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Known Medical Histories / Problems

While talking with my sister Carol this past week, she thought a medical page would be interesting and we both agreed it would be a valualble reference and research tool for those of us with current or ongoing medical problems and for those we Leave Behind!
These are things we do not mention often to those outside the family, but which are quite pertinent and important for all of us to be aware of, hence the title, Skeletons In The Closet.
We all have them to some degree.
To help us develop and grow this valuable page, please email Lu Dawn with your family medical histories as you know them to be and are willing to share with our other relatives.
We will start this page with what we know to be fact:
Colin Ross, our father, had Emphysema, smoked, had bad knees and had one total knee replacement,  He never went back to have the other one done.
He carried a nitrol spray in his pocket, but the day he had his MI (Heart Attack), he had a new one on the desk and the one in pocket had expired a couple of years prior.
Millie, our mother, had a bad heart, smoked, had osteoporosis, radical mastecotmy for Breast Cancer, had two total hip replacements, history of broken ribs and broken upper arm.  Died from formation of massive blood clots in her lungs.  She was prone to anziety attacks or panic attacks in her 30's and 40's manifesting in heart palpatations and often in hospitalization for stabalizing of her heartbeat.
Lu Dawn has developed high blood pressure and she smokes.  She is trying to STOP SMOKING.  She is now on high blood pressure medication and should be taking a baby aspirin every day.  She also injured her right knee in 1997, tearing the ACL.
Granny Hurd, our maternal grandmother, had a rare blood disorder known as polycythemia.  She had a stroke which incapcitated her and led to her death a couple of years later.
Wilburn Lee Sims, our brother, had heart disease which led to a sudden MI and his eminent death.  He was also a borderline diabetic.
Aunt Judy, Judith Fassett-Gilman sufferred from Ovarian Cancer which led to her untimely death in 2007.
Lester Fassett, died in 1987 from a MI.  He sufferrred from two mild MI's then succumb to the third MI.
Instances of Mental Illness have grown within the family lines.  At least one Aunt had schizophrenia.  Her son also had some form of Mental Illness.
There is one family member with DX. of Schizoid,
Bi-Polar problems, and a couple with Behavioral Opposition Defiant  Disorders.

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