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Australian Connections - MacLean's

We have been blesed with email communications from Ms. Lesley Albertson in Australia.  
Study the content of these emails and see if you can make the necessary connections:

Hi Lu Dawn,                                          December 20, 2009

I have been reading your site with some fascination:


This is all new to me - but my great-aunt Emma Jane BEASLEY married Neil McLean in 1875, at Koroit, Victoria, Australia - near Tower Hill, where the McLEANs originally settled.

Neil, and his sister Effy/Euphemia migrated to Australia on the "James Baines" in October 1855 - the passenger list is available here:


(Key in *McLean* and *James Baines* to display the full list).

Something of a puzzle, what happened to Mary's husband John McLEAN - he supposedly went to America first, didn't like it there, and then migrated to Australia ... but Mary is in the 1851 Census as a widow, living with her mother Flora McLEAN, and there were only two children born to the marriage.

1851 Census Coll
254 E2/10 McLean Flora W 80 Head Retired farmer's wife Arl., Coll Farm of Acha
255 E2/10 McLean Mary W 42 Dau. House Servant Arl., Coll Farm of Acha
256 E2/10 McLean Effy U 11 G-dau. Scholar Arl., Coll Farm of Acha
257 E2/10 McLean Niel U 9 G-son Scholar Arl., Coll Farm of Acha

I have more information about Neil and Effy/Euphema and their descendants, if you are interested. Euphemia married a John McLEAN, who I believe to be a 1st cousin (son of Donald and Euphemia McLEAN, who migrated earlier on the *Brilliant*).

McLean Donald 30, Euphemia 28; Donald 3, John 2

(I am wondering whether the Euphemia McLEAN, Tower Hill, mentioned on your site is in fact Euphemia, wife of Donald?).

Neil and his wife Emma Jane BEASLEY had only one child, a daughter Eliza Euphemia, born 1876. Neil himself seems to have had a somewhat chequered career, apparently deserting his wife (who re-married). But, I now have his death record, too (at Sandford, in Victoria) ... so gradually, the pieces are coming together :-)

Look forward to hearing from you.


(In Melbourne, Australia ... becoming *hot* again here, after two cool days)

Ms Lesley Albertson
3/14 Arnold Street
South Yarra 3141

Hi Lu Dawn,                                       December 22, 2009

Many thanks for your reply, which I have forwarded to my 3rd cousin Kathy Baulch. Kathy is a keen genealogist and local historian living in Koroit ... recently re-named Yarpturk ... and a frequent visitor to the
Tower Hill Cemetery.

(Where many McLEANs are buried).

I have enclosed a recent email from her about the McLEAN burials ... we have been a bit bemused by the frequency with which McLEANs married each other. (But then, they were a clan, and Coll was their home) :-)

You might also like to check this site, with a McLEAN chart - one puzzle for me being how the
son John McLEAN then became Alexander John McLEAN, in Australia:


And, here is Kathy's email ... not so easy to sort out, but what *is* clear is that Neil's parents,
John and Mary McLEAN (nee McLEAN) are not buried there. ;-)

BTW, the mention of *VDL* is
Van Diemen's land (Tasmania) ... where my great-grandfather John BEASLEY was transported (from Berkshire)  in 1840, as a convict.

Subject:     McLeans at
Tower Hill    Date:     Mon, 14 Dec 2009 11:41:30 +1100   
Sorry, I didn't realise you were delving into Neil McLean's sister, Euphemia's brood in such detail. Yes, nine kids. Euphemia McLean was buried at Tower Hill Cemetery 27 Aug 1874 Presbyterian Section B Grave 170, and baby Malcolm McLean aged 5 months was buried in adjoining grave 3 Feb 1875 Presbyterian Section B Grave 157 (thought he would have been at least 6 months old, but never mind, close enough).

In the grave on the other side of
Euphemia is her daughter, Mary WINES who was buried 30 Aug 1917 in Presbyterian Section B Grave 183. Not to be confused with her supposed half-sister named Mary Ellen, the one who married Reeves. Also buried in the same grave as Mary WINES is her grandfather Donald McLEAN aged 66, buried 9 Sept 1866, i.e. Euphemia's father-in-law. Mother-in-law Euphemia McLEAN nee McLEAN, wife of Donald, buried not far away Presbyterian Section B Grave 121 on 11 Dec 1894. No others in same grave. No records matching Mary McLean nee McLean, mother of Neil and Euphemia.

unmarked graves. Other McLeans about with headstones, but then it is the Presbyterian section. Other in-laws of Neil's sister, Euphemia, also buried at Tower Hill, e.g. Donald and his wife Mary nee McLean (fancy that), Flora and hubbie Henry Grundy. Which reminds me, Henry Grundy was a native of Berkshire and arrived via VDL, which sounds slightly familiar?



