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My sister tells us that she has our Savannah Foley info & data !!!!!
She is working on locating it for us!!!!!
A quick review of this story is that Savannah was born on a ship , 'The Savannah', while her parents were traveling north up the Mississippi!  Sister got this info from our maternal grandmother, Minerva Edith Thornton, daughter of Savannah Foley.  I do remember Granny telling of such!  Now to study where her parents were married and river connections in that vicinity of the neighborhod!
We must ask if it was actually the Mississippi River or if it was a River named Savannah???
More thoughts and research follows later on this page.

Savannah Lee Foley - Daughter of James A. Foley
Wife of Henry Thornton

Searching For Parents of:
James A. Foley b. 1833 Ireland?
m. Mary Ellen (Mahale) Larkin
Omaha, Boone Co., Missouri
Thank you Pat Steele for sending the Foley & Larkin Connections!
Our connection is found with Savannah, daughter of James A. Foley, follows found in the info & data below.
Found the following:
Roscoe Cemetery,  
Boone County, 
Foley, James (Albert)
                           - 16 July 1832 - 24 Apr. 1901
Foley, Jeff - 1 June 1873 - 25 Feb. 1925 

Foley, William D. - 11 Oct. 1897 - 12 Sept. 1900




James Albert Foley was born on 16 July 1832 in Ireland and died on 24 April 1901 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.  He married Mahale Ellen Larkins on the 2 April 1854, in Wappanoca, Crittenden Co., Ark.  Mahalle, the daughter of Roger Larkins and Caroline,  Mahale was born July 1832 in McCracken, Ky., and died 1905 in Omaha, Boone Co., Arkansas.
1870 Census
Christian Co., Marion Township, Missouri::
863 93 Foaly James 27 Farm laborer, Ireland
Elen 37 Kentucky
William 16 Arkansas
Caroline 13 Arkansas
Savanah 9 Missouri
Robert 5 Missouri
John 1/12 Missouri
1880 Census
James Foley 48 born 1832 Ireland Farmer
head of Household
Home in 1880: Linn, Christian, Missouri
Married, White, Male
Spouse's Name: Ellen M. Foley
Father's Birthplace - Ireland
Mother's Birthplace - Ireland
James A. Foley & Mahale Ellen Larkins had 9 children:
2.  William H. b. Feb 1856 in Arkansas, d. 28 Nov 1928 in Omaha, Boone Co., Arkansas.  He married Mary F. 1878 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.  She was born May 1858 in Ark., and died 1929 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.
3.  Caroline b. abt. May 1858 in Arkansas, d. 25 Feb. 1945 in Mount Vernon, Skagit, Washington.  She married George W. Clevenger on 23 April 1877 in Christian Co., Mo., he the son of Elias Clevenger and Margaret Scott.  He was born abot 1854 in Mo. and d. abt. 1930 in Mount Vernon, Skagit, Washington.
George Clevenger home in 1900: Township 9, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory; fireman at a lumber mill listed on the 1930 census, Skagit Co., District 33, pg. 23 Mt. Vernon.
Age in 1910 was 54.  Home in 1910 was Lester Pct., King, Washington.
Age in 1920 was 63 with birthplace listed as Missouri Roll: T625_1935.
Living with George & Caroline in 1920 was grandson Lloyd age 5.
George & Caroline were married by Willhite Lorenza DJP Book 01/page 317
Children of George Clevenger & Caroline:
-  Margaret E. b. abt 1878 Mo.
-Mary J. b. Sept. 1879 Mo.
-Thomas b. 26 Sept. 1889 Mo.,
d. 28 June 1970 in Sumner,  Pierce, Washington, m. Elva 1921 in Washington.  Elva was b. 20 Sept. 1901 in Minnesota and d. Feb. 1981 in Sumner, Pierce, Washington.
Children of Thomas Clevenger & Elva:
Mary J.
Alma Lydia
Thomas Jr. b. 2 Nov. 1921 in Washington, d. Dec 1985 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington.
-Roscoe M.  b. 14 June 1891 Ozark, Mo., d. Aft. 1921 in Skagit Co., Washington, m. Clara B. Cantrell 1913, daughter of Edward Cantrell & Sarah Hayes.  Clara was born Aug 1894 in Licking Texas Oc., Mo. (Note: Roscoe was standing by his motorcycle and flipped a match after lighting a cigarette, it landed in the saddle bags that had dynamite in them.  That was the end of Uncle Roscoe per my grandmother - written by Aunt Norma Bauer Ushman),
Children of Roscoe & Clara:
-Baby b. 19 Oct 1914
-Floyd Caleb b. 7 Aug 1916 in Mountbourne, Skagit Co., Washington, d. 28 Oct 1990 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington.
-Clifford b. 18 march 1919 in Mountbourne, Skagit Co., Washington
-Janice b. 1921 in Mountbourne, Skagit Co., Washington
-Effie b. Feb.  1891 in Mo.
-Alma Lydia b. 11 Aug. 1892 in Mo., d. 18 Jan 1983 in Sonoma, California, m.1st Sherman D. Cantrell abt 1907 in Washington, son of Edward Cantrell & Sarah hayes.  He was b. 9 March 1886 in Licking Texas Co., Mo., d. 2 Jan 1952 in Skagit, Washington. 2nd m. Nels Sundeen abt 1935, son of Sundeen & Johannson.  He was b. 24 Aug 1907 in Sweden, d. 4 Feb. 1985, Sonoma, California.
Children of Nels Sundeen & Alma Clevenge:
-Charlotte b. 13 Jan 1908 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington, d. 29 Aug in Brawley, Imperial Calley Co., California.
