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Cherokee Rose

Among the leaves lying quietly upon the ground

Sudden silence fills the air

Carefully stepping over and around

She stops suddenly to stare.


Listening to the sounds in the trees

Watching through the brush into the field beyond

Children quietly clinging to her skirt ready to flee

Standing in the distance a young spotted fawn.


Jumping stone to stone as feet fly through the air

Arms help maintain balance up and over the stony path

Each step measured and taken with care

Storms approaching seem filled with wrath.


Seeking cover keeping children close by

Over the stone and into the field

Storms closing in with dark skies

Fell to her knees to kneel.


Bending her head down toward her chest

Prayers of thankfulness the storm had passed

Far from home all quiet for a time

‘Where to now good Lord?’, she asked.



Our Hannah Lewallen As We Know Her


Hidden Hannah Thoughts

There are not many sources in which family members have documented much about our Hidden Hannah.  We continuously search for any family stories that may help shed some light on her travels, where in Tennessee she was born, married and had her children.  References have been made to Warren and Wayne Counties in Tennessee, but none of these prove to connect properly.

One thing we know for certain is that she went by the surname of Lewallen.  Considering this, one must look at the various spellings of this surname.  We find that Mary Jane’s surname has been found spelled as Louallen.  Search results reveal that certain of those in some Lewallen Lines, changed the spelling from Lewallen to Louallen, Luallen and more variations, in an attempt to differentiate and separate them from those who took part in slavery and were known to have owned slaves.

We have all but exhausted our venues of searches in looking for our Hannah Lewallen.  Some places have her as Hannah Ford Lewallen; yet others have her as Hannah Motley Lewallen.   We have even found her listed as Hannah  Ford Motley Lewallen. We find her marriage to John or Matthew Lewallen took place around 1830 either in Tennessee or Kentucky.  Some website postings show her as born in 1816 as a child of Edwin Motley.  The listing there is incorrect for our Hannah in that it shows her as Anna and the dates are incorrect and do not coincide when one looks into this family further in.  My feelings on the Motley connection is that someone most likely found the Anna Motley born in 1816 and decided that she was the correct ‘Anna’  Hannah.  Just like someone found John Robert Babil Lewallen and decided that he was her husband.  There is no proof that either of these two connections prove to be correct.  But after reviewing death certificates of the children, we now must state that he was indeed a John Robert Lewallen with the nickname of 'Babil'.  This nickname has been found to mean 'baby'. 

When looking at naming children, we can say that his father could have been a Matthew John Lewallen.

Several of her children are listed on Census Records as born in Tennessee, one in North Carolina, one in Arkansas, and the rest born in Missouri.  One must remember that Indian Territory covered parts of North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and bits of others such as Arkansas. 

A family story passed down throughout  the past 50 to 60 years, states she had a brother known only as 'Uncle John'.  Her husband was known only as 'Grampa Lewallen'.  This tells us that her brother John lived close enough to visit her and her family.

Studying the 1850 Taney County Misssouri Census Listing we are able to follow Hannah and her family from Tennessee to Missouri.

Hannah Lewallen Tennessee  36  -  1814

Married in Tennessee in 1830 to a Lewallen.

 C. Lewallen Tennessee 17  -  1833

M.J. (Mary Jane) Lewallen Tennessee 15 -  1835

E. A. (Keziah) Lewallen North Carolina  13  -  1837

M. J. (Matthew John) Lewallen  Tennessee  11  -  1839

J. V. (Jesse) Lewallen Tennessee  9  - 1841

S.E. (Sarah Emmaline) Lewallen  Arkansas  8  -  1842

G. W. (George Washington) Lewallen  Missouri  7  -  1843

J.R. (James Ross) Lewallen  Missouri  4  -  1846

R. B. (Robrert B.)  Missouri  3  -  1847

E. (Elizabeth D.)  Missouri  2  -  1848

 Now, we are interested in the child named 'Bill' (William) that is said to have been the oldest son of Hannah and her husband.  He would not be on this 1850 Census as he was away with his father following the Gold Rush!  So we are missing this child. 

When examining Land Patents for Taney County, Mo., we find a Robert Lewellyn purchasing three 40 acres lots; two on 10 December 1850 and one on the 16 December 1850.  We now need to time period for this 1850 Census!  Note the spelling of the surname 'Lewellyn'.

Concerning the above we must ask why Hannah chose to say E. A. (Keziah) was born in North  Carolina.  We must now study the timelines for North Carolina and Tennessee border Counties around the year of Keziah’s birth in 1837.  Keeping in mind that during the ‘Great Removal’ known as ‘The Trail of tears’, Native Americans were rounded up and brought to stockades:  In 1838  The army rounded the Cherokees up mostly from western North Carolina, eastern Tenn., northwest Georgia and northern Alabama.’  (This taken from Uncle Billy Rex’s letter to Carol, 1977,  and can be verified by the history of the Trail of Tears.)  Did Hannah’s family get moved from their home in Tennessee to North Carolina just prior to the removal?  This would explain why Hannah listed Keziah as being born in North Carolina in 1837!  But does not explain why she listed the next two children, M.J. (Matthew John) and J. V. (Jesse V.) as being born in Tennessee.  One must think outside the box here and consider that they were moved more than once.  There trip on the trail of tears may well have started with their removal to North Carolina, then back into Tennessee for one or more unknown reasons.  Perhaps they first went to North Carolina voluntarily.  Noting the conditions there, they may have returned to Tennessee only to be rounded up and taken back to a stockade in Tennessee!  Then we must consider one other sotry that has her husband as an elder, even a Chief, and says that is why he was always away and missed each census.  That story makes good sense and is plausible.

Any of these story lines could have happened; then some of us we believe Hannah’s husband could have been a whiteman.  In other words, he was not Native American. But  this would not explain the two boys born in Tennessee in 1839 and 1841 - the 1841 birth taking place well after the great 'Removal'; although the elder/chiefian story would fit in.

Note that we are unable to locate this family group on the 1840 Census.  Her husband is not on the 1850 census with her and he dies around 1849/1851.  There are two family stories circulating as to this also, both having to do with her husband and his oldest son leaving for the 'Gold Rush', but different in content.  One states that they had contracted Cholera on the trip back home to Missouri and had not fully recovered when they went swimming in a river, probably the Platte and drowned.  The second version of this story is told by Uncle Billy Rex and states that he was returning when he was ambushed by a band of indians and killed somewhere on the great western plains of Kansas.

We are at a loss here.

Hannah is believed to have been a full blood Cherokee.  Would she have been listed on the Rolls as Lewallen?  Perhaps not.  Many Native Americans gave incorrect names, while other gave correct information.  Then there is the U. S. Government giving them whiteman’s names!  As we have to date only found one Hannah Ford on the Choctow Rolls, and we have no idea of when this Hannah was admitted to the Rolls, we have no idea if this could be her.  We need to investigate this further as the other person listed there with her is a Prince Ford.  We ask if this name should have been written ‘as Printz’?  But I am getting ‘off key’ here trying to think outside the box so-to-speak.

