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Of  value not to be lost or forgotten in the tides of time, the following is a collection of Probate Papers of Our Cheshire County's Fassetts, located on file at the Court House in Keene, New Hampshire.  It is felt only fitting to include those of Benjamin Fassett, whom it is believed to be Benjamin3, Benjamin2, Patrick1, as Benjamin's3 sons Samuel and Amaziah Fassett came to Winchester, New hampshire with or about the same time as Adonijah Fassett, Jr.
Warrant for Appraising Benjamin Fassett Estate            Winchester
Cheshire ss:  By the Hon. Thomas Sparkhawk
                       Esq: judge of the Probate of Wiils, & c. for said County.
To DeaconAsahel Jewell & samuel Wright Gent. both of Winchester in said County.
You are hereby authorized to take an Inventory of the Estate of Benjamin Fassett late of Pomfret in the County of Windham & State of Connecticut who lately died Intestate to be shewn unto you by Samuel Fassett who is Administrator of his estate in said county of Cheshire and to make a just and impartial Appraisement thereof according to the best of your Judgement, and to return the same under your Hands into the Registry of the Court of Probate for said County upon Oath to you Fidelity herein, at or before the last Wednesfday of May next, together with this Warrant.  Dated at Keene, the Twenty Third Day of March Anno Domino, 1786.
By Order of the Judge,
Mirah Lawrence Reg.s Probate
Samuel Fassett's Bond for Administrating
Benjamin Fassett's Estate
Know all Men by These Presents, That we Samueal Fassett Yeoman, Daniel Cahoon Esq. & Daniel Smith Yeoman all of Winchester in the County of Cheshire & State of New Hampshire are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Rhod. Sparhawk Esq.: Judge of the Probate and Wills, and granting administration within the County of Cheshire in the Full Sum of Five hundred Pounds, in Lawful Money of the said Commonwealth, to be paid unto the said Thomas Sparhawk his Successors in said Office or Assigns; To the true Payment whereof, we do bind ourselves, and each of us, out, and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, jointly and severally, for the whole and in the whole, firmly by these Presents, Sealed with out Seals.  Dated the Twenty third Day of March in the Year of out Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Six.
The Condition of this Present Obligation is such, That if the above-bounden Samueal Fassett late of Pomfret in the County of Windham & State of Connecticut, deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular The Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, which have or shall come to the Hands, Possessions or Knowledge of him the said Samuel Fassett or into the Hands and Possession of any other Person or Persons for him and the same so made do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited in the Registry of the Court of Probate for the said County of Cheshire at or before the 23rd day of June next ensuing; and the same Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, and all other the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, at the Time of his Death, which at any Time after shall come to the Hands and Possession of the said Samuel Fassett or into the Hands and Possession of any other Person or Persons for him do well truly administer according to Law.  And further, do make or cause to be made a just and true Account of his said Administration upon Oath, at or before the Twenty-third Day of March which will be in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven And all the Rest and Residue of the said Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said administrators Account (the same being first examined and allowed of the Judge or Judges, for the Time being, of Probate of Wills and granting administration within the County of Cheshire aformaid) shall deliver and pay unto such Person or Persona respectively, as the said Judge or Judges by his or their Decree or Sentence pursuant to Law shall limit and appoint:  And if it shall hereafter appear that any last Will and Testament was made by the said Deceased, and the Executor or Executors therein named do exhibit the same into the Court of Probate for the said County of Cheshire making Request to have it allowed and approved accordingly: if the said Samuel Fassett within bounden being thereunto requitred, do render and deliver the said Letter of Administration (Approbation of such Testament being first had and made) into the said Court: Then the before-written Obligation to be void and of none Effect, or else to abide and remain in full Force and Virtue.
Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Jonathan Richardson,
Samuel Fassett,
Dan Cahoom,
Daniel Smith
Inventory of Benjamin Fassett Estate in Winchester Recorded Book 1.  Vol. 2 Page 362.
An Inventory of the Real Estate of Benjamin Fassett Late of Pomfret in the State of Connecticut supposed to be one hundred twenty acres at fifteen shillings per acre   127:10  Said land lying in Winchester in the State of New Hampshire
Asahel Jewell
Samuel Wright
Cheshire ss-Winchester May ith of 1786
personally appeared the above named Asahwel Jewell and Samueal Wright and made Oath that the above inventory was taken according to the best of their Judgement before me
M_____in Alexander Justice Peace
Cheshire ss.  June 21, 1786.  Personally appeared Samuel Fassett Administrator of the Estate of Benjamin Fassett within named deceased and Made Oath that the within is a true & Perfect Inventory of all the Estate of the said Benjamin, within said County, that had some to his Hands possession or Knowledge, and that if any thing furthur that was his at the time of his decease should hereafter come to his hands possessions or knowledge he would make an Additional Inventory thereof according to Law------
Before me Nirah Lawrence Reg.s Prb.e
1786, 23 March  Samuel Fassetts Bond of Guardianship for Nathan Fassett----Winchester
Know all Men by these presents, That we Samuel Fassett Yeoman, Daniel Cahoon Esq. & Daniel Smith Yeoman all of Winchester in the County of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire--------------
are holded and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Thos. Sparhawk Esq. his Successors or Assigns, in the full Sum of Five Hundred Pounds, in Lawfull Money of the Commonwealth of Massachesells, to be paid unto the said Thomas Sparhawk his Successors or Assigns, in the Office of Judge of the Probate of Wills, and for granting Letters of Administratrion on the Estates of Persons deceased,, in the said County of Cheshire To the true Payment whereof we jointly and severally bind ourselves, and our several and respectice Heirs, Executors and Administrators, firmly by these Presents, Sealed with our seals.  Dated thie Twenty third Day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Six.
The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above-bounden Samuel Fassett who is nominated and allowed to be Guardian unto Nathat Fassett of said Winchester a Miner upwards of Fourteen years of age & son of Benjamin Fassett late of Pomfret in the County of Windham & State of Connecticut deceased, shall and do to his Hand and Possession by Virtue hereof, and of the Profits and Improvements of the same, so far as the Law will charge him therewith (when he shall be thereunto lawfully required) and shall pay and deliver what and so much of the said Estate as shall be found remaining upon his Account (the same being first examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges, for the Time being, of the Probate of Wills, & within the County of Cheshire aforesaid) unto the said Minor, when he shall arrive at full age; or otherwise as the said Judge or Judges by his/or their Decree or Sentence pursuant to law shall limit and appoint:  Then this Obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full Force.
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, in Presence of us,
Samuel Fassett
Jonathan Richardson
Dan Cahoon
M___ Chaffron
Daniel Smith
To the Homorable Thomas Sparhawk Esq.
This may certify that Nathan Fassett of Winchester & Minor has made choice of one Samuel Fassett of Winchester aforesaid for his Guardian for the foread purpose he has hereto Set his hand.
Nathan Fassett
In presence of Us   Ashel Jewell
Leonard Jewll
Winchester March  t   e  21:1786
Agreement of the Heirs of Benjamin Fassett
Book 2 Page 92  (Located-Court House, Keene, New Hampshire
