

Wedding Photo of Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean to Norman F. Ross

Grandmother MacKay (Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross-MacKay

Grandmother MacKay, her Sister Florence & Elsie
Grandmother MacKay (Mary Ann MacLean-Ross-MacKay) Sitting to Left

MacLeans - The Twins & Others
Looks Like Elsie, Florence, Mary Ann, Neil, Catherine

Grandaughter of Allan & Johanna MacLean
Catherine Urquhart - Thank You for the info & photos!

Catherine's Clan - Sent In by Catherine
West Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Catherine writes about the Family Group Photo above:
Glen and his wife Anna at the back.  Except for Anna all the rest is my family. You can pick out Lorraine and Neil.   Absent is David and his two girls, Two of Neil's daughters and their families, Lorraine's son and his two children...Makes eleven missing in all. There are four generations in the picture !

Catherine in the two photos above, is the daughter of Christy Flora MacLean, 1875-1959 , Christy
Married Neil L Gillis , Gillis Cove.

Grandson of Allan & Johanna MacLean
Frank MacLean, Son of Dr. Duncan Robert & Christine

The above photo left to right:
Frank H. MacLean (Son of Duncan Robert MacLean 1880-1965, & Christine MacDonald), Mark Eking, Florence (Flos) Frank's wife.
Frank has blessed us with several wonderful & interesting stories about his father, Dr. Duncan Robert MacLean.  Thank you Frank !

Photo Sent In By Frank MacLean
Dr. Duncan R. MacLean & Christine -Frank's Parents

Frank writes:  This is a photo of my parents,
DR. Duncan Robert  MacLean
1880-1965 and Christine (MacDonald) MacLean

Home of Duncan Robert MacLean
Son of Allan & Johanna (MacLeod) MacLean

On August 13, 2007, Frank MacLean, son of Duncan Robert MacLean, DDS, Wrote the following:
This is a picture of my mother's wedding present in 1917 when she married Dr. Duncan Robert MacLean, DDS of Sydney Mines.  It is here that Isobel, Blanche, and myself (Frank) were conceived and born.  House was sold in
1933 when whole family moved to Scakville, New Brunswick. I will look for pics of Duncan and Christine in an album later and send on.
PS.  Dad built this house and mother oftened ask who was building this and Dad always said, " I don't know."  When they arrived back from
their honeymoon, they drove in to a big party.   Yes, Mother did not know this
was her wedding present...................just like Dad to do this.........!!
Frank H L MacLean   AKA silverfox

Allan MacLean Family
MacLean Family Photo

Allan MacLean Family Photo
Catherine writes:
Center top is my grandfather -Allan MacLean
(from an old tintype)
Duncan to the left who was a dentist.
Neil to the right was a male nurse.
Bottom left Christy ( my mother).
Next John D with his dog.
  Next is my grandmother,
 and then Mary Jane.
We are so grateful to you, Catherine, for sending us this family photo & info!

The above MacLean Family Photo and the information & data that follows and the photos that follow were sent-in by our relative, Catherine from West Bay, Nova Scotia.
Thank You Catherine!
Allan MacLean & Johanna MacLeod. 
Allan, Son of J. Neil MacLean of Acha & Mary MacLean of Hynes
1.  Christy Flora, my mother, 1875-1959
Married Neil L Gillis , Gillis Cove
2.  Mary Jane Unmarried 1877-1936
3.  John D 1878-1959  Married
Margaret Mac Queen
Second wife Sarah (Mac Leod) Carmicheal
4.  Duncan Robert ( Frank's father) 1880-1965
Married Christene Mac Donald
5.  Neil J Mac Lean1882 and died  at 23 yr. of age in the States, I think South Carolina