As she went by the surname of Lewallen, we should be able to locate them in Tennessee or North Carolina records.  The Ford connection in North  Carolina leads us to one Edwin Ford and a woman by the surname of Lynn.  But as I noted earlier, this does not connect in that the child’s name was Anna, not Hannah!  The connection has to  be found in Tennessee or Kentucky.

We have found that in 1830 there were three Lewallen family listed on the Wayne County, KY 1830 Census - Jesse, Matthew & Henry; along with ONE Ford family!  The Jesse and Matthew families are not on the 1840 Wayne Co Ky Ceappear on the cennsus, BUT they do appear on the 1840 Izard Co Ark Census!


When examining our Lewallens in Taney Co., Mo., we must keep in mind:

Taney County was organized on January 4, 1837. The name Taney County arrived from Roger B. Taney, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

The first Courthouse was built by the early pioneers in 1837 and destroyed on July 22, 1861 during a Civil War Battle.

The second Courthouse was destroyed by fire on December 19, 1885.

The third Courthouse was removed in 1952 to permit the building of Bull Shoals Lake.

The fourth, and present, Courthouse was occupied on August 1, 1952. In 1989, an addition was started and completed in 1991.




Next, we look at child E. A. Keziah Lewallen born about 1837, shown as born in North Carolina.  Keziah  married James Oliver in 1859 in Traney County, Missouri. Died 22 March 1920 in Mo.  Married James Oliver born 1836 in Taney Co., Mo. and died 1913/14 in Mo..  They were married in Christian CO., Mo. in 1859.


Keziah and James Oliver had the following children:


1. John R. Oilver b. 9 Feb. 1859 in Forsyth, Mo. d. 7 Oct. 1899 Branson, Mo.

2. Jesse William oliver b. 22 Feb. 1861, Taney Co., Mo. d. Branson, Buried Lewallen Cemetery, Branson, Mo.)

3. Frances Oliver b. about 1866 in Kansas

4. Richard Oliver b. about 1864 in Kansas

5. James Oliver b. about 1869 in Kansas

6. Mary F. Oliver b. 3 Jan. 1872 in Branson, Taney Co., Mo. d. 12 Jul 1954 buried Lewallen Cemetery, Branson, Mo.)

7. Emma Oliver b. 9 Jan. 1873 in Branson,m Taney Co., Mo. (d. 17 Apr 1965 buried Gobbler's Knob Cemetery, Branson, Mo.)

8. Jess Oliver died unknown





We contacted the Welchel  Funeral Home, Forsyth, Missouri via email this week (Sept. 10, 2010)  Keziah's date of death was a few months before our mother, Mildred Hilton  was born in Taney  Co., Mo.,  granddaughter of Grammy Polly Lewallen; Grammy Polly was Keziah's neice.  The following was to sent to us from the Funeral Home but does not give info related to who the informant was:

Info Card From Oscar Welchel Funeral Home, Branson
Keziah Lewallen Oliver

Note that her name as listed on her funeral card is Kizzy.  She has been found as:  Kizia, Keziah, Kazar and others.  Studying the census listings, her name shown as E. A., was most likely Elizabeth Ann Lewallen.  Thus the name of Keziah would have been a nickname or Indian name.  This seems to indicate the name of 'Babil' for her father was most likely a nickname also.  Her name on her headstone is Keziah Oliver.

We will include search results, data & info here on this page as we locate it from past searches, internet searches and email communications, here on this page.  This will hopefully enable us to be more thorough in organizing our data & info pertaining to Hannah and her family of Lewallens/Louallens.
(Please Note:  Some sources reveal Lewallan was Spelled as Louallen for some of this family group members. This would lead us to believe that those chosing to spell their surname as Louallen, according to various sources,  may have done so at or around the time of the Civil War as they were adverse to slavery; or well before the Cival War for the same reason.)
The first data we have on Hannah is that of the 1850 Missouri Census
Taney, MO 1850 Federal Census     (INDEX File 3 of 4)
371a  33  LEWALLEN       C.               17    Tennessee         pg0366a.txt
371a  42  LEWALLEN       E.                 2     Missouri           pg0366a.txt
371a  35  LEWALLEN       E. A.           13    N Carolina         pg0366a.txt
371a  39  LEWALLEN       G. W.            7     Missouri           pg0366a.txt
371a  32  LEWALLEN       H.               36    Tennessee         pg0366a.txt
371a  37  LEWALLEN       J. N.             9     Tennessee         pg0366a.txt
371a  40  LEWALLEN       J. R.             4     Missouri            pg0366a.txt
371a  34  LEWALLEN       M. J.           15    Tennessee         pg0366a.txt
371a  36  LEWALLEN       M. J.           11    Tennessee         pg0366a.txt
371a  41  LEWALLEN       R. B.            3     Missouri            pg0366a.txt
371a  38  LEWALLEN       S. E.            8     Arkansas          pg0366a.txt
1st Studying the above census data we note that son J.N. should be J.V.
2nd Doing the math we find the following to be dates of birth for this family group and have given names to these initials:
                    C. 17 (name unknown to date) 1833 Tn.
E. 2 1848 Mo.    -Elizabeth D.
      E.A. 13 1837 N.C.    -Keziah
                    G.W. 7 1843 Mo. -George Washington
H. 36 1814 Tn.      -Our Hannah
                        J.N. (should be J.V.) 9 1841 Tn. -Jesse V.
      J.R. 4 1846 Mo.  -James Ross
      M.J. 15 1835 Tn.   -Mary Jane
            M.J. 11 1839 Tn.    -Matthew John
     R.B. 3 1847 Mo.    -Robert B.
               S.E. 8 1842 Ark.   -Sarah Emmaline
The 1860 Federal Census for Missouri:
(I have placed birthdates according to census ages in parentheses along with full first names.)
Hannah Lewallen  44  b. abt 1816 Ky.
Home in 1860 was Jasper, Taney County, Missori
Post Office:  Forsyth
Hannah  44    (1816)
John 20  (1840 Matthew John)
Jesse  18  (1842 Jesse V.)
Sarah  16  (1844 Sarah Emmaline))
George  15  (1845 George Washington)
James  13  (1837 James Ross)
Robert  12   (1848 Robert B.)
Elizabeth  11  (1849 Elizabeth)
When studying the birthplaces shown on the Census Listings, one must keep in mind that parts of TN., N.C. and Alabama were at one time, all Indian Territory!  Thus, when TN vs. KY, so on and so forth, I believe all these were in Indian Territory.  The southern Appalachian Mountains: including western North and South Carolina, northern Georgia and Alabama, southwest Virginia, and the Cumberland Basin of Tennessee, Kentucky, and northern Alabama.
Birthdates on this 1860  Census, as usually happenned, are a couple of years off from those given in the 1850 Census above; thus I have chosen to go with the birthdates given in the 1850 Census.
This 1860 Census indicates that, of the ten (10) children born of Hannah,
C. Lewallen, Keziah, & Mary Jane had most likely married and moved away from home with their new husbands sometime prior to this 1860 Census being taken -
C. would have been about 27
Keziah would have been about 23
Mary Jane would have been about 25.
We find that C. Lewallen above is listed by two sources on rootsweb.com as being born about 1833 in Cherokee, Alabama - this is worth a lengthy search!
  What was her first name?  Odd that all the other children are identified with given names; all but for this child!
  Thinking outside the box, could this be as simple as something like 'Cee'? 
Did Hannah name her after her own mother?
At this time, this is all we know about this female child named C. Lewallen:
-she was the oldest child
-born about 1833
-born in Tn. or Cherokee, Ala.
-she is not on the 1860 Mo. Census
-some listings on rootsweb.com also has her as being male;
but we believe she was female.
Keep in mind that when the sources states 'Cherokee, Alabama', it does not specify if this is a town, city, or county; or if it means Cherokee Indian Reservation land.
Note: One source I found states: 'There was a Cherokee reservation area in northern AR in this locality until about 1840.'
At this time we are unable to locate any info specific to Native American Schools and their locations during the first half of the 1800's, except as follows in the material that follows:
The following is documentational proof of Chickamauga Cherokee in Northern Alabama.