An agreement made between Nathan Fassett of Winchester and Eunice Baldwin of Walpole both in the State of New Hampshire. Said Eunice agrees to Sell to said Nathan Fassett all her heir of a certain Tract of Land laying in the westerly part of Winchester in the State aforesaid for the Sum of Twenty three Pounds Lawfull money. Said lands being left to us said Nathan and Eunice by our honored Father Deceased Except the thirds belonging to Our Mother Anny Butterfield of Walpole in the State Aforesaid in witness whereof we have unto Interchangably Set our hands and Seal This Sixth day of June Ano domoni One Thousand-Seven hundred and Ninety three.
Samuel Grover                       Eunice Baldwin
  Sarah Graves                        Raswell Baldwin
John Gates                           Nathan Fasset
Will of Amaziah Fassett
(Source:  Cheshire Co. Court of Probate, Retrieved Dec. 1, 1980 by LDR)
In the Name of GOd Amen the 16th day of April 1788 I Amaziah Fassett of Winchester in the County of Cheshire in the State of New Hampshire Being in Perfect mind and memory SoDo make and ordain this to be my last will and testimony that is to say first of all I give and Recommend my Soul into the hand of God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to Be Buried decent Christain Burial Nothing wanting but at the Resurrrection I shall Receive the Same again by the Nighty Power of God  and as touching the worldly Estate where with at truth Blessed God to Bless me in this life I give and demise unto Mindwell my dearly Beloved wife Whom I Constitute and appoint my Sole Executive to this my last will and testament all my land, and all my goods, cattle, whatever, to be freely possessed and Enjoyed by her and her heirs and assign, forever.  She paying thirty pounds to Each of my __________ at eighteen years of age and their bringing up and I do hereby declare this to be my Last will and testament------
In witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seal this day and year above Said Sealed and Delivered by the Said Amaziah Fasset as his last will.
Amaziah Fasset
Samuel Moor
Nathanial Oak
William Hastings
Know all Men by there Presents that we Mindwell Fassett Widow, Nathanial Oal Gentleman & William Hastings Yeoman all of Winshester in the County of Cheshire & State of New Hampshire, are holden and Stand firmly bound & obliged unto Thomas Sparhawk Esq. Judge of the Probate of Wills & within the County of Cheshire, in the full sum of Five hundred Pounds, Lawful Money of said State to be paid unto the said Thomas Sparhawk his person in the said office or assigns:  To the true Payment whereof, we do bind ourselves & each of us, our & each of our Heirs Execution & Administration Jointly & severally for the whole & in the whole firmly by their Presents.  Sealed with our Seals, Dated the Eighth Day of May Anno Domino 1788.--------
The Condition of this Obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Mindwell Fasset hath this Day taken upon her the Office of Executrix to the last Will and Testament if Amaziah Fasset late of WInchester aforesaid deceased, & thereby the Burden of paying his Debts & Legacy Now therefore if the Said Mindwell Fasset, her heirs Execution or Administration or any of them do well and truly pay or cause to be paid the said Deceased Debts and Legacies, & in all Matters the same concerning, faithfully furfill the said Deceased Will, and administer his Estate according thereto, & render an account of his proceedings thereupon when thereunto lawfully required, then the above written Obligation to be void, otherwise to abide in full form & virtue.----- 
Mindwell Fasset
Signed Sealed & Delivered In Presence of us
Joseph William
Mirah Lawrence
Nathl Oak
Wm Hastings
Cheshire ss. Keene  May 8th, 1788  By Order of the Honorable Tho. Sparhawk Esq. Judge of the Probate of Wills for said Co. the within Will Being presented for Probate by Mindwell Fasset the Executrix therein named, Nathanial Oak and William Hastings made solemn Oath that they saw Amaziah Fasset the ------------tor sign and seal and heard him publish pronounce and Declare within written Insturment to be & contain his Last Will & Testament, & that when he so did he was of sound disproving Mind Memory according to their best discerning-----and that they with Samuel Moor the other Witness, set to their Names as Witnesses of the same time in presence of the ------stator, & of each other-----
Sworn befor Mirah Lawrence Regst. Probate I do therefore approve of this will and allow the same to be proved   
ThoSparhawk Jud Probate
Cheshire County Court House, Keene, New Hampshire
