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From The Thornton Family Quarterly - Publication Date Unknown  -  Most likely 1970's/1980's
(Note:  I have added bits here and there as I know them to be)
(as it is difficult to follow families properly, I have added them with their marraiges, etc. towards the end-so please scroll down to follow each)
I am in hopes that this makes it easier to follow.
Samuel G. Thorntoln was the 4th child born to Starlin (Sterling) Thornton (ca. 1777-1848) and Salley  (Sarah) Mosely Thornton (1777-1853).  He was born on Thorntons Mountain in Franklin County, Virginia.  Around 1858 Samueal sold his land in Franklin County, Virginia and he and his family migrated west to Arkansas and finally settled in Missouri.  The trip west was hard and they lost two of their children on the way.  An account of their journey was submitted to the Thornton Family Association, Nitro, West Virginia, by MRs. Anna Lee Thornton Bilyeu of Ozark, Missouri several years ago and was published in the Quarterly Vol. 1  #4........
Samuel C. Thornton   Born ca. 1810 Franklin Co. Va.
Died 1872 Hickory Co., Mo.
Married Aug. 22, 1844 in Franklin Co., Va. to
Mary Jane Claughton Born ca. 1828 (1850 Franklin Co. Census)  They were m. by Rev. John St. Clair, (Methodist)
Samueal and Mary Jane had 7 Children:
1. Susan Thornton b. ca. 1845 Franklin Co. Va died young on way west.
2. Melvin Thornton (1846-1909 Born Franklin Co. Va. Died om Ozark, Mo. (no other info)
3. Dora Thornton b. 1847, Franklin Co., Va. Died _____in Mo.
married Elisha Rains (in Mo.) No other info on this family)
4. Ruth Thompson b. Oct. 16, 1848 Franklin Co., Va.   Died Aug . 17, 1939 Hickory Co., Mo.  Married James Thomas Wheeler 12-27-1868  He was born May 18, 1848 in Mo. and died Feb. 26, 1937, Hickory Co.,Mo.  Both are buried Fairview Butcher Cemetery, Hickory Co., Mo.
(more on their children later)
5.  Clara Thornton born ca. 1851 Franklin Co., Va. (died on way west)
6. Henry Thornton born 10-24-1855 Franklin Co., Va.  Died 1934 Springfield, Mo.  married 12-24 1878 Ozark, Mo. to Savannah Lee Foley born 10-24-1861  died 2-5-1917 Taney Co., Mo.  Both arae buried in the Meadows Cemetery. Bluff, Mo. (40 miles south of Springfield) Located on Round Mtn. Road just up a bit from the waters of Bull Creek.
(Henry and Savannah had 12 Children.  More on their children later.)
7. Ellen Thornton born ca. 1859-60.  The only child of Samuel G. Thornton born in Mo.  Mary Claughton Thornton took this child with her when she left her husband.  No trace of Mary or Ellen to this day. *
 *There is evidence  discovered by Edwin thornton of where Mary Jane Claughton Thornton went and he has identified her on a census list under a different surname; able to do this due to the names of two sons she had with her matching known info and data---more to follow on this later when I transcribe some of Edwin's research results.)*
It is said that Mary Claughton had two sons, Joe and Willie by a second marraige, they were not Thorntons.  We haven't been able to prove this, not knowing her married name.
See * above.
Children of Ruth Thornton & James Thomas Wheeler:
3 by 1st Marraige:
(1) Gustavus "Tave" Wheeler b. ca. 1869, d. 1933/  Married Emma Hamil.  Gustavus and Emma had two children: 
Ray Wheeler b. 8-10-1910 d. 3-27-1957 (was m. and had children-no further info).
Ralph Wheeler (lived in Quincy, Mo. (No further info).
(2) Cora Wheeler b. ca. 1872 m. Theodore Swicegood,  They had 2 children:
Winnie Swicegood lived in Friend, Neb. 1980) m. Marvin Williams (decesased)
Ruth Swicegood (dec) m. Eugene Harryman of Weableau, Mo. (No further info).
(3) Everett Adolphus Wheeler b. 3-20-1873 d. 4-7-1953 m.
1st Mary J. "Mamie" Corbin on 6-8-1902  She b. 12-23-1884 d. 10-19-1911   They had 3 children:
-Delbert L. Wheeler b. 4-12-1903 d. 2-11-1981 . 1st Bland Antle m. 2nd Eunice Allen.  No Children.
-Merton Wheeler b. 11-27-1904 m. Glee Owens.  They had 2 children:  William Dean Wheeler m. Alvin Lease and had 3 children:  Luane Lease-1 son
Larry Lease - 1 son, Jason Lease
Linda Lease
-Irvin Wheeler b. 11-8-1906 m. Ruth LeJune Standifore and they had 3 children: 1st Dennis Wheeler m. Lola Bollinger and had 2 children:  -Denise Wheeler,. m. John Pahl and had 1 son Joseph B. Pahl b. Aug 22, 1980  and -Keith Wheeler m. Jean Gilbert (No Children).