The folowing paragraphs are quotes and paraphrasing from Warrior Mountrains Folklore by Rickey Butch Walker. It was printed by "Lawrence County Schools Indian Education Program", PO Box 365, Moulton, Al 35650, Oct 1995 with the disclaimer: "this book is not copyrighted and may be used for any educational purpose. This book is intended to enhance the cultural awareness of Indian students enrolled in Lawrence County Schools Indian education Program."

In it, Mr Walker states, "the most common occurance of surnames of Indian children in Lawrence County schools are . . . Alexander, Black, Blankenship, Bordon, Bradford, Dutton, England, Gillepsie, Green(e), Hil, Hood, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kerby, Kelsoe, LouAllen (Llewellyn), Owens, Parker, Riddle, rutherford, Smith, Terry, Walker, White, and many other family names not as prevalent."
-We need the year this book was written.-

Now we take a look at child  Mary Jane Lewallen born 1835 in Tennessee.  Mary Jane married Wiett Bilyeu b. 25 Dec. 1835 in Miller Co., Missouri.  They were married about 1858.  Mary Jane d. in 1860 and is buried in King's Cemetery, Christian Co., Mo.  She is said to have died from measles complications and/or in childbirth when Grammy Polly was born.

Children of Mary Jane Lewallen and Wiett Bilyeu were:

Sarah Emmaline Bilyeu b. 1 Jan. 1859, Ozark, Mo.

Mary Ann "Polly" Bilyeu b. 23 Jan. 1860 in Christian Co., Mo.

Polly is our great grandmother.

See our Mary Jane Louallen page for more.



Looking in John Mitchell's book and what we have found on death certificates, sudying each of the children, we find the following names for Hannah's husband:


C.b. 1833 - nothing further found

Mary Jane b. 1835 - no death cert. located

E. A. (Keaiah) b. 1837 - 'Babil'

Mathew John b. 1839 - 'Mathew John'

Jesse V. b. 1841 - this child is mentioned in a will-no father's name forthcoming

George Washington b. 1843 - 'Robert" (George spelled his surname Lieuallen)

James Ross b. 1846 - nothing further found

Robert B. b. 1847 - this child known as Rob, -  'John'

Sarah Emmaline b. 1842 - 'Lewelan' (mother as Hanah Ford)

Elizabeth b. 1848 - no death cert. located


Studying the above info., we can say with all honesty, that this man was most likely one Mathew John Robert Lewallen or John Robert Lewallen!  It is possible that his father was a Mathew John Lewallen.   And that our Mathew or John had the nickname of Babil!




Next we look at child George Washington Lieuallen.  Note how George spelled his surname!

Born 13 January 1843  Died 17 May 1912 in Dade County, Missouri, Smith Township.

George married Lucinda Meeks Glass in 1869.

Children of George & Lucinda Lieuallen:

George DeArmand


Peggy Ann Glass

Manuel P.





The 1900 Federal Census Dade Co., Mo.:

Has George born 1842 married in 1869.  George is listed as 58 years of age.  And states both of his parents as born in Kentucky.  Others listed with George are:

Lucinda 59

Geroge D. 21

Pearl E. 17


On the 1910 Federal Census Dade Co., Mo.:

George states both his parents were born in Tennessee.  George islkisted as age 66. Others listed with George are:

Lucinda 68

George 31

Herbert C. 8

Golden 6


We have record of George's son George DeArmand Lieuallen with marraige to Sarah Grace Burroughs born 20 March 1881 in mo., d/o Olin Burroughs b. 1846 in Vermont, d. May 1888 in Sparta, Mo. and Sarah Elizabeth Gipson b. 6 Oct. 1858 in Barry Co., Mo.  Olin & Sarah were married on 28 Oct. 1875 in Mo.

George DeArmand & Sarah lived Dade County, Missouri and had the following  children:

Hubert Olin b. 12 January 1902

Grace Golden

Cass Vernon






Next we look at child Jesse V. Louallen and find the following:


The following was sent in by June in Texas:

Jesse V. Louallen - born 08 Dec 1842, Tennessee,

died 14 Mar 1918, Missouri

Jesse married Louisa Ferguson, a widow, 01 Mar 1866

in Christian County, Missouri.

Jesse & Louisa had the following children According to 1880 Census, Jackson Twp, Polk County, MO:

William, born 1867

Rachel,  born 1868

Benton, born 1870

Louisa, born 1872

John, born 1874

Magie, born 1877


Louisa was the d/o Thomas and Rachel (Lyons) Hammond.

Louisa was born in Tennessee on 25 Feb 1841 and died 21 Feb 1915 in Missouri.

She 1st married George W. Ferguson, s/o Obadiah  and Elizabeth Ferguson.  He was born in 1835 in Wallens Creek, Lee County, VA and died from Civil War injuries 28 Sep 1862, in Christian County, Missouri.  He's buried in King Cemetery, Christian County.

Louisa & George W. Ferguson had the following children:

-Mary F., born 18 May 1857, Christian County, MO. 

 I have never found what happened to her.

-Ruben Alexander, born 18 Jan 1859, Christian County, MO,

died 18 Feb 1938, Barry County, MO

-James O., Born 03 Dec 1860, Christian County, MO, died 12 Sep 1932, Benton, Polk County, MO

(June tells us:   George's dad, Obadiah Ferguson, born abt 1765, died 1847,  was my 5th great-grandfather and is my brick wall.)




 Now we look at child  Matthew John Lewallen born 1839 TN,, died 1894 Mo.  He married Martha Bilyeu born 13 september 1844 Taney Co., Mo. and died 8 April 1884 (*This date preceeds the dates of Sadie & William's births.)  Matthew John was known as 'John'.

Children of Matthew John & Martha were:

-John R. b. 20 March 1861 d. 7 August 1918 m. Mary Lnu d. unknown

-Sarah b. 1863 d. unknown m. M.F. Wilson d. unknown

-George W. b. 1869 d. 1949 m. Bedia B. b. 1877 d. 1958.