1786  Fassett, Amaziah    Book 10  page 490
(Land Purchase by Amaziah Fassett dated June in the year of our Lord 1776)
Know all all men by these Presents that I Josiah Willard of Winchester in the County of Cheshire and Colony of New Hampshire Esq. For and in consideration of the Sum of Forty Pounds Lawful money of said Province to me in hand paid before the Delivery hereof by Amaziah Fasset of Pomfret in the County of Windham and Colony of Connecticut                   .  The reciept whereof I do hereby acknowledge have given Granted Bargained Sold and Released and by these Presents do give Grant Bargain Sell and releases convey and confirm to his the said Amaziah his heirs and assigns forever all my right title Interest Estate Property and Demand of in and unto one certain tract of Land, lying in the Town of Winchester aforesaid Containing one hundred and           acres and one half acre and is bounded as Follows(     )       Beginning at the stake and Stones being for the Northeast corner and run West Twelve Degrees South Ninety four rods to a Black Birch Tree then runs West twelve Degrees North Fifty six rods to a heap of Stones.  Then runs South Twelve Degrees West one Hundred and Seventy Two rods to a heap of Stones then runs East Twelve Degrees South Fifty rods to a stack of Stonesthen runs Easst one Degree North fourteen rods to a heap of stones then runs Northerly on Land of Samuel Healys to where it bagan there is allowance for a Highway in said Land to have and to hold said granted premises with the app      tenances thereof to him the said Amaziah his heirs and assigns to his and their proper        benefit and Behoof for forever I hereby Engaging to Warrant and Defend the said Granted Premises against all Claims or Demands or any of the original Grantees In Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal this tenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1776.
Signed Sealed and Delivered in
presence 0f ------------------
Josiah Willard (Seal)
     Cheshire   Dec.  ye 4th day of 1779
Samuel Fassett
Solomon Williard
then the within Josihn Williard personally appeared and acknowledged the within Written Instrument to be his free act and Deed Before me
Samuel Ashley Justice Peace
Rec'd. Feb. 10th 1786 Recorded and Examined by Benj. Bellows, Recorder
Cheshire County Court House, Keene, New Hampshire  1783  Fassett, Adonijah  Book 7 page 55
Anna Fassett
Know all men by these presents that I Anna Fasset of Pomfret in ye County of Windham in ye State of Connecticut for and in Consideration of thirty nine pounds Lawful money paid by ye Adonijah Fasset of Winchester in ye County of Cheshire in ye State of New Hampshire before me ensealing hereof have given & sold and by these presents convey & confirm unto the said Adonijah Fasset his heirs & assigns forever one certain tract of Land Laying in Winchester afore mentioned containing one Hundred acres of Land be it more or less Butted and founded as follows:  Beginning at a Maple Tree and heap of Stones Corner of Land, of George Hancock in ye Town afore mentioned then running North fifteen Degrees  East one hundred and sixty rodsto stack & heap of stones then running West one hundred rods to a stake and heap of stones then running SOuth Fifteen Degrees west one hundred & twenty rods to a stake and heap of stones then running East Eighteen Degrees South ninty tods to the afore mentioned Bounds     To have & to hold as above granted and bargained premises with all ye privileges &          there to belonging unto him ye Adonijah his heirs and assigns for ever to his and their own proper benefit and ye free from all Incumberances whatever & further more I Anna Fasset do for my self heirs & assigns covenant with Adonijah Fasset his heirs      To warrant Secure and Defend the above mentioned premises to him his heirs against all Claims & Demands whatsoever.
In witness whereof I have set my hand & Seal this twenty forth Day of February Anno Domini 1780.
Anna Fasset     S
and in the fourth year of American Independence.
Signed Sealed and Delivered     
 Windham Pomfret February 17th 1780 then personally appeared Anna Fasset signed and sealed of ye above written Instrument and acknowledged the same to her free Deed and before me Jonus Frost Justice Peace
In presence of
Jonus Frost
Stephen Frost
Rec'd. June 6th 1783 Recorded & Examined by Benj.a Bellows, Recorder