Son of Allan & Johanna MacLean
Duncan Robert MacLean Born 1880

Son of J. Neil MacLean
Allan MacLean

Son of Allan & Johanna MacLean
Neil J. Born 1882 died at Age 23 in S.C., ?, USA

Daughter of Allan MacLean
Christy Flora MacLean

Son of Allan & Johanna MacLean
John D. MacLean Born 1878 and his Dog

Wife of Allan MacLean
Johanna MacLeod-MacLean

Daughter of Allan & Johanna MacLean
Mary Jane MacLean Born 1877 - Never Married

MacLean Stories From Catherine
Son of Allan & Johanna MacLean
John D 1878-1959  Married
Margaret Mac Queen
Second wife Sarah (Mac Leod) Carmicheal
A couple of stories from years past about my Uncle who was a most impatient man, but did have a lively sense of humor.  So much so, that we learned at an early age, not to be too close to him if anything funny happened or you were sure to get hit.
We had lots of transients roaming the country at that time, some looking for odd jobs, one in particular, was Moses, last name unknown.  Haymaking time was a busy season so Uncle John hired him on.  First day on the job the mower broke down, so Uncle John called the Company and they said they would send the part required on the train that next day.
The station agent was John Angus macDonald and next day he called that the parcel had arrived.  Uncle John told him he was sending Moses down to get it.
An hour...two hours went by while Uncle John paced the floor, really in a state.
Finally he called John Angus and asked, "Where the H... was Moses."  John Angus's answer-"I don't know, unless he's still in the bullrushes."  Well uncle John took to laughing, hitting the wall and cracked the plaster from top to bottom.
Mail in those days always went by train.  The  "mail train" as we always called it, went by at 10 a.m.  Uncle John always watched for it and knew just to the minute how long it would take them to sort the mail at the Orangedale
post office, then he would go
down and get his mail. 
This was a daily routine.  Then it was decided they were going to have a Rural Route delivery in that district, so Uncle John got a new mail box installed at the road.
The first day the train went by, he waited and waited, still no mail so he took the axe, went down and chopped the post down, threw the mail box in the drain and that was the end of that.  He was to be the last delivery
on the route.

Daughters of Colin Ross

The MacLean's As Told By Angus MacLean in His Book:  God and The Devil at Seal Cove"
The following found written in Angus's own words:
On page 4
'Father's mother, not only married a MacLean, but was born a MacLean.  Beyond that fact I know nothing of her.  I remember her wrinkled, work-emphasized face as though it were something in a dream--there is no voice, no word, no incident with which I can associate her.  How much more was time a robber then than now, when I could have her voice, her laughter, her stories of the great uprooting, and the flavor of her personality. 
A minister who visited Coll when I was very young said that a brother of hers had settled in Toronto.
    The family dispersion landed Black Neil in Port Hawkesbury on the Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia at the age of one year along with one brother, Ian, three years old, and their parents.  They were met there by a young man who carried little Neil on his back the thirty or so miles through the wilderness to Valley Mills where the family had decided to settle.  There were no trains. The place was full of woods and bears, and the family almost pulled up their stakes again before they were properly driven in.  Next to them a family by the name of Blue was settled.  They had a grist mill which made them indispensable to people for many miles around, and were to play an important part in Black Neil's early life.
Three more boys and two girls were born to Neil and Mary.  Then, while still in his thirties, Neil died from an infected axe wound--penicillin still hid in the shadows of the next century.  The widow's struggle for the survival of her brood is unrecorded, but it must have been heroic and severe.