-Jesse b. 9 August 1870 d. 13 September 1910

-Thomas b. 1 May 1873 d. 21 May 1913

-James b. 18 January 1876 d. unknown

-Wiett b. 8 May 18879 d. unknown

-Dock Marion b. 7 November 1881 d. unknown

*-William b. 26 July 1884 d. 21  August 1957

*-Sadie b. 28 July 1884 d. unknown


Clete Ramsey has done extensive searches in Mo and Taney Co.  Amongst his finds, we find the following death certificates for Five of Matthew John Lieuallen & Martha Bilyeu's Children (Note: that Matthew John went by the NAME of John; and note his name on the death certificates!!! AS WELL place of birth for him and his wife! All incorrect information!  Thus we know we cannot rely upon death certificates for correct info & data.)  Clete's Data follows below:



Dock Merriam Lieuallen [As written. Not Lewallen.]
Usual occupation: Railroad Employment
Personal particulars: Male; White; Married
Born: 7 November 1881, Christian County, Missouri
Died: 9 January 1949, Hollister, Taney County, Missouri
Age at death: 67 years; 2 months; 2 days
Place of death: Hollister, Taney County, Missouri (Home)
Immediate cause of death: Tuberculosis of lungs
Wife: Elsie Calvin Lieuallen
Father: John Marion Lieuallen, b. Christian County, Missouri
Mother: Mother: Martha Bilyeu, b. Christian County, Missouri
Informant: Mrs. Lieuallen, Hollister, Missouri
Burial: Gobbler Knob [Gobbler’s Knob Cemetery, Taney County, Missouri], 12 January 1949
Funeral Director: R.O. Whelchel, Branson, Missouri

Jesse Lewallen
Occupation: Farmer
Personal particulars: Male; White; Married
Born: 9 September 1870, Missouri
Died: 13 September 1910
Age at death: 40 years; 1 month, 4 days
Place of death: Oliver Township, Taney County, Missouri [On a “near by farm.”]
Cause of death: Surgical shock
Contributory: gun shot (accidental)
Father: John Lewallen, b. Ind.
Mother: Martha Blue, b. Missouri
Informant: J.R. Lewallen, Oasis, Missouri
Burial: Gobler’s Knob [Gobbler’s Knob], 14 September 1910
Undertaker: Geo. Lewallen, Hollister

John R. Lewallen
Occupation: Farmer
Personal particulars: Male; White; Married
Born: 1 November 1862, Green [Greene] County, Missouri
Died: 7 August 1916, Oliver Township, Taney County, Missouri
Age at death: 54 years; 9 months; 7 days
Cause of death: Catarrh [an abnormal flow of excessive mucous] of the stomach and bowels
Father: John Lewallen, b. Unknown
Mother: Martha Belew, b. Unknown
Informant: George Lewallen, Hollister, Missouri
Burial: Gobblers Knob [Gobbler’s Knob Cemetery], 7 August 1916
Undertaker: X
[John Lewallen’s Attending Physician was W.A. Butt of Omaha, Arkansas. Omaha is in Boone County, about 10 miles from Branson, Missouri, and 15 miles from Harrison, Arkansas.]

Thomas Lewallen [Not LeWallen.]
Occupation: Farmer
Personal particulars: Male; White; Married
Born: 1 May 1873, Christian County, Missouri
Died: 21 May 1931, Hollister, Oliver Township, Taney County, Missouri
Cause of death: Cancer of stomach
Wife: Ollie Manship
Father: John Lewallen, b. ?
Mother: Martha Bylyeu; b. Christian County, Missouri
Informant: Mrs. Tom Lewallen, Hollister, Missouri
Burial: Gobbler Knob [Gobbler’s Knob Cemetery], 22 May 1931
Undertaker: R.O. Whelchel, Branson, Missouri [There is a Whelchel’s Funeral Chapel in Branson, Taney County.]

Willie (No Middle Name) Lewallen
Occupation: Farmer
Personal Particulars: Male; White; Married
Born: 26 July 1884; Christian County, Missouri
Died: 21 August 1957, Hollister, Taney County, Missouri
Cause of Death: Lympho-sarcoma
Father’s Name: John Lewallen
Mothers Name: Martha Bileyue
Informant: Rebecca Lewallen, Hollister, Missouri
Burial: Gobblers Knob [Gobbler’s Knob], Hollister, Missouri, 25 August 1957
Funeral Director: Whelchel Fr. Home, Branson. Missouri

So far, I haven’t found a Missouri Certificate of Death for Wyatt Lewallen, who Melinda (Mattox) Thomure noted in her posting. Its possible he died after 1957, died somewhere other than in Missouri, or is listed in the 1910-1957 database under some spelling that’s escaped me. There is a Missouri Certificate of Death for Wiet Bilyeu (1835-1917), a brother of Martha (Bilyeu) Lewallen. I suspect Wyatt Lewallen may have been named for his uncle, Wiet Biyeu. I’ve seen Wyatt Lewallen’s given name listed also as Wiatt and Wiett, and Wiet Bilyeu’s given name listed as Wiette and Wyett. There’s a Wyate Lewallen listed as being buried at the Spokane Cemetery in Christian County, Missouri. I don’t know if he is John and Martha Lewallen’s son. Martha (Bilyeu) Lewallen’s parents, John Witten Bilyeu and Sarah Francis (Harp) Bilyeu, are buried at the Spokane Cemetery, as are a number of their kin.

This appears to have been the John Lewallen’s household in Galloway Township, Christian County, Missouri, in 1880:

LUALLEN John Head of Household Married Male White 40 TN TN TN Farmer
LUALLEN Martha Wife Married Female White 30 MO TN TN
LUALLEN John R. Son Single Male White 15 MO TN MO Farm Hand
LUALLEN Sarah Daughter Single Female White 13 MO TN MO
LUALLEN George Son Single Male White 11 MO TN MO Farm Hand
LUALLEN Jesse E. Son Single Male White 7 MO TN MO
LUALLEN Thomas Son Single Male White 5 MO TN MO
LUALLEN James Son Single Male White 3 MO TN MO
LUALLEN Wiatt Son Single Male White 1 MO TN MO

There were a number of Bilyeu households (transcribed as Bylieu, Bilyew, and Bilyeu) nearby in Galloway Township, including one headed by Martha (Bilyeu) Lewallen’s father, John Witten Bylieu [J.W. Bylieu here]:

BYLIEU J. W. Self Married Male White 71 TN MD MD Farmer
BYLIEU Sarah Wife Married Female White 70 TN TN TN Keeping House
BYLIEU John S. Other Single Male White 7 MO MO MO
BYLIEU Cordelia GDaughter Single Female White 17 MO MO KY

Rooting around, I’ve found accounts that note John Lieuallen/Lewallen, father of the five Lieuallen/Lewallen men who died in Taney County between 1910 and 1949, was either Matthew John Lewallen or John Matthew Lewallen. He was said to be a son of John Robert Babil Lewallen and Hannah (Motley) Lewallen. In turn, some accounts claim John Robert Babil Lewallen was a son of Richard Lewallen and Grace (Stockley) Lewallen of Virginia. My Mary Jane (Lewallen) Jackson is reported to be a descendent of Richard Lewallen through his son Daniel (b. 1790, TN), and grandson Monroe (b. ~1824, AL).