Letters-Fassett Family History


King City, Oregon 97223

January 29, 1981


Dear Cousin Lu Dawn,


I am sending this letter to North Carolina, as you mentioned you would be there for awhile—perhaps  you are back in N.H. by now.  In any case, I shall try to make this brief, only to thank you for the wonderful help and bring you up to date on my genealogical status at present.

1)     Received the photocopy of Adonijah Fassett Jrs.’ Will contaning names of your Lewis and my John Fassett, brothers; have stashed in my document file inside plastic film.  How kind of you to get it during last frantic days before you took off for North Carolina—well maybe you are organized?

2)     Sent for Katherine Fassett Schuster’s book and corresponded with her.  Incredible concentration of Fassetts—how did she EVER do it all?  Thru your help and hers, I sent out to Wisconsin and received a photocopy of my great Grandfather Lucius Fassett’s wedding certificate to his first wife, Mary Ann (Spencer) Stow(e) which took place 25 Dec. 1851, Center township, Lafayette Co., signed by Caleb Blood, Minister and Lewis Fassett, witness.  Bridegroom and witness both dave residence as Feloi8t, Wis.; (quite likely were bros.—that is yet to be proven, however.)

3)     Photo sent Mrs. Schuster by Goldie Rouse Brown nearly 5 years ago, has caption:  “3 Fassett Bros.” Which Goldie identified as her Gr. Grandfather John Iram Fassett, in middle (son of John Fassett) with his two Civil war veteran brod, on either side—one of whom was identified by her aas Lewis Fassett, the other’s name not known.  Well, the “other brother” has to be my gr. Grandfather Lucius Fassett—the features are identical, even to the long, strong hands and fingers, suitable to an old Cavalryman who handled horses all his life, on the farm and in the army.  I sent Mrs. S. a copy of Lucius photo taken at about the same age—and she agrees with me that the likeness is very striking.  I have written Mrs. Brown a letter giving what I know, but pussyfooting around the identity of her gr. gr. Uncle, Lewis (whom she fondly believes was the famous Cival War hero, Col. Lewis Henry Fassett)—a possibility that both Katherine S. and I agree could not be possible as none of her facts match up with what is known about Col. Lewis .  I amm not sure that Goldie B. is going to welcome my letter—shall await her response.  I also sent her a copy of Lucius’ photo so she can judge for herself.  It could be quite a let-down for her to learn that her admired gr. gr. Uncle may have been a “mere private” after all, like bro. Lucius!  Such distinctions of rank do not impress me all that much, but others may set much store by it in ancestor hunting, which I suppose is natural—anyone would be proud to claim a war here like Col. Lewis H. Fassett for a relative, but I am just as proud of my ancestors who served as privates in Rev. and Cival war, and my husband who served as Seaman 2/C, USNR in WW 11, and as a Captain, U.S.A.F. Res. In Korean War—he was the same great guy to me!  (I preferred him as plain “Mister” best of all.)

4)     Enclosed copy of letter just received from Jean A. Simoneau (Mr. No doubt?) in response to my query (which at long last!) got printed in Yankee Mag. Although I sent it in several days before writing to you in Nov. 1980.  Since he speaks of Fassett family Fitzwilliam, so   close to Winchester, N.H> and also in Cheshire Co., I am sending along for your information.  Rest of letter is self-explanatory.  He wrote me such sweet letter I thought he deserved (?) one of my long-winded replies!  If it is any help in your Cheshire Co. research—good.  Probably you already have the data.

(Note typed along the side of this letter readsLIn her last letter, Goldie was ordering Katherine’s book.  (Since Mrs. Goldie R. Brown seems to have stopped writing to Katherine S. several years ago, she may have had time to study her book re: Lewis)

                                                Page 2

(Oh dear, I was going to make this letter BRIEF!)


          I was not sure if I actually thanked you for sending me the copy of Adonijah JRs. Will-seem to have no record of it, so forgive if I have overlooked writing, in all the hubbub of Xmas and getting off to spend the holidays in British Columbia with my husband’s nephew, Phil Conway Smith, his wife and three daughters in college—Had a great time, naturally—Vancouver, B.C.  is such a beautiful city and there is so much to do, especially with three lively young women and their friends, plus a six year old gr. grn. Nephew to entertain us all.


          If you are still I North Carolina, you must be lucky enough to miss all that nasty weather they have been having in New England.  So far, out here in western Oregon (near Portland) it is rain as usual.  All the ckiers are rejoicing because some new snow fell on Mt. Hood this week, but so far not a flake has fallen in the Portland area all winter to date.


