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John Larins, Sr. born 1584 in Bedfordshire, England, m. Elizabeth Baker, b. 1584, in Bedfordshire, England.  They were m. 19 Oct. in Bedfordshire, England.
Children of John Sr. & Elizabeth:
(Born Bedfordshire, England)
1. William Sr., b. 23 Aug. 1612
2.  Ursla b. 5 August 1610
3.  John Jr., b. 8 Jan 1612-13
4.  Alice b. 11 May 1617
5.  Elizabeth b. 21 May 1620
6.  Clement b. 16 Feb. 1622-23
7.  Thomas b. 26 Feb. 1623-24
William Larkins, Sr. b. 23 August 1612 in Bedfordshire, England, m. Lucy Chowder b. 1619 in Bedfordshire, England.  They were m. 2 Dec. 1640 in Bedfordshire, England.
One Child Found:
1.  William Larkins, Jr. b. 1641 in England
William Larkins Jr. b. 1641 in England, m. Jane b. in Botencourt, Virginia.
Children of William, Jr. & Jane:
1.  Thomas b. 9 May 1676 in Boston, Massachusetts
2.  Henry Mark b. 1714 in Virginia.
The following taken from rootsweb.com,  from Sonya DeVanes,
 "The Many Branches of My Family Tree":
On July 5, 1665, William and 30 other convicted Quakers were sent to Virginia and New England.  They were exiled because of their religious beliefs.  They came over on "The Nicholas of London", this is located on document No. 661.  Most of the Larkins who stayed in North Carolina, near Wilmington, spelled their name with an 'S', the others took the name"Larkin", most of those individuals stayed in the New Endland area or Northern States.
Many different spellings of Larkins-Lark-Larklyn-Larkin-Learkin, the majority of the families stayed in North Carolina and Virginia - 11 families.  The others stayed in New England - 27 families.  This information from early 1700.  The average family size is listed at 5.4 persons.  By 1790 there were already 306 Larkins in the United States and this totaled 70 families.
Larkins is an English name which means Merry person, or an early riser.  It is also the name of a person who netted birds and sold them at the market.
Thomas b. 9 May 1676 in Boston, Mass., m. Sarah Rowe b. 28 March 1678 in Boston, Mass.  They were m. in Boston, Mass.
One Child Found:
John Larkins, Jr. b. 19 May 1706
in Boston Mass.
John Larkins Jr., b. 19 May 1706 in Boston, Mass., died Sept 1738 in New Hanover Co., N.C., m. Tabitha (Jenkins or Fennell) in 1724 in New Hanover Co., N.C.
Children of John Jr. & Tabitha:
(All appear born in New Hanover Co., N.C.)
1.  James b. 1732
2.  Mary
3.  William Larkins, Sr. b. 1733
4.  John Larkins 3rd b. 1724
5.  Ann b. 1730
6.  Margaret b. 1726
William Larkins, Sr. b. 1733 in New Hanover, N.C., d. 19 April 1802, m. Mollie Bolls b. 1735 in New Hanover, N.C..  They were m. 1755 in New Hanover Co., N.C.
Children of William Larkins, Sr. b. 1733 & Mollie:
(All born New Hanover, N.C.)
1.  Jane b. 1763
2.  Ann b.____
3.  Thomas b. 1776
4.  William Larkins, Jr., b____
5.  John b. 1784
6.  Samuel b. 1756
7.  James b. 1768
8.  Benjamin b. 1758
9.  Roger b. 1772
10.  Robert b. 1765
Roger Larkin b. 1772 in New Hanover Co., N.C., d. abt 1828 in Graves Co., Kentucky, m. Sussanna Portevint b. 1756 in New Hanover Co., N.C..  They were m. in 1784 in New Hanover, N.C.
(Notes:  Roger served in the Revolutionary War.  His name is found in the book written by the D.A.R., titled The North Carolina Militia.  Roger was a farmer and had 2 slaves according to the 1796 census.  He also had 4 females, 1 male under 16 yrs, and 1 male over 16 yrs., living at home.-Info from Early Ravencroft History, by Jim Ravencroft, rootsweb.com)
Children of Roger b. 1772 & Sussanna:
1.  John b.____ in North Carolina, d. 1845 in Graves Co., Kentucky.  He . Elizabeth Gibbons 27 Jan 1834 in Hawlins Co., Tenn, daughter of John Gibbons & Sarah Bell.  She was born abt 1805 in Tenn, d. abt 1852.
2.  Samuel
3.  Margaret
4.  Mary
5.  William b. 13 Nov. 1791 in Long Creek, New Hanover Co., N.C.
John Larkins b. ____ in N.C., m. Elizabeth Gibbons b. abt. 1802-05 in Tennessee, the daughter of John Gibbons and Sarah Bell, d. abt. 1852. They were m. 27 Jan. 1834 in Hawkins, Tenn.
Children of John Larkin & Elizabeth:
One Child Found:
Roger P. Larkins b. 1798 in N.C., d. 1850, m. Caroline b. 1802 in N.C., d. 1868 in Christian Co., Mo.
Roger P. Larkins b. 1798 in N.C., d. 1850, m. Caroline, b. 1802 in N.C.
Children of Roger P Larkins & Caroline:
1.  James H. b. 1816, Unk, Kentucky, d. Nov. 1866 in Christian Co., Mo.  He m. Martha Jones on 12 Sept 1840.
2.  Catherine b. 1818 in N.C., d. 1851 in Unk, Crittenden Co., Ark.  She m. Benley Daniels 1838.
3.  Ruth Ann b. 1819 in Kentucky or Tenn.  She m. James C'Dowell 1846.
4.  Thomas Jefferson b. 1820 in Kentucky or Tenn., d. 1900.  He married Francis Walker on 28 Jan 1847 in Wappanoca, Crittenden Co., Ark. 
6.  Mary b. 1825 in Kentucky, d. 1892 in Mississippi Co., Ark.  She married twice.  1st Bryant
2nd Lawrence Speck.
7.  Samuel b. 1831 in kentucky
8.  Mahale Ellen b. July 1832 in Mc. Cracken Co., Kentucky
9.  Milton b. 1836 in McCracken Co., Kentucky
10.  William Hodge b. Feb. 1839 in McCraken Co., Kentucky, d. 21 July 1916 in
Denver, Carrol Co., Ark. 
 He m. four times;
-1. Matilda Jackson
-2.Angeline Curl
-3.Syntha hancock
-4.Amanda Clevenger  b. 9 April 1855 in Unk, Unk, Missouri, d. 10 Aug 1941 in Miami., Ok.
Mahale Ellen Larkins b. July 1832 in McCracken Co., Kentucky, d. 1905 in Omaha, Boone Co., Arkansas.  She m. James Albert Foley on 2 April 1854 in Wappanoco, Crittenden Co., Ark.
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