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Old Letters and Poems written by Granny Hurd and Aunt Gerry

Daily Drippings From Laconia
(Date Unknown-but there are many clues within the pages.)
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton left N.H. for the Black Hills of Dakota.  They plan to settle in the nid-west soon as his tour of duty is over.  He is colecting scalps.
Mr. R. C> Holliday is critically ill in Wichita, Kans.  He has a blood clot and numerous other ailments.  His family will get support from some source.
Mr. Bulroney and his very nice buddy ___ __________ were seen at the Elks.  They are joining same.
Don't woprry about his ex mom law throwing any chips his way.
Mrs. Hurd went to Manchester with Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Vallencourt.  They did some business at the Vets Ad. then visited Mrs. Morrison;s husband who is on the critical list.
Mr. Hurd is putting on his storm windows and closing in his piazza for the winter.
Mrs. Hurds sister, Mrs. Estep and Alf are leaving for Phoenix, Ariz. to spend winter with their daughter Mrs. McDonald.
Mrs. Burns relays her regrets to Mrs. Floyd of keene.  So sorry she missed her as she wanted to visit her very much.'
Mrs. Hurd returned after 3 weeks in the Keene City.  She had the care of 3 charges and what a ball they had.  It will go down in history as one of her proudest moments.  She hopes her daughter can do as well by the 3 musketeers as she had and truly hopes it will be a great household as it takes a heap of livin to make a home.  The most important job is make them feel wanted & needed.  Speak soft, do not bellah.  A soft answer turneth away wrath.
Mr. Hurd drove a nail through his finger.  Not serious.
Bill Hilton will soon retire.  He will teach, raise cattle, fish and hunt or sell real estate, and get ulcers.  His daughter Cindy has been promoted to the 3rd grade.
Mrs. Floyd made a flying trip to Missouri & southerrn points of intersts.  She lost a coat and a pieve of luggage, what else we have not learned yet.  She dickered in many business tricks & visited the egg plant.  She did not visit the cockathree.
Poem (No Date)
I traveled back to the old farm
But found nothing of any charm
Fifty years had come and gone
The old homestead stood all alone
As if to challenge some passerby
Old Iron Mountain stood strong and high
Okd Cedar ball was well disquised
But a perfect view of deep blue skies
Imagine my family bustling about
With many chores & a trip to old spout
We climbed the hill as we'd done before
Just for one look at the kitchen door
Mini rushed in with her sunbonnet on
Followed by Gerry, Eileen & little John
A well rounded man came to the door
With faded Jeans & patches galore
Says what you all huntin' , a bit of home brew
Its pure & fancy as morning dew
"No, sir" we replied "just lookin about
For a souvenir or even a sprout.
The old smoke house stood so seemingly small
The fragments of some animal nailed to the wall
Many times had old Kate & Gert in
Front there stood waiting for their
portion of daily food.
Two small boys no shoes on their feet
Would wrestle the harness & harvest the wheat
Fifty years is a long while and to
Search for a lowly vine.  The tree were gone, the flowers too.  But the Old Jeponica had really grew.
Life was finished with work well done
No more to gaze at the setting sun
We looked over the cemetery filled with relatives & friends
Realizing it was time we too make amends.
Poem (No Date)
I love the fresh smell of spring in the air
With Nother Nature and all of her sweet care.
I love the colors of the flowers all a-bloom
And I love the pretty bride and groom.
The church is all bright and shines through the town,
as though it was Christ wearing his crown.
Beautiful gardens and lakes dark blue
Send the felling of holyness through you.
Love of one another has flowered around
and no one is wearing a bit of a frown.
Laughter and happiness is all a glow
And work is done and play is slow.
The grass grows gree and the trees grow tall
While the little children are found playing with a ball.
Children ar small and tender, fragile toys,
With feelings of all little girls and boys.
Letter to Granny Hurd from her daughter Gerry...
(Again no date)
Oh yes; don;t think I have lost my marbles.  I haven't.  I'm O.K.  i keep forgetting to tell or ask you.  Did you and Daddy ever live out So. or Southeast of Nevada (a town in missouri).  I ran into a woman over in the restroom of courthouse at Nevada last fall or winter.  She asked me if my name used to be Hilton.  She said i look just like a Hilton woman she used to live neighbors to.  She said these Hiltons were from Chritian County and when they left thats where they went.  She said they had any way 4 or 5 kids and a baby was sitting in a hi-chair when these people left.  Said the man used to raise a flag high up in the air so it could be seen for a long way off.  as the house was kinda back in surrounded by woods.  Oh, she knew it was you, said you were sure good neighbors and she sure liked yousin's.  She just described you and Daddy to a tea.  She said to ask you if you remember Diamond Grove School.  Her name was Mrs. Steward.  (She was a clean, well dressed woman.  And I think has lost her husband now and is caring for her brother (I beliee she said).  She still lives where she did then. Or in that neck of the woods.  Anyway, let me know.  There couldn't be anyone else as she just described youins.  So there couldn;t be another family so much like that.  So it must have been us.  She also said that Mr. Hilton wasn;t too well.  And he was a World War 1 Vet. Be sure and let me know, now don;t forget.  She was thrilled to see me & hear about you.  She even told me how you wore you hair or back bout then.  You combed it back and wore it in a bun & sometimes braided it back of your head some way.  (I do remember you used to wear your hair that way.)  Anyway, she remembers you had long black hair.  Which you did (remember).
Oh, if I could have had the life my kids are enjoying now.  Don't get me wrong, you done as good as you could & knew how.  And I'm proud of you.  But nobody knows what it is to be without a father, unless from experience - but a lot of kids are raised without either one so I guess we were lucky.  Harry gets to braggin about how his folks done, how good his dad provided.  I say, oh don't brag & blow so hard, look what my mother done by herself back when times were hard, but I think God must have been on your side all the time, cause if he wasn;t, how on earth could we have gotten by like we did.  as you say, its all in the past and the future is what we look at now, and not the  past. 

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