-Earl Elfred b. 7 May 1910 in Cavanaugh, Skagit, Washington, d. Nov. 1967 in Stanwood, Snohomish, Washington.  he m. Inez A. Wilhonen, b. 18 April 1920 in Milltown, Skagit, Washington, d. 28 Aug 1986 in Mt. Vernon, Washington.
-Baby Cantrell b. 8 July 1915 in Cavanaugh, Skagit, Washington, d. bef. 1920 in Washington.
-Archie Sherman b. 3 Nov. 1916 in Cavanaugh, Skagit, Washington, d. 27 Nov. 1993 in Burlington, Skagit, Washington.
-Georgie D. b. Sept 1898 in Indian Territory, Missouri.
4.  Savannah b. 24 Oct. 1861 in Linn, Christian, Co., Missouri, d. 4 Feb 1917 in Taney Co., Missouri.
Savannah married Henry Thornton on 24 Dec 1877 in Christian Co., Mo..  Henry was b. 20 Oct. 1855 in Arkansas/Kentucky, d. 11 Feb. 1934 in Taney Co., Mo.  Both are buried Meadows Cemetery, Bluff, Taney Co., Mo. 
(see Thornton Photos for photo of headstone, as well as Thornton & Hilton pages for additioonal info/data).
Children of Henry Thornton & Savannah Lee Foley:
-1.  James A. b. Nov. 1878 m. Mary E. (Mae) Cole 16 April 1902 in Taney Co., Mo.  Mary E. was b. abt. 1886 in Mo.
-2.  Bessie C. b. Nov. 1883 in Mo.. m. William Evens on 7 Nov. 1903 in Taney Co., Mo.
-3.  John T. b. Jan 1886, Home in 1900: jasper, Taney, Mo.
-4.  Narphie O. b. 1887 in Taney Co., Mo., m. Lina B. Wicks on 12 April 1907 in Taney Co., Mo.  Lina was b. Aug. 1889 in Kansas.
-5.  Mamie b. march 1891 Mo., m. Alfred J. Estep on 12 Dec. 1909 in Taney Co., Mo.  Alfred was b. Aug 1890 in Jasper Twp., Taney Co., Mo.
-6.  Infant Son b. 2 July 1893 Taney Co., Mo., d. 2 Sept. 1893 in Taney Co., Mo. Buried Meadows Cemetery, Bluff, Taney Co., Mo.
-7.  Harvey C.  b. Aug 1894
-8.  Peter b. abt. 1895
-9.  Henry Clyde b. 10 Nov. Taney Co., Mo., d. 21 Jan. 1917 in Taney Co., Mo.  Buried Meadows Cemetery, Bluff, Taney Co., Mo.
-10.  Minnie (Minerva) Edith b. Jan. 1900 , Jasper, Taney Co. Mo., d. 1973 in Lumberton, North Carolina.  Buried Spokane Cemetery, Mo., beside her husband James Ross Hilton.  James Ross was born 14 Nov. 1891 in Christian Co., Mo.
(See Thornton Page for photos and additional info & data)
11.  Anna (AnnaLee) b. abt 1904
12.  Baby Son b. abt. 1910
5.  Robert E. b. abt. 1865 in Linn, Christian Co., Missouri.
6.  Mary A. b. abt 1868 in Linn, Christian Co., Missouri.
7.  John M. b. 10 May 1868 in Linn, Christian Co., Mo., d. 4 March 1940 in Ark.  He m. Francis 1894 in Boone Co., Ark.  Francis b. 24 Oct. 1865 in Mo., d. 17 July 1968 in Ark.1868 in Linn, Christian Co., Missouri.  John M. & Francis buried Alpena Cemetery Arkansas.
Children of John M. & Francis:
-Carl E. b. 5 July 1895 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark., d. 20 Feb 1967 in Harrison, Boone Co., Ark., m. Nola on 8 Sept 1917 in Boone Co., Ark.  Nola was b. 5 Jan 1898 in Ark.
Children of Carl Foley & Nola:
-Newell b. 1920 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark
-Irene b. 1926 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark.
-Cilina E.  b. 1896 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark.
-Wade Larkin b. 10 Jan. 1899 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark., d. 16 April 1991 in Harrison, Boone Co., Ark.  Wade m. Bertha abt 1920 in Ark.  Bertha was born 1908
-Oren J. b. 23 May 1904 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark., d. 12 Nov. 1994 in harrison, Boone Co., Ark., m. Rose aft. 1930 in Ark.  Rose was b. 11 May 1936, d. Jan. 1987 in Harrison, Boone Co., Ark
- Kay b. 1908 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark.
- Ruby b. 1912 in Carrollton, Boone Co., Ark.
8.  Thomas L b. abt 1871 in Linn, Christian Co., Missouri.
<>This is where Pat's Line Connects and continues.<>
Generation No. 2
William H. Foley, son of James Albert Foley, was born Feb 1856 in Arkansas, died 28 Nov. 1928 in Omaha, Boone Co., Arkansas.  He married Mary F. in 1878, in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.  She was born May 1858 in Ark., d. 1929 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.
Omaha Cemetery
Foley, Alice 1892 - 1965
Foley, James O. 1887 - 1929
Foley, John 1890 - 1976
Foley, Mary 1859 - 1929
Foley, William 1856 - 1928
Children of William & Mary Foley:
1.  James O. b. June 1887 in Ark., d. 13 Aug. 1929 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.  Home in 1910: 20Wd Port Townsend, Jefferson, Washington, Wife's name might be Alice.  Buried in Omaha Cemetery.
2.  John J b. 19 Dec 1890 in Ark., d. Feb 1976 in Omaha, Boone Co., Ark.
3.  Rebecca b. April 1894 in Arkansas.
Contact Pat Steele for further info & data
please see Pat's email address in our Guestbook.
Following the premise that there is a certain amount of truth to all family stories passed down generation to generation, we now attempt to follow the story told by Granny hurd (Edith Thornton Hilton Hurd).  This story goes that her mother, Savannah, told her that she herself, was born on a ship named "Savannah".  Other family stories hold that Savannah was of of a certain amount of Native American descent.
Thus we have located the following:

Savannah River Chickasaw

Posted by: B Roberson (ID *****3631)

Date: August 05, 2010 at 13:55:41


of 26554

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Hi, I'm looking for information on the Savannah River Chickasaw. I've seen where Tony Carr in the past was mentioned in the Book "Guardians of the Valley: Chickasaws in Colonial Carolina" in connection to his family being descended from the Savannah River Chickasaw. It states that he traced his familiy back to Ellender Neece, a full-blood Chickasaw born in that area(Aiken County, S.C.) in 1795. Does anyone know where we may be able to find any information on the other families that were connected to or descended from the Savannah River Chickasaws? Any help on this would be very grateful. Thanks.


Top of Form

Posted by: Otis Fuller (ID *****2325)

Date: August 22, 2010 at 10:38:03

In Reply to: Savannah River Chickasaw by B Roberson

of 26554

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I have an Old Edgefield District, SC Waterway Map, that shows exactly where
this area is: ("Chickasaw Fields") just opposite Augusta, GA. Augusta was in what was then (by 1773) Wilkes Co., GA. Wilkes at that time was the newly ceded area, called "The Ceded Lands" - ceded by both the Cherokee and Creek Nations, to "His Majesty," the King of England, and was under the jurisdiction of "His Majesty's Georgia Rangers," headed up by Capt. George Barnard, Lt. Thomas Waters, (later a Col.) and 2nd Lt. Edward Keating.
Long story short; the Chickasaw lands were seized during the Rev., by the Patriot (later the Fed. Gov't) forces, and some members of the Nation later sued for return of the lands. I remember that two of the names of those who sued, were a Thomas Brown, and a person with the surname, Springer. This Thomas Brown was later living on Mine Creek, in Edgefield, fairly near my Abney, Dean, and Duncan families. Also, the above Edward Keating lived and died there in Edgefield, and has a Will in Edgefield records. Thomas Waters also moved back to that area, and I believe his land plat was surveyed by my ancestor, John Abney. I believe you can find more information on this Chickasaw subject, by searching the SC Archives online database, and putting in Thomas Brown, etc.
Otis Fuller

According to Haywood and other authorities an outlying colony of Chickasaw formerly dwelt on Savannah river nearly opposite Augusta, Ga., but trouble with the Creeks drove them westward again. In 1795 the Chickasaw claimed payment from the United States for the land on the Savannah thus occupied.


The Savannah River is a major river in the southeastern United States, forming most of the border between the states of South Carolina and Georgia. Two tributaries of the Savannah, the Tugaloo River and the Chattooga River, form the northernmost part of the border. The Savannah River drainage basin extends into the southeastern side of the Appalachian Mountains just inside North Carolina, bounded by the Eastern Continental Divide. The river is around 350 miles (560 km) long. It is formed by the confluence of the Tugaloo River and the Seneca River. Today this confluence is submerged beneath Lake Hartwell. The Tallulah Gorge is located at the northwest branch of the river.

Two major cities are located along the Savannah River: Savannah, Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia. They were nuclei of early English settlements during the Colonial period of American history.


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