Next we look at child Sarah Emmaline Lewallen b. 26 October 1844 d. 14 March 1912 Chautaugua Co., Lafayette Township, Kansas.  Sarah E. married Andrew Jackson Hogan  in  28 September 1865. A. J. was born 16 November 1843 in Putnam Co., Indiana and died 25 September 1922 in Chautauqua Co., Kansas. 


Children born to Saraah E. & A. J. Hogan are:

-Louis b. before 1870 d. unknown

-Sarah Jane b. 29 March 1870 d. 5 July 1905  m. James H. Hurt on 11 April 1886.

-Curtis Eugene b. 18 February 1873 d. 16 November 1942

-Luther Ellsworth b. 18 November 1875 d. 14 March 1956 b & d Chautuaqua Co., Ks.  m. Flora C. Hurt 2 February 1900 in KS.

-Stilborn twin Sister to Luther b. & d. 18 November 1875

-Dora Emmaline b. 18 February 1878 d. June 1920.  m. Preston Wilcox October 1901.

-Lillian Lucinda Elizabeth b. 19 January 1881 d. Jan. 1946.  m. Bemjamin Wilcox on 11 June 1901

-George Jesse b. 8 February 1884, Elk Falls, Ks. d. 30 December 1965 in Independence KS.


 On the 1900 Federal Census for Chautauqua Co., KS., she is shown as age 54 born in Missouri.  It shows her parents as both born KY.

Listed on the census are:

A. J. 56

Sarah E. 27

L.E. 24

Emma 22

Lillie 13

George 16

On a Census dated 1 March 1905 we find this famiy listed as:

A. J. 61

S. E. 60

C. E. 32

G. J. 20





Next we look at the child Robert R. Lewallen born 1845 in Branson, Mo. and died 6 April 1932 in Taney or Greene Co., Mo.  Robert married Martha Angeline Davis on 26 December 1869 in Mo.  Martha was born 15 September 1845 Highlansville, Christian Co., Mo.  and died 20 January 1929 near Branson, Mo.


Robert & Martha had the folowing:

-Louisa Jane b. 1870 Branson, Mo. m. Hess Bright in 1896

-Frank b. 1872 d. 1874

-Sarah Elizabeth b. 15 September 1873 Branson, Mo., d. 30 September 1967 Branson., Mo.

-Armentha/Amentha (is this suppose to be two children/twins) b. & d. 1874 (Found listed seperately.)

-Robert Lewllen II  b. 1875 d. 1953.  Married Cora May

-William robert b. 1879 Branson, Mo. d. 21 May 1953 in eichita, KS

-Elvina b. 1880 Branson, Mo.

-Charles b. 8 February 1884 Branson, Mo. d. 2 December 1962 Branson, Mo.

-Mary b. 1886 Branson, Mo.

-James Henry b. 12 December 1887 Branson near the School of the Ozarks, d. 26 May 1969 in Springfield, Mo.

-Tomy b. 9 February 1889 Branson, Mo.  d. 26 December 1946.

-Jesse (SR?) b. 22 August 1891 Branson, Mo. d. 9 February 1954 Branson, Mo.


On the 1900 Federal Census Robert is found on the Newton, taney Co., Mo. listed as follows:

Robert R.

Martha A. 56

Robert A. 21

Henry 18

Charles 15

Mary 11

Thomas 10

Jesse 8





Now we look at the youngest child Elizabeth D. Lewallen b. March 1848/49 Taney Co., Mo. and died 6 December 1899/1900 in Christian Co., Mo.  Elizabeth married Stephen Bilyeu on 25 December 1868 in Christian Co., Mo.  He was born 25 October 1846 and died 29 November 1898 in Christian Co., Mo.


Children of Elizabeth & Stephen were:



-Sarah Frances b. 21 Dec 1867 Branson, Mo. d. 20 July 1951 Spokane, WA.

-Frances b. Dec 1869 in Mo. 1st m. Frank  Tabor b. 18 Dec 1867 d. 1920 Snow Ridge  2nd m. Frank Tudor

-Sarah b. Dec 1870 d. 1880

-Martin Fisher b. 24 September 1872

-Peter b. 1874 d. 29 November 1898

-Catherine b. abt 1876 Christian Co., Mo.  m. David Arnold on 1 October 1895 Taney Co., Mo.

-Julia B. b. 1878

-Gertrude b. 1880

-James b. 1882 d. 29 November 1898

-(also shown is another Catherine b. 1886?)




((Note:  some of the above family groups for the Children of Hannah & John Robert was obtained from the questionable Descendants of Thomas Sr. Llewellyn and some was from Ancestry.com while some is from what we know and death certificates where available.  Although the Descendant of Thomas Sr. Llewellyn is a valuable resource, we must be very careful when using it as reference material as much of it is incorrect.  We find double entries for some chidren and other incorrect entires within this document.  There are no sources listed for this document; neither is the name(s) of the author(s) presented.  Although we make the above negative observations, we would likewise want to thank whoever took the time and effort to put this massive mix of names and families together !  As an example, We feel the need to show here what this document says about the birthplace of the youngest child Elizbeth; 

 although we know her to have been born in Missouri, this document shows her as born in Overton Co., TN.! ))



Now a look at James Ross Lewallen

James Ross Lewallen

According to John Mitchell, James Ross Lewallen was believed to have been killed during a bushwhacker attack while on his way to deliver a load to Rolla.  We believe this to be true.

The James Ross Lewallen who testifies in court below, is the son of Matthew John & Martha Bilyeu Lewallen:

'James Lewallen had been hired by Meadows to help on the fence and his testimony at the trial tended to support the Meadows version of the affair. (James Lewallen was a nephew to Elizabeth who was Steve Bilyeu's wife.) Lewallen testified that after the Bilyeus fell and the Meadows party left the scene, he examined the bodies of the fallen men and their weapons. Steve had a double barrel shotgun with one barrel discharged. Pete had an old army musket which had been fired, and Jimmy had a revolver with a spent case in each chamber. '


Elizabeth's young son James was one of the three men that were killed that day, the other two men were his brother Pete and father Steve.

This story is found at:  http://www.sheltons.net/genes/12.html and is entitled: 

 Taken from "Tales of the Bull Creek Country" by John H. Mitchell



Born 1846~Taney County, Missouri

The following was written before we located the above info.

Died 1861*???  Missouri - a Civil War Causality

Son of John Robert & Hannah Lewallen

Written By Carol Ann Ross-White:


The story of James Ross Lewallen’s short life (or should we say his death) has been told many times by family and kin until it was put down in the book John H. Mitchell wrote titled “Tales of the Bull Creek Country” The first time we hear the book was going to be written was around the late 1970’s.  We had almost given up on it being published when we found a copy in 1993.