2nd Janis Wheeler m. Paul Gilbert.  They had 3 children:
Jeffrey Gilbert
Gregory Gilbbert
Tamara Gilbert
3rd Karen Sue Wheeler m. Allen  Simmons.  They had 2 children:  Timathy Allen Simmons and Kimberly Sue Simmons.
2nd Marraige of Everett Wheeler was to Cecil Moore Wheeler
Everett & Cecil had:  Lewis Wheeler m. Bernice Breshears and had 2 sons- Jeffrey Wheeler & James Wheeler
Children of Henry Thornton & Savannah Lee Foley:
(This is extensive, thus I beg your forgiveness and tolerance here)
(1) James Albert Thornton (1879-1962) m. Mary Etta Cole (1886-1968) and had 2 children: - Raymond Francis Thornton (1904-1973 m. Flossie Arnold in  Kansas
- Manfred P. Thornton b. 1905 m. Helen Duemche and had one daughter, Nancy Thornton.
(2) Mary Emily Thornton (1881-1957) m. 11-27-1898 to Thomas Brown  Case (1872-1962).  They had 3 children:
-1st child: Nellie Gertrude Case 1899-1957 . Lloyd C. Burkhart 1895-1940 and had 4 children:
-Paul Evans Burkhart m. Melba Jean Selvidge and had 4 children:  Carol nadine Burkhart, Donna Jean Burkhart, Denton Paul Berkhart, Tracy Pia Burkhert.
-Clifford Denton Burkhart 1922-1944 Killed in action WWII m. ______?  No Children.
-Everett Richard Burkhart m. _______?  Had 1 daughter boprn in Kansas, died in infancy.
-Child of Nellie Case & Lloyd Burkhart died in infancy.
2nd child: George Truman Case 1901-1948 m. Walba Alexander and had 6 children:
- Clifford H. Case ./ Iona Nadine  Paul and had 2 children:  Eddie Emerald Case and Rita Case Box
- Lois Delena Case m. Floyd Adams and had 3 children: 
Paul Wayne Adams
Floyd Duane Adams
Aaron Adams-died in infancy, Buried Garrison, Mo.
- Kenneth Weldon Case 1928-1959 m. Juanita Marie Williams and had 3 children:
Mary Case Stevens
Robert Kenneth Case
Dennis Weldon Case
- Joyce Kathleen Case m. Kenneth "Kenny" Leon Applegate and had 4 children:
Janice Camele Applegate
Marvin Leon Applegate
karen Renee Applegate
Sabrina Gaye Applegate
-  Marlin Eudell Case 1941-1943 died young.
-June Carolyn Case m. Lennie Zane Boyd and had 5 children:
Marty Zane Boyd
George B. Boyd
Lisa Michelle Boyd
Mellissa Renee Boyd
Melanie Zoe Boyd
- Delbert Ernest Case 1904-1977 m. Gladys Fern Warrewn and had 3 children:
Marjorie Jeanne Case m. Bert Horner and had two children:  Donald Eugene Horner, Rita Darlene Horner
Exie Marvin Case m. Jessie Jane Haria and had one daughter-Deborah Case Combs
Cletis Nadine Case m. Noll Ray Shortt and had
1 son-Terry Joe Shortt
(3) Bessie Caroline Thornton 1883-1960 m. William Oliver "Ollie" Evans 1877-1944.  They had 9 children:
1-Elma Etta Evans b. 1904 m. 5-25-1929 to George William Anderson and had 6 children:
- Son-Stillborn 1930
- Ethel Jean Anderson m. Donald E. Rasnic and had 4 children:
Donn George Rasnic
Jean Evonne Rasnic
Zane Temple Rasnic
Lyle Eugene Rasnic
- Leonard Lee Anderson m. Beverly Jean Harris and had 4 children:
David Lee Anderson ,m. Juanita Marie Phares
Kathleen Lynn Anderson, m. Erik Dinkelman
Linda Jean Anderson
Dan Leonard Anderson
- Carol Louisa Anderson, 1st m. Donald Eugene Baker (1931-1961) and had 6 children by this 1st marraige:
John Wesley Baker m. Ramona Ruth Lind
Stillborn son (twin of John Wesley)
Joseph Lindsey Baker m. Julie Ann Calhoun
Mary Etta baker
Thomas Evans Baker
Donald Paul Baker
Carol Louisa Anderson 2nd m. Travis Leon Mimms and had 1 child:  Tammy Dale Mimms
- Martin Larry Anderson
- William "Charlie" Anderson
2- Ester Savanna Evans m. Charles Clyde Harner-No Info
3- Eva Ruth Evans m. Merl Vincent Griebel and had 2 children:
-John Phillip griebel m. Donna Rae Wiklund and had 3 children;  Donna jo Griebel, John Curtis Criebel, Lisa Ann Griebel
- Mary Ann Griebel m. Doyle E. Peaslee and had 2 children:
Douglas Peaslee, Steven Peaselee
4-Earl Everett Evans m. Mary Sarishy - No info.
