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MacRae Crest

The MacRae clan motto, which appears on the clan crest and Coats of Arms, is "Fortitudine," meaning "With Fortitude."



Margaret "Maggie" MacRae-MacLean b. 1852

Thanks to Dale MacRae-Barry who has made the following available!
Colin MacRae, b. 1775 in Kintail, Scotland, married Katherine Murchison b. in Scotland.
One child found:
Christopher MacRae b. in Kintail, Scotland.
Christopher MacRae born Kintail, Scotland, died Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, Magalawatch, Nova Scotia.
Christopher 1st married Katherine Murchison, b. Scotland, d. Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, N.S.  Christopher
2nd m.  Jessie MacLeod-they had two children:  Katie, d. 1981 in Marble Mtn.,
Cape Breton Island, N.S.
and John, m. Lillian MacRae-had 1 child: Stewart.
Children of Christopher MacRae & Katherine Murchison:
1.  Duncan b. 1815  in Big Harbor Island, Cape Bretan, Malagawatch, Nova Scotiad. d. 23 April 1888 same location,
m. 1st Catherine MacDonald, dau. of Duncan MacDonald & Jane _________ of 2nd marraige.  Catherine b. 1812, Marble Mountain, Cape Breton Island, N. S., d. 1918.  They had 7 children.  Duncan 2nd. m. Margaret MacPhail, dau. of Archibald MacPhail, "Pioneer", and Janet Mc Cuaig, 1st marraige, ? # of children.
Duncan & Margaret MacPhail had two children:
Duncan & Jessie
2.  Annie b. 1823 or 1825, d. 1905, m. Alexander MacPhail
3.  Colin
4.  Christopher
5.  Margaret
6.  Mary
Duncan MacRae b. 1815, Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, Malagawatch, Nova Scotia, 1st m. Catherine MacDonald, dau. of Duncan MacDonald & Jane _______, on 2nd marraige.    Catherine was b. 1812, Marble Mtn., Cape Breton Island, N.S., d. 1918.  Duncan & Catherine had 10 Children.
Children of Duncan MacRae & Catherine MacDonald:
1.  Margaret "Maggie" MacRae, b. 23 April 1852, d. 6 May 1912, m. Neil MacLean b. 11 Aug 1852, Orangedale, N.S., d. 1920.    Margaret & Neil MacLean had 9 Children.
(See - MacLean  - Click on MacLean in Navigation Bar left of page to see this Family Line).
2.  Christopher b. ?1857  d. 1929
3.  Jane  b. 1856
4.  Donald  b. 1858
5.  Duncan b. 1858 
6.  Mary  b. 1853  d. d. 5th or 6th Dec. 1922
7.  Lilly  b. 1869
8.  Colin N., b. 1867  d. 1922
9.  Jessie  b. 1868  d. 1928
10.  Catherine  b. 1861
Margaret:  Maggie" MacRae b. 23 April 1852 m. Neil macLean b. 11 Aug 1842 in Mable Mtn., Cape Bretan Island, Nova Scotia.  She died 6 May 1912.
Children of Margaret "Maggie" MacRae & Neil MacLean
1.  John h. b. 11 May 1880
2.  Neil  b. 8 Feb. 1882
3.  Katherine J., b. 13 June 1886 in Cape Breton Island, N.S. (Twin sister to Mary Ann "Maggie" listed below)
4.  Mary Ann "Maggie" b. 13 June 1886
(See MacLean Page for furthur Info/Data.)
5.  Florence M.  b. 28 March 1888
6.  Colin D.  b. 15 April 1890
7.  Angus Hector b. 9 May 1892
8.  Duncan D.  b. 19 Jan 1884
9.  Alen/Allen b. 11 Oct. 1894
Seeking info/data related to MacRae. 
If you have photos, information &/or data you are willing to share here on this site, please email Lu Dawn.  All submissions welcomed.
Lu Dawn will make ever effort to include your submissions.

Colin MacRae with arm on My Gr Gr Grandmother Catherine MacDonald-MacRae

Colin MacRae 1867 - 1922

Colin MacRae standing with 2nd wife Christene MacKinnon-the 2 boys are from Colins' first marriage to Sadie Mae Smith-lady sitting is Catherine(MacDonald)

 MacRae --Lu Dawn's Great Great Grandmother.. younger boy is Archie and taller boy is Duncan MacRae -DaleMacRae-Barry's grandfather. Christy A. MacKinnon 1886-1911(tombstone transcript)

Archie MacRae - Brother of Duncan

Christopher MacRae

Duncan MacRae

Elsie MacRae - 3rd from Left

Elsie MacRae

Above Photo - left Elsie & Duncan MacRae-girl, Joanne MacRae-daughter of Christopher MacRae, niece to Duncan.
other   couple are:
Russell MacPherson & Sadie(Livingstone) MacPherson.
Russells'mother is
Sarah(MacPhail)MacPherson.   One time Duncan, Christopher and Russell came to Windsor, Ont.


Above Photo - left Percy MacMillan---relative of Flora MacDonald--my (Dale's) grandfather Duncan and Elsie MacRae-children are Christopher MacRaes' daughters Joanne and Brenda

Elsie MacRae

Center is Flora MacLean, Sister Mary seated left.
Lt-Mary Ann MacLean-Ross-Mackay, Rt-Elsie MacRae

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This is so much fun I could just die laughing !

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