Our mother was born and raised in the Ozarks, her father was James Ross Hilton and her mother was Minnie Edith Thornton.  Kate Hilton (wife of Ferd Gideon) was our grandfather’s sister. Kate and Ferd were Irene Gideon Mitchell’s grandparents.  We were pleased that our mother got to read and enjoy the book at long last; she especially liked the stories about her grandmother, Gamma Polly.  My sister and I grew up here in the east and we always looked forward to the trips home with our mother during our childhood.  In 1980 my sister Lu Dawn, myself and our mother headed west once more to travel back in time to learn more family history.  That year we brought our daughters and spent the time visiting family, cemeteries, and looking up ancestry at the Ozark court house.  Thanks to John and Irene Mitchell for their little blue book we still love to read as it still has bits of information to reveal with each re-reading. 

When I first read about the short lived life of James Ross Lewallen I was struck by the circumstances of his death and wanted to know more.  I have spent many hours searching for a personal story or reference in history or even a newspaper article about the incident, to no avail to date.  What I have learned is how difficult life back then was, especially during the awful Civil War.  I did not find one “civil” thing about the war in the articles I have read.  It was truly terrible times with so much pain, sorrow, starvation, intimidation, and death all around. 

When the Union Army took control of Springfield and Rolla, President Abraham Lincoln ordered that Rolla was to be held at all costs because of the vital military supplies that passed through its railroad terminals.  Most of these supplies had to be hauled by huge freight wagons over the main roads to all the Union armies stationed in Springfield, the Linn Creek area known today as the Lake of the Ozarks, and Harrison, Arkansas.

 With all the able bodied men enlisted to give their military service to the north or south (while other chose bushwhacking, murder, and mayhem) many more were needed to provide supports for all aspects of the home front.  One of those called to serve was the young son of (our ggg-great grandmother) the widow Hannah Lewallen, his name was James Ross.  He was only 14 or 15 years old when he started driving the military wagons over the freight roads. I was impressed with the description and sizes of these freight wagons and the number of draft horses needed to pull them, thus the name “teamsters” was given for the drivers. We may never know if James enlisted in the military, volunteered as an independent contractor, or was forced by the military to drive the supply wagons over the dangerous roads.  In any event he was surly trying to help his mother and the family the best way he could.  What we do know is that shortly after the Civil War started, several tragic events transpired upon the Lewallen family of Taney County, with his death being but one of them. 

When the war opened, Hannah had been head of the family for about ten years due the passing of her husband after 1850. He too had been traveling over dangerous roads, not in Missouri or in War Time, but the many roads known as the Oregon Trail.  John Robert and his oldest son Bill were going to (or returning from) the great Gold Rush.  As it always seems to be the way, news spreads across the hills to the ears of loved ones home in Taney County.  A neighbor brought the words that they had drowned in the great Platte River somewhere along the trail. He reported that they went swimming shortly after recovering from Cholera, adding that the Cholera had left them too weak to swim against the rivers swift currents.  This too was word of mouth about loved ones fate and once more they were never heard from again.

Now the hills were ringing out the words that a young boy form Taney County had been killed while driving the military supply wagon across the Rolla Wagon Road to Springfield, Missouri and Harrison, Arkansas. (Perhaps the very road the family had traveled on their way from Yellville, Arkansas to Taney County arriving about the same time James arrived in this world.) They said he had been killed by bushwhackers and many thought it was James, Hannah’s young son.  Hannah was never to know for sure if it was her James that was killed this day, but he never returned home.  His body or whereabouts was never found nor were the perpetrators as it was lawless times.  A history of the times I read while researching tells of one mother who lost her son in much the same way.  She had the means and made it her mission to locate her son that the Union army had “abducted” into their service.  She was able to follow the hearsay trail to his location and bring his body home for proper burial.  This was not to be for Hannah or her family.

Hannah herself would meet fate once more, either before or shortly after her son died. The time of her death has been put at 1861 or later. I have tried to frame it with the time line of her older boys entering the Union army in the Kansas Home Guard.  The dates for Jesse and George were for the Johnson County census of 1865, they were using the spelling of their last name as, Lieuallen.  Some say it was their way to protest against slavery but it could very well have been the way the census taker heard it and spelled it.  At first I thought I had found their enlistment dates as they gave their units but it is a census where Jesse is listed as head of household. Further research of their military enlistment and discharge is needed, as George was only 18 in 1861 meeting the age for enlistment.  Another way to frame the date of Hannah’s death is to find the court papers giving her daughter Sarah guardianship for her younger brothers and sister after their mother died.  In 1861 Sarah would have been 19 years old, James, Robert, and Elizabeth were underage. The year of James’ death is given by subtracting his reported age at the time of his death as 14-15 years old.  Sarah not only lost her mother, she had to leave their home and move to Kansas with her young charges due to the constant fear of getting killed, attacked, and/or burned out.  The smoke from the battles surrounding them often filled the hills. The war was everywhere. 

Hannah was described as looking old for her 45 years when she died. She had lived a hard life.  Everyone familiar with the family history knows she was also driving a wagon that day.  Her wagon was not filled to the brim and that gave the conclusion that she only had a small crop of corn for the miller to grind into meal.  The wagon seat was not in place so she was standing on the gears when the wagon broke apart, as it went down the steep slope, too fast! Hannah was hit in her back by the wagon breaking apart, it was a fatal blow and it didn’t take long for her to die.  But it was not over for her yet, even in death.    If bushwhackers were involved, we will never know, but one can’t help but wonder, why else would she be going down a steep slope, too fast.  Just what had caused the ‘runaway’ wagon that day?   Bushwhackers had killed for much less than a few ears of corn, perhaps she had to leave home in haste and did not have the time to put the wagon seat on?  Maybe she did have more corn and was making a run for it to try and save herself?

Family tradition does not state if Hannah died at home and also questions the reason she was buried in the Meadows Cemetery instead of the closer to home Walnut Shade cemetery. Perhaps it depended on where the mill was located or where the incident happened, maybe it happened near the cemetery. She may have even died at the site of the wagon wreck.  The story also tells about the two young boys, Hosea Bilyeu and Ike Lewis who were busy opening a grave for her when they were attacked by bushwhackers.  The boys shot back and managed to get away.  It was decided to move her body after dark for burial when it would be safer, or so the story goes.          

The story we heard with our mother was that Hannah was Indian and Indian could not be buried in a cemetery.  Hannah is buried just inside the entrance to the cemetery to the left of the gate. A rock was used to mark her place in the dark of night. Mother also said that’s just what they did back then, put a rock to your head if you were Indian. Today, posted on the cemetery website it states they counted over thirty stones in the Meadows Cemetery. In my heart I hope one of them is James Ross Lewallen.


We have knowledge and proof that James Ross Lewallen had two brothers who served in the Civil War.  Now we are left to wonder if James Ross Lewallen himself also served during that time in Kansas; as there is a James Lewallen listed with the 15th Regiment:

James Lewellen Side: Union

Regiment State/Origin: Kansas

Regiment Name: 15 Kans. Cav.

Regiment Name Expanded: 15th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry

Company: L   Rank In: Private

Rank In Expanded: Private  Rank Out: Private

Rank Out Expanded: Private

Alternate Name: James/Lieuelon

Film Number: M542 roll 5

We have found no furthur trace of our James Ross Lewallen to date.