When researching remember names in Gaelic are different:  for instance -
Ian is John and Eachon is Hector.
J. Neil McLean b. 1806, Colls Island, Scotland, of Acha.
Info. from betty MacDougall of Coll in letter dated 10 Aug. 1980.
Betty makes note: By 1st Wife, Mary MacKennon of Gorton, Scotland, 9 Nov. 1836 had dau. Julie b. 16 Oct., bapt. 22 Oct. 1838.  It is thought they both died.
2nd m. Mary MacLean of Hynes 18 Feb. 1840
Children of J.
Neil of Acha & Mary of Hynes:
1.  John "Ian"  McLean b. 18 May 1841 Isle of Coll, Scotland, bapt. 29 May 1841
2..   "Black" Neil McLean b. 11 Aug. 1842-43 Isle of Coll, Scotland, bapt. ca 19 Aug. 1842
There are, according to findings in Uncle Angus's book, five more children born to Neil of Acha & Mary of Hynes:
Uncle Angus wrote that his father was about one year old and was accompanied by his brother Ian age 3. 
"Black Neil's father whose name was also Neil (John Neil) , left the little island of Coll on the west coast of Scotland at the time when crofters were evicted to make room for sheep.
Angus later states that 5 other children were born to Neil & Mary:
 Upon arrival to Cape Breton:
1. "Black" Neil  One year old Carried by his father Neil MacLean 1842/43--1920 m. Peggy MacRae
2. Ian  "John" Three yrs old.  1841-1879.  According to MacDougall's Hx. of Inverness County, 1922, John married a daughter of Ellen McDonald of Seeley's Cove, Christy MacDonald.
Born after arrival to Cape Breton:
3.   Hector "Eachon"  1847-1923 m. Jessie Livingstone
4.  Dan (Donald)  ((Donald Dan)) 1845-1902 m. Mary  MacRae in 1886 - sister to "Peggy" MacRae-MacLean
5.  Allan 1846-1932  married Joanna MacLeod of Boulardarie
6. Margaret - never married
7.  Flora - never married
Search of the 1891 Census Reveals the following:
RDe1 Family #81 
McLean, Neil  - Male age 48 Head of Household - Farmer  (born about 1843 Isle of Coll)
Maggie - Female age 39 Wife
John H. - Male age 10 Son
Neil - Male age 8 Son
Duncan Dan - Male age 6 Son
Maryann M. - Female age 4 Daughter
Catherine J. - Female age 4 Daughter
Florah Maggie - Female age 2 Daughter
Colin Dan - Male age 1 Son
(Angus & Allan not yet born)
<>This makes our Neil MacLean born 1843 !  <>
RDe1 Family #80
Donald McLean - Male age 40 Head of Household - Farmer (born about 1851)
(According to MacDougall Donaold married Mary MacRae in 1886)
Mary - Female age 27 Wife
Neil John - Male age 4 Son
Katie Florah - Female age 2 Daughter
Sophie Jane - Female age 3.12 Daughter
Why1 Family # 46
Allan MacLean - Male age 43 Head of Household Farmer (born about 1848)
(According to MacDougall Allan married Johanna)
Johanna - Female age 38 Wife
C. Flora - Female age 15 Daughter
M. Jessie - Female age 14 Daughter
John Dain - Male age 12 Son
D. Robert - Male age 10 Son
N. John - Male age 8 Son
RDe1 Family # 79
Hector MacLean - Male age 43 Head of Household Carraige Maker (Born 1846)
Jessy - Female age 37 Wife
John A. - Male age 10 Son
Dan Norman - Male age 8 Son
Neil Hugh - Male age 6 Son
Malcomn D. - Male age 2 Son
Ellen Jane - Female age 9.12 Daughter
Mary A. - Female age 6 Neice
Hawk Family # 74
John MacLean - Male age 52 Head of Household Carpenter (Born about 1839)
Rachel - Female age 40 Wife
Norman - Male age 23 Son
Daniel - Male age 21 Son
John - Male age 12 Son
Katie - Female age 9 Daughter
Ida - Female age 7 Daughter
Angus - Male age 2 Son
Bella - Female age 5 Daughter
MacDougall's History of Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Chapter XXX111 - River Dennis - page 24 - 25 of this chapter asfound online...
The brother, John Cummings, took up the lot at Basin River Dennis adjoining the Western side of the Matheson lot to be referred to below, and later owned by Neil McLean (Ur). .....
We stated above that Neil McLean (Ur) acquired tge John Cumming lot adjoining the Matheson lot.  This Neil was a late immigrant from Coll, hence the addition of Ur to his name to distinguish him from the old Neils.
He died comparatively young leaving five sons and two daughters.  The son John remained on the lot and married a daughter of Ellen MacDonald of Seeley's Cove, and died many years ago leaving a family who now own the lot. 
Two sons, Neil and Donald, aquired a lot known as the Compton Mill Lot, at Seal Cove and each died there lately leaving a widow and a family.
A son, Allan, acquired a lot at Whycocomagh and is still living.
A son, Hector, acquired the Howard lot as already stated. 
Two daughters, Margaret and Flora died unmarried.
Remember that Great Uncle Angus wrote: "I have a recollection that my father told me that his father was of the Lochbuie people, and his mother of the Duart, but the mention of this recently brought strong protest from others of my family."
Black Neil McLean b. 11 Aug. 1842-43 Isle of Coll, Scotland, Son of Neil of Acha & Mary MacLean of Hynes,
Married Margaret "Peggy" McRae, b. 23 April 1852, Nova Scotia.  Margaret's parents:  Duncan McRae & Katherine.
Black Neil & Margaret had 9 Children:
1.  John H. b. 11 May 1880
2.  Neil b. 8 Feb. 1882
3.  Duncan D.  b. 19 Jan. 1884
4.  Mary Ann "Maggie"  b. 13 June 1886
- Lu Dawn's Paternal Grandmother
Twin to Katherine
5.  Katherine "Katie" b. 13 June 1886
Twin to Mary Ann "Maggie"
6.  Florence M.b. 28March 1888
7.  Colin D. b. 18 April 1890 (Still Living 1980)
8.  Angus H. b. 9 May 1892, d. Fall of 1969 in New York State, USA  Angus married Ruth Rogers in 1922.   Angus & Ruth had three children:
-Allan MacLean 1924 - 1924
-Colin Duart MacLean 1st m. Sharon Delong
2nd m. Gail Krause
Had:  Duncan Prasad MacLean
and Luther Lawrence MacLean
-Susanne m. Gary McGregor Boone
Andrew MacLean Boone 
He 1st m. Gail Marie Schneegold
and had Caden Boone
2nd m. Darlene Grace Lundgren
Kail McGregor Boone (female)
m. Ralph Wakefield Cadman
Kail had four children:
Gregor Boone Cadman
Tyler Stevenson Cadman
MacLean Rogers Cadman
9.  Allan C. b. 11 Oct. 1894
Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean
married Norman Ross
Mary Ann & Norman had 6 Children:
(See Ross)
Mary Ann 2nd married Neil MacKay in Mass., USA on 28 November 1930, Malden, Massachusetts by the Rev. George Edwin Heath,
and had one additional son:
Roy MacKay, born 17 July 1932 in Brockton, Mass.
Roy & his wife Shirley had three children:
Gary, Scot, Kevin
There are many fond memories of Grandmother MacKay.  My sister & I knew Mary Ann as our Grandmother MacKay and that is how we referred to her and what we called her.
She was always a Lady.  She enjoyed knitting, hooking rugs, & baking bread.  I learned how to knit sitting on the front porch of her home in West Bridgewater, Mass., watching her fingers fly. 
I remember asking her to slow down so I could see what she was doing.  Her reply was for me to watch as "I'll not be stopping or I'll be  dropping a stitch".
Another time we vsited her in West Bridgewater and she had made homemade bread for our visit.
Upon taste-testing a slice of her bread, she became upset and apologised over and over, as she had forgot to add salt to the recipe.  My recollection is that the bread was delicious, salt or no salt!
We were never allowed to go into her bedroom as she said there was a plant in there that was poisonous if one ate any of it.  She was fearful we may take to chewing a leaf and become ill.  The name of it eludes me, but it was more like a small tree.  I remember standing there looking up at it and at that time it seemed so very tall.
One thing I remember clearly about our visits to Grandmother MacKay's home was the fruit in the refrigerator bin.  She always had an ample supply of large, delicious peaches in that bin whenever we visited.  It was a delicious tase-treat to run in there and get ourselves one of those 'big' peaches out and eat it!
In later years my sister, Dad, and a couple of our children, went to visit Grandmother MacKay in the nursing home she was staying in.  We brought a tape recorder with us hoping she would tell us of her family and perhaps get some family lineage from her.
When she heard what we wanted, her reply surprised and shocked us all at the same time - She replied something like:
"Ah, that be what you be wanting now, after all these years!  Well, I'll not be telling you now."
What she did do for us was to sing a highland song in her beautiful 'Gaelic' broug and a story about her and her twin sister Catherine:
Grandmother MacKay told us that she enjoyed working outdoors, but that Catherine did not like to do the barn work at all.  Catherine preferred to do the house work.  So she, Mary Ann 'Maggie', was the one that cleaned out the barn of manure and the like, while Catherine got to stay in the house and do the house cleaning.
Later, sissy & I discovered that one or more of our young children had tampered with the tape recorder, the batteries were not in correctly, and we had absolutely nothing recorded on it!
All we have is the memory of what she said & the song she sang for us - but no words to put with it !
Letter to Lu Dawn From Amateur Genealogist Betty MacDougell, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, Argyll, Scotland, PA 78 6SY Dated 10 August 1980
(Search for Neil MacLean)
Dear Lu Dawn Fassett,
Your letter of inquiry was passed on to me by the local registrar as only very up-to-date records are held in the island.  All older records are in RegisterHouse Endinburgh.
I am an amateur genealogist & island historian and have collected all the__tant information.  Do to time of your ancestor, there were no statutory records being made in Britain, that did not happen till 1855 as there are no official certificates to be duplicated.  The only entries were in the Kirk Session Records of baptisms and marraiges.  Then births were also recorded.
For your inquiry I have the following:
Neil MacLean (of) Acha married
Mary MacLean (of) Hyne 18-2-1840
John, born 18 May, bapt. 29 May, 1841
Neil, born 11 Aug, bapt. 19 Aug. 1842
and nothing further on the family, must have migrated soon after Neil's birth.
i suspect that this was a second marraige for the father as I have a previous marraige of a Neil MacLean (of) Acha to a Mary MacKinnon, Gorton, 9-11-1836 with Julia born 16 Oct., bapt. 22 Oct. 1838------no further record. 
Father Neil appears on the 1841 Census as age 35, as quite mature for a newly married man.  This is why I suspect the first wife & child died.
No coat-of-arms I am afraid but you can wear the badge of MacLean of Coll ---- difficult to obtain but can be made to order.
If you wish I can send you two of my books on Coll. ---
Guide to Coll 36 p.
Folklore from Coll 80 p.
plus postage of course.
Yours sincerely,
Betty MacDougall
(Betty also sent second letter from her Glascow address:
37 Cranworth Street
Glascow, Scotland
G12 8 AF)
Books Written By Angus hector MacLean
Brother to Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross-MacKay