5- Ethel Lucile evans (1913-1925
6- Ever Emo Evans m. Frances Rose Kuchta and had 1 child:  Karen Lynn Evans m. Douglas Anlen Roberts
7- William "Jim" Elton Evans m. Dorothy Mae Brown-No info.
8- Etta Margaret Evans (1921-1924) Died young.
9- Elizabeth "Betty" Louise Evans m. 1st Frank Albert Hamel (1943) No Children.
2nd m. Clarence Verl Cartwright and had 1 child:  <ark A. Cartwright m. Paula A. ________
3rd m. Jack Allen (1979)
(4) John Thomas "Dan" Thornton (1885-1960)  m. Mae DeWill Meadows (1886-1957).  Married Late-No Children.
(5) Norphia Otho Thornton (1887-1963) m. Lina Bell Wicks and had 2 children:
Iva Lorraine Thornton m. Richard Davis
Irene Mae Thornton m. Durward B. Stephens
(6) Mamie Ellen Thornton (b. 1891-) m. Alfred J. Estep and had 4 children:
1-John  Worth Estep, Sr. m. Nina Marie Hanson and had 3 children:  Gail Marie Estep
Jeff Dwane Estep
Bryan Jay Estep
-Jessie Darlene estep m. Michael Larry Pomery and had 2 children:  Darla L. Pomery
Michael L. Pomery
- Jack Dwane Estep m. ________ and had 2 children:
Jackie Dwane Estep
Gina Marie Estep
2- Wilma Estep m. Jay C. McConnell. No info.
3-Vonnie Dale Estep m. Edna J. Ford and had 3 children:
Conita Estep m. Harold Wasson
Ellen Dale EstepDortha Gale Estep m. Scott Murker
4- Daughter died in infancy
(7) Willie Les Thornton b. 1892 died in infancy.
(8) Harvey Clarence Thornton (1893-1969) m. Maude Mae Pryer and had 3 children:
Clarence O. Thornton m. Maxine Sazxer
Lorene Macine thornton m. Warren D. Lipe
James Henry thornton m. Marie Najera
(9) Henry Clyde thornton (1895-1917) died age 21 unmarried
(10) Edith Minerva "Minnie" Thornton (1899-1973) 1st m. James Ross Hilton (1891-1936)  Edith and James Ross Hilton had 7 children: Mildred M., Ruby p., Daniel  Rex, Edith Geraldine, Kenneth  Eldon, Velma, Jo  Anne These follow below:

(Edith had one additional child we shall include below.  After the death of James Ross Hilton, Edith 2nd m. Ernest Hurd -no children were born to this union.)
1. Mildred M. Hilton b. 1920 1st m. George Sims and had 2 sons: 
Wilburn Lee Sims m. 1st nancy Burrills (deceased), no children.  He 2nd m. Jean Gillis and had one child:  Andrea Dorothy Sims.  He 3rd m. ___________ and had two children:
Lee Sims, Letisha Sims both of New Hampshire.
James Wilford Sims m. Dee ______. No children.
Mildred 2nd m. Colin Ross and had 2 daughters:
Lu Dawn Ross m. Paul L. Fassett and had 3 children:
Mark Paul Fassett
Gayle Louise Fassett
Jeremy Heath Fassett
Carol Ann Ross m. Fred A. White and had 4 children;
Marcy A., Benjamin A., James A, Bethany A.
Mildred 3rd m. Francis Marion Floyd of Lumberton, NC and had 2 daughter:  Barbara Jean Floyd m. Danny Bowman of Mo. and had 1 son:  Hilton Floyd Bowman.
2.  Ruby Pauline "Ruby Jean" Hilton m. Raymond Holliday and had 6 children:
Raymond "Buddy" Holliday
Dianna Holliday m. Harvey Nutt
Kenneth Holliday
Steven Holliday
Lynn Holliday
Lorie Holliday
3.  Daniel Rex :Billy" Hilton m. Martha Dodson and had 2 children:
Cindy Hilton m. Wolfegang Hamphil and had 2 daughters.
James Hilton
4. Edith Geraldine "Jerry" Hilton 1st m. Harry Dale Albers and had 2 children:
Linda Jean Albers m. Gabe Pennell and had 2 children.
Harry Dale Albers, Jr. m. ________?