 We pose the question:  Could this possibly be our James Ross Lewallen or is he some other Lewallen's son?  The later is possible as we hold that our James Ross Lewallen was killed during the Civil War.

 We believe their son James Ross was the one killed taking a wagon load of supplies to Rolla, Mo.

Within this same document we find even more about Hanah & John Robert Lewallen's grandchildren and want to include it here.  Let'd see if we cn list them correctly:
Keziah's Children:
 Jess Oliver married Salina Bregill. 
Jess and Salina had one child found: 
Alice Oliver
John Oliver b. 9 Feb 1859 in FOrsyth, Mo. and died 7 October 1899 in Branson, Mo., 1st married unknown American Indian; she died.  He 2nd married Gertie unknown.  One child found born toJohn & ?:  Gertrude Oliver b. Nov. 1887.
Mary Jane's Children:
Sarah Emmaline Bilyeu born 1 Jan 1858 Ozark, Mo. died 1 June 1935 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.  She was married 3 times:
1st m. Commodore Perry McMinn on 26 May 1878.  McMinn was b. 1855, d. 1884.  She married 2nd married Daniel Fletcher Mosier on 11 June 1885 in Ozark, Mo.  Mosier was b. 28 March 1848 in Owen, IN and d. 17 September 1898 in Spurgeon, Newton Co., Mo.  She 3rd married Thomas Jefferson Phillips in 1890.
Children of Sarah E. & Perry McMinn:
-Hattie b. 1879
-Wiett b. 1880
-Commodore Wiett b. 20 May 1880 Ozark, Mo. d. 29 July 1913 in Neck City, Jasper, Mo.
Perry b. 1881 Ozark, mo.
-John William b. 27 March 1882 Ozark, Mo. d. 15 April 1963 in Miami, OK.
-Commandor b. 1883
-Evelyn b. 1884
Children of Sarah E. & Daniel Fletcher Mosier:
-Lelah Blanch b. 13 May 1893 Spurgeon, Newton CO., Mo. died 5 November 1961 in Hayward Co., Almeda, CA.
-Martin Henry b. 26 April 1886 Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo. d. 1 Jan. 1963 Joplin, mo.
-Fred b. 26 July 1887 Joplin, Mo. d. 28 June 1971 Portland, Oregon.
-Daniel Joseph b. 25 June 1890 Joplin, Mo. d. 21 July 1966 Joplin, Mo.
-May b. 30 May 1895 Denaca, Newton Co., Mo. d. 3 may 1917 Joplin, Mo.
 May m. Luther Foster McConnell in 1915 Joplin, Mo. He was b. 9 July 1888 Joplin, Jassper Co., Mo. d. 5 September 1960 Webb City, Jasper Co., Mo.
-Wyett b. 12 February 1897 Joplin, Mo. d. 23 January 1972 in Idaho.
Children of Sarah E. & Thomas Phillips:
Gladys b. 28 October 1902 Springfield, Mo. d. 1984 in Portland, Oregon
Thomas Jefferson Jr. b. 1907 Springfield, Mo.
Hannah Elizabeth Bilyeu:  see Hilton's page this website and others for info & data of this child our great grandmother!
Matthew John's Children:
Jesse Lewallen born 9 August 1870 died 13 September 1910. Married _________Hoover.
Child of Jesee & _________Hoover:  Thomas Lewallen b. abt. 1894
Jesse V.'s Children One found:
Dock Lewallen b. __________ d.___________m._____________
Dock had at least one child:
Lee Lewallen
Sarah Emmaline & A. J. Hogan's Children:
George Jesse Hogan b. 8 Feb 1884 in  elk falls, KS d. 30 Dec 1965 in Independence, KS.  He married Naomi Seeks Miller on 8 August 1917.  She was b. 24 July 1895 in Ottowas, KS and d. 18 June 1986 in Independence, KS.
Childrenn of George & Naomi:
-George Seeks Hogan b. 9 Aug 1919, Chautuaqua Co., KS d. 11 July 1940 in Hale, KS.
-Dorothy Opal Hogan
-Wesley Andrew hogan
Robert R. Lewallen's Children:
Sarah Elizabeth Lewallen b. 15 Sept 1873 Branson, Mo. d. 30 Sept 1967 Branson Mo..  She married Jasper Newton Compton on 17 November 1895 in Branson, Mo.  He was b. 5 March 1872 and d. 28 Feb. 1940.
Chilldren of Sarah Lewallen & Compton:
-Myrtle Jane Compton b 16 May 1896 d. 12 November 1993 m. George Berry
-Mae Compton b. 17 October 1898 Branson, Mo. d. 10 July 1987 m. George Gearin
-William Henry Compton b., 3 Feb 1901 d. 7 Nov 1974
-Anna Lee Compton b. 7 Oct 1903 Branson, Mo. d. 25 January 1990
-etta Pearl Compton m. ray Lester Bryant
-Alfred Franklin Compton b. 17 April 1909 Braanson, Mo. d. 7 March 1992
-Della Mabel Compton
-Lucy Eulabelle Compton  m. Elvin James Guinn
William Robert Lewallen b. 1879 Branson, Mo. d. 21 May 1953 in Wichita, KS m. Cora May.  Children of William Robert & Cora May Lewallen:
-Alta Lewallen
-Maggie Lewallen
-Dorothy Lewallen
-Helen Lewallen
-Nellie Lewallen
-Billy Lewalen
-Everett Lewallen
Elvina Lewallen b. 1880 Branson, Mo. m. William Carroll Compton on 1 May 1897 in Branson, Mo.  He was born 2 Sept 1873 in Mo., died 23 Dec. 1925.
Children of Elvina Lewallen and William Compton:
-Charles Compton m. Lovie Ora Pendergrass
-Lonnie Compton
-Paul Compton
-Harold Compton
-Beretha Compton
-Gertrude Compton m. Rollins
-Beulah Compton
-Thomas Compton
-Earl Compton b. 8 Dec 1905 Nogo, Mo. d. 11 March 1989 m. Mary _____
Charles Lewallen born 18 Feb 1884 Branson, Taney Co., Mo.d. 2 Dec Branson, Mo. He m. on Lacey Viles on 1 feb 1907 in David Bridges' home in Taney Co., Mo.  She was b. 1886 in Bolivar, Mo. d.  29 June 1964 in Branson, Mo. Children of Charels & Lacey Lewallen:
-Roscoe Shumate Lewallen b. 24 March 1903
-Otto James Lewallen b. 21 February 1912 Branson, Mo. d. 7 August 1968 Reed's Spring, Mo.
-Bert Lewallen b. 14 Marcdh 1914 Branson, Mo. d. 25 May 1991, Branson, Mo.
-Carl Lewallen b. 3 September 1923 Branson, Mo. d. Lamar, Mo.
-Tommy Lewallen b. 2 September 1925 Branson, Mo., d. 9 August 1979 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mary Lewallen b. 1886 Branson, mo. married Charlie Haslip 
 Children of Mary & Charles:
-Jessie Haslip
-Edna Haslip
-Virginia Haslip
James Henry Lewallen b. 12 Dec 1887 Branson, near the School of the Ozarks d. 26 may 1969 in Springfield, Mo.  He married Etta Jane Mason.
Children of James Henry & Etta May:
-Henry Edward Lewallen
-Wanda Caroline Lewallen