The Wind in Both Ears by Angus Hector MacLean (Paperback - Jun 1987)


The galloping Gospel, by Angus Hector MacLean (Hardcover - 1966)


God and the devil at Seal Cove by Angus Hector MacLean (Unknown Binding - 1976)


I began in Cape Breton: By Angus Hector MacLean by Angus Hector MacLean (Unknown Binding - 1969

I have read all these and I found the Galloping Gospel most enjoyable while God and the Devil at Seal Cove filled with genealogical infomation! - Lu Dawn


Clicking on a title will take you to Amazon.com  (Lu is not affiliated with that site.)






Lists of MacLean's on Passenger Ships Leaving Scotland & Arriving Pictou, Nova Scotia
The Lulan
left South Uist, Scotland on 17 August 1848 via Glasgow, Scotland and arrived Pictou, Nova Scotia on 18 September 1848
MacLeans Aboard the Lulan:
(All listed South Uist, Scotland)
Hugh McLean
Jessie McLean 9Female)
Marion McLean (Female)
Effie McLean 9Female)
Catherine McLean
Donald McLean
Mary McLean
Archibald McLean
The Lady Gray
left Cromarty, Scotland  and arrived Pictou, Nova Scotia on 16 July 1841
One found Listed:
Angus McLean , Cromarty Scotland
The Barque Hope
left Glasgow 5 April 1848 and arrived Pictou, Nova Scotia
David McLean
Martha McLean
Robert McLean
Martha McLean
The Dove of Aberdeen
left 8 June 1801 and arrived Pictou, Nova Scotia
Alexander MacLean-Labourer, Kilmorach, Inverness-Shire
Katherine MacLean, Spinster, Kilmorach, Inverness
Morian McLean, Spinster, Muidart, Inverness-Shire
___ McLean age 3 male child, Muidart,
____McLean, Infant male child, Muidart, Inverness-Shire
The Lovely Nelly
left Dumfries, Galloway, Scotland 1 May 1775 and arrived PEI (St. John's Island)
John McClean, Ballcarry
______ McClean, wife, Ballcarry, Kirkcudbright
Wife of John McClean
_____McClean, Child, Ballcarry, Kirkcudbright, Child of John McClean