"Jerry" 2nd m. Arthur Woods-no children by this union.
"Jerry" 3rd m. Claude "Vannie" woods-no children by this union.
5.  Kenneth Eldon Hilton m. Joan Peterson and had 8 children:
Darlene, Kenneth, Lori, Gary, Kelly, James, Michael, Chrisopher
6. Velma "Eileen" Hilton 1st m. Jackl Burgess and had 2 children:  Kimberly Burgess m.  _______and had 2 children.,
Jack "Jackie" Burgess, Jr. m. ________ and had children.
"Eileen" 2nd m. Fred Luff and had two daughters:
kimmie Luff
Cammie Luff
"Eileen" 3rd m. Danny Rodriguez.  No children by this union.
7.  Jo Anne Hilton 1st m. John A. Mohney in N.H. and had one son:
John Steven Mohney m. ________?  No children.
Jo Anne 2nd m. J.C. "Sandy" White in Mo. and had 1 daughter:
Vickie Lynn White m. ________? and had children.
(11)  Anna Lee THornton 1st m. Roy Gene Burns 1897-1964 and had 2 children:
-Roy Gene Burns m. Gervoise Fisher and had 2 children;
David Randall Burns
John Timothy Burns
-David Lee Burns m. Mary Baker and had 2 daughters:
<arsha Lee Burns
Deborah Jean Burns
(12)  True Alp;honso "Mackie" Thornton (1910-1966) m. Beatrice Gertrude Irvin and had 4 children:
-Shirley Mae Thornton m. Cloyd Roy Bower and had 2 children:  Rebecca Irene Bower, Christine Thornton  Bower.
-"Mackie" Thornton, Jr. , m. Claudia Helen Parker and had 2 children:  Christine LynnThornton, Jennifer Mae Thornton.
-Edwin Leroy Thornton - Edwin has done extensive research on our Thorntons and we will include what little we have of it here later.
- Beberly Jo  Thornton m. Nolar uthor Headley and had 3 children:  Lisa Renne, Blake Thornton, Jannell Paige
What follows below is the rest of this issue from the Thornton Family Quarterly:
Can anyone out there tell me the middle name of Samuel G. Thornton???  It might help us to find the parents of Starlin(g) or Sterling Thornton.
Mrs. Mamie Ellen Thornton Estep., born March 12, 1891, the daughter of Henry thornton and Savannah Lee Foley Thornton and the grand daughter of Samuel G., Thornton and Mary Claughton, celebrated her 91st birthday this year.  Mrs. Estep lives with her daughter, Wilma McConnell of Phoenix, Arizona.  Belated Happy Birthday, COusin Mamie, from your kin in Franklin County, Virginia!  Best Wishes for the coming year and good health.
Cousin Mamie Thornton Estep and Mrs. Anna Lee Burns Bilyeu. of Ozark, Missouri, are the only two surviving members of the Henry Thornton family of 2 children.  Cousin Anna Lee is the youngest daughter and 11th child.  Mrs. Bilyeu has been so loyal in her support of the Thornton Family Association, and has done so much research and sent in mountains of information on the Samuel C. line.  She and Lawrence are very special people, and I hoe to meet them at the reunion this year. (CT)

The following was found amongst Lu Dawn & Carol's research papers:
From Bell's 'The Old Free State', Vol. 2., p. 251
William Thornton, b. Dec 20. 1717, who married Jane Clack b. Jan. 9, 1721; their son, William Thornton, b. June 14, 1751 (15 Apr 1751 ? which) married Sarah Sterling (Goodrich ?which), d. July 7, 1815.  The remainder concerning their descendants is summarized in the register.
Then there is:
"Mary (Jones Jones married secondly, March 17, 1777, Sterling Clack thornton, son of William and Jane Clack Thornton of Brunswick County, who was born in 1753, just before his father's removal from Gloucester County in 1754.  On February 13, 1777, Sterling Clack Thornton and Mary Jones and Richard Jones Jr. 'A marraige shortly to be solemnized between Sterling C. Thornton and Mary Jones who for the sum of 5 shillings turns over to Richard Jones Jr. trustee, one negro woman and all personal estate which she came into pssession of under the will of her late husband Branch Jones  deceased; and also all debts due by bonds and otherwise, with legacies from the estate of her father which  she is entitled to at the death of her mother.  The said Sterling to permit the said Richard Jones Jr. to act as trustee in all business transactions.'  Witnesses:  Peter Jones Jr., Thomas Short.  This was entered on record at July Court 1777.  (Amelia Co. D.B. 14, p. 114)." 
(Mrs. Fothergill in her "Peter Jones and Richard Jones Genealogies" treats this branch  (of Sterling Clack Thornton) extensively/  The above is qauoted from page 184 of that book.)

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