Tomy (Tommy) Lewallen b, 9 Feb 1889 Branson, Mo. d. 26 Dec 1946 in Lecompton, KS m Letha Violet Huey on 5 Sept 1911 in Ozark, Mo.  She was b. 20 Dec 1895 Branson, Mo. and d. 7 Dec 1988 in Oskalusa, KS.
Children of Tommy & Letha:
-Ammazatte Mabel Lewallen
-Gladys Marie Lewallen b. 31 August 1920 d. 1 Jan 1921 b. & d. Lecompton, KS
Jesse SR Lewallen b. 22 Aug 1891 Branson, Mo. d 10 Feb 1954 Branson, Mo.  he married Leona keeler on 4 July 1916.  She was born 5 June 1897 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
Children of Jesse & Leona:
-Robert Edward lewallen b. 17 June 1917 d. 23 Dec 1981
-Estele Vivian lewallen
-Lucille Belle Lewallen b. 20 July 1921 d. Oct 1984
-Emma Angeline Lewallen
-Jess Jr. Lewallen b. 18 May 1931 d. 17 May 1951
-Kenneth Lee Lewallen
Elizabeth D. Lewallen's Children:
Sarah Frances Bilyeu b. 31 Dec 1867  Branson, Mo.  d. 20 July 1951 in Spokane, WA. She 1st m. James Franklin Tabor on 20 October 1892.  He was born 10 Dec 1867 in Mo. and died 30 July 1917 in inn, Mo.  She 2nd m. John David Buck Terry on 21 November 1925 in Twin Falls, Idaho.  He was born 29 January 1875.
One child of Sarah & James Tabor Found:
-Ida Belle Tabor b. 24 June 1895 Bluff, Mo. d. 24 September 1974, Jerome, Idaho
For Our McMinn family connections we find the following;
Sarah Emmaline Bilyeu McMinn, daughter of Mary Jane Lewallen Bilyeu, had the following children we have info of:
Child Commodore Wiett McMinn b.20 May  1880 Ozark, Mo. d. 29 July 1913 in Neck City, Mo.  married Edith Maud Warren.  She was b. 8 Dec 1887 in Oronogo, Jasper Co., Mo. and d. 13 january 1937 in Neck City, Mo.
Children of Wiett & Edith McMinn:
-Leslie Claude mcMinn
-Cecil Claude McMinnb. 1908 m. Mabel __________.
-Evelyn McMinn
-Lloyd McMinn  m. Kathy
-Fred Lyle McMinn b. 25 April 1905 Oronogo, Jasper Co., Mo
(It looks like they have listed another child:  Claude McMinn... Wonder if this is the same child as Cecil Claude noted above?)
Perry McMinn b. 1881 Ozark, Mo. m. Lee Payton.
Chldren of Perry & Lee McMinn:
-Kenneth Lee McMinn
-Payton McMinn
-Imogene McMinn
John William McMinn b. 27 March 1882 Ozark, Mo. d. 15 April 1963 Miami, OK.  He married Mary Belle Brumbaugh on 22 Jan 1905 in Neosha, Newton Co., Mo.  She was born 29 Jan 1889 in Vinta, Craig Co. OK and d. 23 Dec 1928 in Peoria, Ottowa Co., OK.
Children of Perry & Mary:
-Sarah Belle McMinn
-William Commodore McMinn b. 4 Jan 1904 Newton, Mo.
-John Albert McMinn b. 28 Dec 1908 Mo., m. Juanita Sky
-Hazel Irene McMinn
-Nellie Pearl McMinn
-Clark Lester
-Chester Martin McMinn
-Perry Arthur McMinn b. 20 March 1922 Hornet, Newton Co., Mo. d. 5 Jan 1987.
Lelah Blanch Mosier b. 13 May 1893 Spurgeon, Newton Co., Mo. d. 5 Nov 1961 Hayward Co., Almeda, CA.  She married Thomas William Myers on 8 Sept 1908 in Mo.  He was born 10 Jan 1886 in Newtonia, Mo. and died 1 Dec 1968 Castro Valley, CA.
Children of Lelah & Thomas William:
-Earl Edgar Myers
-Eulah May Myers
-Nellie Dean  Myerw
-Ivan  Loren Myers
-Anna Marie Myers
-Donald robert Myers
Jack Eugene Myers
Tilford Lee Myers
-thomas Raymond Myers
-Rollie Linford Myers
-James William Myers
Martin Henry Mosier b. 26 April 1886 joplin, Mo. d. 1 Jan 1963 Joplin, Mo. m. Mary Levena Cogbill in 1906 in Joplin, Mo.  She was born 26 Oct 1888 in Mo. and d. 14 Nov 1957 in Joplin, Mo.
Children of Martin Henry & Mary Levena:
-Goldie Mae Mosier
-Lottie Lavella Mosier
-James Harold Mosier
Fred Mosier b. 26 July 1887 Joplin, Mo. d. 28 June 1971 Portland, Oregon.  He m. Nita Anita in 1913.  She was born 1888.
Children of Fred & Nita:
-Marguerita Mosier
Daniel Joseph Mosier b. 25 June 1890 Joplin, Mo. d. 21 July 1966 Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo.  He m. Ona Wilson on 20 April 1913 in Joplin.  She was b. 2 Sept 1893 Joplin, Mo. and d. 29 May 1986 in Sand Springs, Talusa, OK.
Children of Daniel Joseph & Ona:
-Leonard Raymond Mosier
-Mary Loraine Mosier
-Daniel James Mosier
-Vannie Lee Mosier


The following is taken from:

Wantabes and Outalucks: Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records

by Kent Carter
Director, National Archives-Fort Worth Branch

Genealogists must always keep in mind that the agent was only keeping track of people who were recognized as tribal members (either by the Federal government or the tribal government) and who resided with the bulk of the tribe (either on a reservation or within the recognized boundaries of the tribal domain). For the most part, the agent did not maintain records on Indians who moved away and, in effect, ended their affiliation with the tribe. If, for example, your ancestor left the recognized boundaries of the Choctaw Nation and took up farming across the Red River in Texas or went back to Mississippi or Alabama you will probably never find them mentioned in the agent's records. Such people can often be found in the regular Federal population censuses that were taken every ten years, but there will be no indication that they are Indian. In addition, people who remained behind when the bulk of their tribe was moved by the Federal government will probably be "lost" as far as official BIA records are concerned. Unfortunately, many people with legitimate claims to Indian heritage will never be able to "prove" their claim because their ancestor did not stay with the tribe or did not choose to be recorded in official records as an Indian.


Found at: http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/heritage/native-american/ancestor-search.html

(The material found at this site is informative and well worth the somewhat lengthy read.)


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