December 21, 2009 Carol writes:
See : "God and the Devil at Seal Cove" by Angus MacLean
Page 2---I went back to the letter Alan worte to his brother J.Neil in 1854 and its just as I thought, Effie was already in Australia, at least long enought to grow wheat and reap the harvest from another crop.  She had also written 2 prior letters, both received since the beginning of Augher, seeing as the letter was sent in May 1st 1854, that would be Aug. of 1853.  This means she has been there a year or more as the crossing takes 4 months to make and she has a years worth of crops! (never mind how long the snail mail takes, by ship 3-4 months) Also the ages of the McLeans on the 1855 ship "James Braines" are too young for our Effie and Neil.  According to the Gaelic letter our Ggrandfather received, there were 3 brothers (4 sons) and one sister, Effie. 
The letter also states that Alan has a wife and young family, Alexander has a stubborn wife that wont go and Neil (the mover and shaker) has already sold off his stock and plans to fund his trip.
Angus referrs to his poor memory of his grandmother, Mary, and on page 4 he states his fathers mother not only married a MacLean, but was born a MacLean. Neil and Mary made the crossing in 1844 and lived and died there, she was known as the widow MacLean as I recall.
I conclude that Effy was there prior to 1854 letters and that Neil (the brillant one) made the trip shortly after the 1854 lettter. He could be the Neil with the "cherckered " past Lesley has in her family history.  maybe  that goes with his Gaelic nickname!
Angus also wonders if Alexander ever got his wife to make the trip and what about Alan and his young family in Scotland.  He remindes me of myself, trying to keep track of all the family.  Only we now get to track down the ones that have passed on to the Lord. Thanks for the internet and decetives like you. Thank the Lord for That! 
I did find an Effy McLean (not MacLean) with a family crossing to Australia in 1853 on the ship the New Zealander, roll states she is 17 y. , cousin to McPhee, cottar, excellent family.

Hi Lu Dawn,

Well, here is something exciting that has popped into my box ... have a careful look, but I would say that this is the Euphemia we were talking about just a few days ago ... yes, sister of Allan McLEAN, but she was also married to a McLEAN (which could be why you thought she was not married) :-)

Perhaps should explain that the *Belfast* mentioned in the article has for a long time been re-named Port Fairy. (It is a beautiful seaside town, where one of my cousins still lives).

Happy Christmas :-)

(In grey, *drippy* Melbourne)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:     McLean, Effie etc. at Tower Hill
:     Thu, 24 Dec 2009 17:50:27 +1100

Hi Lesley and Chris,

Thought you would like something slightly spicey for Christmas, Lesley :-)

If your friends in Canada are looking for any extra Effie or Euphemia
at Tower Hill, I think I've sorted out what happened in 1857 at Tower Hill.

First the Warrnambool Examiner reported that *Margaret* McLean had assaulted
her husband and added at the bottom the he had died. Well, no he recovered
from being dead which is why I couldn't find his death in the indexes or
cemeteries and her name was Effie McLean, not Margaret. Think Donald McLean
died in 1866 (buried at Tower Hill 9 Sept 1866) and Effie is the
Euphemia McLean d. 9 Dec 1894 at Hawkesdale, buried at Tower Hill 11 Dec
1894. Or is that the other Donald, and the other Euphemia?

[Belfast Court]
MURDEROUS ASSAULT. - On Wednesday morning, Margaret McLean, of Tower Hill,
with Donald McLean, her son, and Allan McLean, her brother, were brought up
at the police court, charged with a murderous assault on Donald McLean
(sen.), husband of the prisoner, Margaret McLean, and father of the prisoner
Donald, by violently assaulting him and inflicting a wound on his head,
whereby his life is endangered. The prisoners were remanded in order that
the depositions of the man, who still lies in a dangerous state at the
hospital, might be taken. It is not improbable that the prisoners will be
committed for trial on charge of murder. - Banner of Belfast. [We have since
heard that McLean is dead, and that the above prisoners have been committed
to take their trial for murder. - Ed. W. Ed.]

Warrnambool Examiner 18 August 1857 p2c4


His Honor Judge Wrixon opened this Court on Saturday Morning. There were two
criminal cases; one for assault, and one for larceny. The first case called
was that of the Queen, on behalf of Donald McLean, against Donald McLean,
Junr., Effie McLean (wife of plaintiff) and Allan McLean, brother-in-law to
plaintiff. The indictment contained two counts, the first charging the
defendants with maliciously wounding the plaintiff, and the second, with
violently assaulting him. The prisoners pleaded "Not Guilty."

