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We do not profess to be experienced quilters, but rather a mother & daughter combo having fun being creative with our sewing machines.
We plan to include here on this page, photos of some of our creations with accompanying info and explanations of the photos.
We are also looking forward to playing with the new embroidery machine which is on its way as I type!

Gayle's Triple Irish Chain
Made in 2003




The Triple irish Chain is Gayle's first attempt at quilting and it turned out beautiful!  The dark background brings out the purples and prints.  The border was the most difficult as it stretches when trying to piece it onto the quilt, because of the way in which it is sewn together.

Gayle's Spring Bouquet
Made 2007

Gayle's Susannah
Made 2007


Lu Dawn's Missouri Star
Hand Pieced Over 30 Years Ago


Lu Dawn's Dresden Plate
Pieced Over 20 years Ago-Yet to be Quilted


Plans are to embroider a design in the large open red spaces and perhaps a small design in the open circle of each plate.

Lu Dawn's Double Wedding Band
Made 2005 - Not Quilted



Lu Dawn's Missouri Star
2007 - Yet to be Quilted


Lu Dawn's Cathedral Window
Made 2002


We have just started to make an extra square of each quilt top we make.  We plan to use these in creating our own sampler quilt top.
We are also going to make a crazy scrap quilt as we have plenty of scraps and left-overs to incorporate into this quilt top!
Some of the quilt tops Lu Dawn has made are:
Nine-Patch X 2
Silouette - Family Heirloom X 1
Dresden Plate X 1
Missouri Star X 2
Double Wedding Ring X 2
Log Cabin X 10
Cathedral Windows X 1
The Card Trick - In Progress
Mom's Work - To Finish Her Oklahoma Lone Star, started years ago by my Mom, Mildred (Millie), for our brother, Wilburn Lee Sims.  In later years we asked Mom about this quilt top and she denied ever making it saying someone else did it.  I believe she ceased working on this piece when Wilburn died in 1989.
There is one point section (total of eight) left to piece together.
Gayle has made a few quilt tops of her own:
Nine Patch X 1
The Triple Irish Chain X 1
The Trip Around The World X 1
Susanna X 1
Spring Bouquet X 1
Ohio Star - In Progress

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