Richmond County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Formerly Known As Seal Cove
MacLean's Buried There:
Black River United Church Cemetery
John A. MacLean  1912-1913
Christy Ann MacLean d. 8 May 1938, 75 yrs.
Murdock MacLean d. 1852, 56 yrs.,
his wife Catherine, d. May 1867, 59 yrs.
Margaret, d. 11 July 1897, 66 yrs.
Isabella, d. 22 Aug. 1859, 16 yrs.
Donald MacLean, d. 19 Feb. 1901, 79 yrs.
his wife Jessie, d. 12 May 1885, 55 yrs.
Flora, d. 1907, 5 weeks, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter MacLean
Mary B. MacLean, d. 26 March 1904, 40 yrs.
Katherine MacLean, d. 6 Feb. 1925, 66 yrs.
Grand Anse Cemetery, Grand Anse, Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Hugh MacLean, d. 26 Feb. 908, 83 yrs.
his wife, Mary 1849-1925
(Stone erected by son Charles D.)
Laughlin MacLean, d. 27 May 1849 (Hugh's son),
Natire of Arglehire, Scotland wife Margaret MaDonald, Native of Invernesshire
______ MacLean 111 April 1883-2 Sept 195_
Jessie Laurie MacLean, 8 YRS d/o Mary & Hugh
John N. MacLean 1895-1971
wife Hughena 1894-1971
(brother) John L. MacLean 1873-1956
(sister) Margaret 1876-1959
Hector MacLean 27 Dec. 1887-6 April 1955
Jane C. MacLean 19 Nov. 1934, 49 yrs.
Catherine R. MacLean 29 Jan 1880-6 Oct. 1938
w/o John Campbell 1864-1939
Catherine MacLean, d. 15 May 18__, 40 yrs
Mary MacLean, d. 17 Jan. 1893, 66 yrs.
Flora MacLean, d. 21 Dec. 1895, 65 yrs.
(stone erected by Jessie F., niece)
Grand River Presbyterian Cemetery
Grand river, Richmond County, Nova Scotia
MacLean, D. J., 1858-1941
MacLean, Ken, d. 1884, 37 yrs.
MacLean, Donald, d. 73 yrs.
MacLean, Jessie d. 100 yrs., 9 months
MacLean, John Lost At Sea
McLean, Ruth Cathcart 1925-1958
wife of Rev. Neil J. McLean
McLean, David Neil, d. 1958
Highland Cemetery
Richmond County, Cape Breton, nova Scotia
MacLean, Mary, In memory of beloved wife of John MacLean, d. 22 April 1885, age 39 yrs.
MacLean, Donald, d. 20 April 18872, aged 65 yrs.
MacLean, Bessie, beloved wife of Donald MacLean, d. 22 July 1865,
aged 38 years.
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Old Cemetery, Barra Head, Richmond County, nova Scotia
Dan MacLean 1894-1925
Duncan MacLean 1866-1944
John MacLean 1847-1925
Mary MacLean 1850-1936
Simon MacLean 1840-1920
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church New Cemetery, Barra Head, Rochmond County, nova Scotia
Mary Ann MacLean  1896-1970
Lakeview Cemetery, St. Peters,
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
MacLean, john E. 1880-1919
his wife 1980 Jennie
1956 Kenneth Sterling 1915-1980
son of John & Jennie MacLen
Alex O. MacLean 1911
Maude H. 1896-1971
Katherine I. MacLean 1914-1992
Cenotaph Elsie wife of J.W. MacLean 1897-1920
Buried at Truro, n.S.
MacLean Pioneer Cemetery
The Points, Roberta,
Richmond County, Nova Scotia
MacLean, Kenneth, d. 10 March 1838, Age 25 days, son of John MacLean
Barker's Corner Cemetery, Framhoise, Richmond County, Nova Scotia
Donald MacLean d. Feb 17, 1913, Age 75 years
Donald's Wife d. 26 Sept. 1903, Age 54
Mary, Wife of Alexander MacLean
Born Lock Mattia, Scotland
1817-Feb. 8, 1895
Natives of St. Esprit
Charles MaLean d. 5 Sept. 1895, Age 62
Annie, Wife of Charles MacLean d. 10 July 1932, Age 79
Samuel MacLean d. 4 July 1901, Age 11
Angus N. MacLean, d. 2 Jan. 1931, Age 43
Daniel MacLean, d. 28 Nov. 1871, Age 8 months
Katie S. MacLean, d. 10 Aug. 1886, Age 4
Mary MacLean, d. 7 Sept. 1886, Age 2

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