The jury having been sworn, Mr. McCreight, Crown Prosecutor, stated the
particulars of the case, which having been published on more than one
occasion in our columns, and called the plaintiff, who deposed to them. Dr.
Jermyn was also examined as the nature of the wound inflicted on defendant,
and stated that it could not have been the result of a fall, but must have
been inflicted with a hammer, or some such instrument; the bone being not
only broken but a portion knocked[?] out from over the eyebrow. Dr. Lee, who
was examined on behalf of the prisoner stated that the fracture might have
resulted from a fall, but had not attended the plaintiff, nor seen him in
time to enable him to form a positive opinion. Another witness was also
examined by Mr. Bayly, who conducted the defence, but her evidence was
contradictory and did not disprove the testimony of the witness for the
prosecution. Mr. Bayly commented on the evidence, and his Honor, having
briefly summed up, the jury return a verdict of "guilty" on the second
count. His Honor, in passing sentence, observed that during his judicial
experience, he had not met with such a case as the present. It was evident
that the man had been most violently assaulted by his own wife and son, and
brother-in-law, and even his life had been endangered. Had the jury found
the prisoners guilty on the first count, they might have been sentenced to
years on the roads, three years would have been the shortest term the law
would have allowed him to inflict. Having found them guilty only of the
lesser offence charged in the second count, it was his duty to sentence them
severally to imprisonment, with hard labor for the period of six months. -

Warrnambool Examiner 17 November 1857 p2c4

Think Donald McLean senior who got hit on the head died in 1866 (buried at
Tower Hill 9 Sept 1866) and Effie is the Euphemia McLean d. 9 Dec 1894 at
Hawkesdale, buried at Tower Hill 11 Dec 1894. Or is that the other Donald,
and the other Euphemia also nee McLean.....no, that is our Neil's sister.

Happy Christmas,

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:     Lu Dawn's McLeans at Tower Hill
:     Sat, 26 Dec 2009 11:30:28 +1100

Hi Lesley,

I'm not sure this is the same man who was charged with assaulting his
brother-in-law Donald McLean, as his mother's name is give as Marion McLEAN
and Euphemia's mother was given as Flora May UNKNOWN in the death indexes.

Digger - Federation Index. Victoria 1889-1901
Surname: MCLEAN
Given Names: Allan
Event: D
Sex: M
Father: Jno
Mother: Marion MCLEAN
Age: 86
Death Place: Hamilton
Year: 1892
Reg. Number: 14024

Buckley Swamp. 1892.
Mr Allan McLean died 22.10.1892, buried in the Hamilton Cemetery. Born
Parish of Kilmore, Island of Mull, Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1806 and
arrived in Portland Bay in 1853. He settled first at Tower Hill district,
where he followed agricultural pursuits. About seventeen years ago he
removed to Buckley Swamp, where he had purchased a farm, and there he
resided 'til his death. Mr McLean has been a zealous member of the Free
Presbyterian Church
. He was of rather a retiring disposition, and took no
interest whatever in public affairs, especially since the death of his wife
eleven years ago. He was aged 86 years. (29.10.1892)

"Macarthur/Byaduk Districts Western Victoria, Newspaper Reports 1881 to 1897
from Western Agriculturist" compiled by E. V. Risk Page 54

The letter is just wonderful. Making money from the crop of wheat fits in
with what was happening here in that time, although people today are
surprised that the Tower Hill district grew so much wheat and barley in the
early days. Also the seven-year lease fits in with William Rutledge's
Special Survey where he used the conacre system for his tenants. There were
no coal-mines around here, but Effie could have been referring to other
parts of Australia as it was a general reference to wages in general.

Tower Hill General Cemetery, Koroit, Victoria, Australia
(Draft Transcription of Register)
Date Buried Given Names Age Location
1885-03-16 McLEAN, Albert 5M CE C 192
1871-08-07 McLEAN, Allan 14 P B 160
1892-07-24 McLEAN, Allan M. 27 P B 69
1907-03-23 McLEAN, Archie 80 P A 161
1942-02-02 McLEAN, Archie 42 P A 162
1866-09-09 McLEAN, Donald 66 P B 183
1886-05-21 McLEAN, Donald 91 P A 161
1901-11-14 McLEAN, Donald 66 P B 79
1874-08-27 McLEAN, Euphemia 33 P B 170
1894-12-11 McLEAN, Euphemia 95 P B 121
1903-04-11 McLEAN, Flora 31 P B 69
1989-01-31 McLEAN, Geoffrey Norman 59 P A 207
1907-01-18 McLEAN, Hannah 32 P B 133
1892-09-24 McLEAN, L. 55 P B 122
1903-04-06 McLEAN, Lachlan 37 P B 100
1875-02-03 McLEAN, Malcolm 5M P B 157
1888-03-06 McLEAN, Margaret 50 P A 161
1973-02-15 McLEAN, Margaret M. 72 P A 229
1906-07-30 McLEAN, Mary 73 P B 79
1928-07-27 McLEAN, Mary 62 P A 148
1866-02-17 McLEAN, Niel 48 P B 173
1896-03-25 McLEAN, William 26 P B 111
1974-12-05 McLEAN, William E. 74 P A 229
Query if Eupemia above, Age 95, could possible be our J. Neil's sister?  She would have been born in 1799.  The time frame is correct s J. Neil was born 1806.

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