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Poems Written in the Late 1970's
Something Missing Here
There is a time when we each need to stop, look and listen, 
Then ask ourselves is there truly something missing?
The world around us is spinning fast
It swirls, bends, snarls and tangles as it goes
But someway, somehow, the world as the grass, manages to enlarge as it grows
Just as the grass needs water and sun to grow and show off its pretty colors of green
So do we need our ups and downs, good days and bad, so as to grow whitty, sharp and keen
The mind is so very inportant to our total well being
We often forget this number one ingredient and miss seeing
The true happiness and experience we could be partaking of
If only we knew and fully understood the true meaning of Love!
Late To Rise
There was an old man of one hundred and two,
Spunky and sassy he stood slightly bent,
He was a busy man who rarely lacked something to do,
All his money was gone, lent out or spent.
Poor as he was he had not a care,
For he had many a friend,
Whom to him were quite fair,
All kinds of cheer they did send.
It was in May of sixty-two that he met with his demise,
He tripped over two cats, a dog and a mouse,
On the way to the John, on night he was late,
In his haste, he met with his Fate!
Get Out The Vote - 1979
We have been warned that it just couldn't last
And we've been told that America the Beautiful is fading out fast
We've heard this before and we will hear it again
We will fade out and our stripes will waver while our stars seem to droop
But if we all stand together and use our vote we will shake off this terrible croup
It is like a virus growing fast and multiplying beyond belief
And our only certain cure is to use our vote to invoke the ultimake relief
The prescription is simple and the cure is sure
Get out there each and every one and cast your ballotts to rid us of this virus for evermore!
Children - 1979
Children are gifts God gives us to keep for just ahile,
They keep us young with their actions and bright smiles.
Then when they grow older and their childish manners disappear,
God gives us a new generation called grandchildren, to entertain and rear!
Very thoughtful he is, to give us new challenges year after year!
Jeremy - 1979
My name is Jeremy,
I smell, I touch, I hear, I see.
I can throw a ball,
And run real fast down the hall.
I love to paint with watercolors and a brush,
It is very hard for me to pecans crush.
My trucks and cars drive through the sand,
I help them along with a push of my hand.
My Jesus and I are very close you know,
And pictures of Him in my books Mommy shows.
I've seen Him when He was a baby,
He sits beside God now you see.
But He and His cross are always with me,
My name is truly Jeremy,
But I can be any little boy you want me to be!
I'm Just Two - 1979
I am all of two years old,
And very brave and bold!
I've explored the great outdoors,
And even helped Dad to do the chores!
There is hardly a thing I haven't done,
Far away places I've seen them all,
I even know how to bounce a ball!
There is one thing it is quite difficult for me to try,
You see, it's very hard for me to zip my fly!
You Say I Can
I am here and I am me
Why do you ask more of me to be
I do what I can, sometimes much more
But each time it's a bigger and much more difficult task
When will it ever stop or does it endlessly go on and on
Will I ever become just a little bit fond
Of these tasks you ask me to perform
Or will I ever be able or even want to the least bit conform
You say these tasks I can perform
That they are well within the norm
And you promise that one day I will say
"Thank you Mom and Dad for makein me do these things in just those certain ways!"
On a More Serious Note:
Games Children Play?
The games children play are often not funny indeed
And what of the games Congress plays without thought of the people in need?
The democrats and republicans play games just like little children do
Each side says "My side is the best, we dont't care about you"
No matter how good the issue may sound
The other side to veto is bound
If you don't believe this is so
Listen in on them any day and find out for yourself the way it seems to go
A politician in Washington is no more then a grown man
Playing word games and always taking an opposite stand
Instaed of standing up and fighting for what is best for the country and it's people
It is what is good for the party that comes first, last and sometimes our of the peep hole
What a refreshing thing it would be
To see them pass something that was good for you ane me
How about a cut in their salaries instead of a hike
Wow, but children don't play games such as that and this would certainly be one they would dislike!
The energy crisis is here and it is real
Others are waiting for America to fold so it they can steal
If they would just tell us the truth about the oil supplies
We would be rid of the clouds and all of It's lies
Yes there is plenty of oil for all
But not much of it is ours, and to but it at their prices we would surely fall
The government tries to tell us this
But they speak not English but Gibberish
Most of us do not understand political talk
And most of us when we hear it tend to balk
So Washington please tell us like it is hour by hour
And we will try to be more undrstanding of the problems that are both yours and ours!
Untitled - Political - 1979
Not much was quiet that certain day on Capital Hill
Not many were found just standing still
No, some were hustling to beat the time
While others were rushing to get phone lines
Some thought the pressures had finally gotten to him
While others figured it was just a passing whim!
Jimmy looked tired, even his smile was weak
But when he was finished, they new he wan anything but meak
Resignations were dropping in like leaves from a tree during a big storm
While propective replacements were being whispered about like bees in a swarm
What with Washington in need of a good bath
He smiled gently and his white teeth falshed
You see there were many problems which needed ironing out
And if action soon was not taken, He would be quickly rousted about
With the gasoline problems such as they were,
And the upcoming election just around the corner, he had to act quickly and find the ultimate cure!
A complete change in the cabinet was his first move, yes
But this you and I know, did not help us pay for our gas!
What happenned to the things he did when he first took office?
It seems that the man did the changing, while Washington kept the same old face!


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