          Some years back, my mother and I drove to South Carolina in early March.  There was nearly a foot of snow in Wash. DC when we left, and even more when we reached Richmond, but as we crossed the line from southern Virginia into North Caroline, we heard FROGS croaking, and smelled chicken frying!  Mother said—“Let’s just stop, listen ans SMELL!  We are south at last!”  We had left Washington only 11: am that morning and we spent the first night in Goldsboro before going on to Wilmington, N.C. –where the camellias were nearly thru blooming, and the azaleas were really bursting out in the Middletown Gardens and everywhere else—such a fairyland.  Much of  “GONE WITH THE WIND” was photographed in those gardens, we were told; those yummy shots of beautiful young girls in full wide skirts walking around under liveoaks dripping with Spanish moss, etc., were largely filmed in Middletown Gardens at Charleston.  Since you lived a year in Fort Bragg, NC, you have probably seen all this.

          I suppost that Lumberton, being farther inland, has a less balmy climate than Wilmington, NC but still it must be vastly warmer that the frigid New Endland January weather.


          I’ve been invited down to San Miguel de Allende to visit friends who are spending the spring months in Mexico.  That is about 30 or 40 miles out of Mexico City, supposed to be a charming little town.  My friends (who live in Leesburg, Va.) go down nearly every winter and love it.  Am terribly tempted and have made reservations for air travel.  Hate to take the time away from writing the genealogy—but-----my Spanish is getting rusty.  How is that for an excuse?

          Much love and best wishes,

                   Cousin Ione

No need to answer this, just file it away if it is helpful—as I assume you do not have your genealogy files etc. down there with you.

          At a later date, when I get my “ducks in line” shall shall write to MRs. Dale S. Ackerman—thanks for giving me her address.  Cousin Katherine Fassett Schuster is just as great as you told me—thank you for telling me about her and her book.





Copy of letter sent to Ione Conway (copy sent to Lu Dawn Ross Fassett

Copy Letter received from Sheila Fisk, Waterbury Ctr., Vermont, 05677  Re:  Query in Feb. 1981 edition of YANKEE MAGAZINE


(Sent before I wrote you Lu Dawn)

Yankee  2/81  Seek anc/desc  John Fassett, w. Susan Dutton, moved from Vt. To Centreville Township NY before 1825

                             S Lucius – Ione Conway

                             16625 S.W. Matadoe Lane

                             King City, OR 97223

(Records from 1760-1870)  The only Susan Dutton b. record I found was the following – too late in time to be the above-------

          Susan R. Dutton b. 6-27-1832

          Stowe Vt.   Father=Marvin Dutton      Mother=Eunice---------

                             “his second wife”

There are a lot of marraiges for Susan Duttons in the records from 1760 thru 1870 but none of them with a  m. to a John Fassett.  The oldest records seldom give parents’ names so there is no way of knowing the family.


I found the following John Fassetts:

          John Fassett m. Hannah   Safford on 10-18-1764 in Cambridge

          John Fassett d. 4-10-1803  aged 59 (b.?1744) wife = Hannah/  Buried Mountain View Cemetery, Cambridge.

          John Fassett b. 12-17-1769  Bennington.  Father=John Fassett.  Mother=Hannah Safford.

There is also a birth record for the above from Cambridge – gives same information.

          John Fassett Jr. m. Phebe Sales on 1-245-1797 Cambridge.

          John Locke Fassett b. 2-10-1798  Cambridge.  Father=Doctor John Fassett   Mother=Phebe-------------

There is also a birth record for the above from Fairfax.  Gives same information.

          John Fassett V.D.S. of Troy, NY m. Anne Maria Richardson on 9-15-1828 in Bennington.


Hope this can help.


Sheila Fish  1-26-81



One copy to Katherine F. Schuster                        RFD # 1  Box 196

One copy to Lu Dawn Fassett                               Bosworth Road

                                                                             Winchendon, Mass.

Letter addressed to Ione Conway, King City, OR

                             Dated 24 Jan, 1951

Dear Sir,

          I read your request for information in the Genealogical section of the Yankee Magazine.

          I do not of course know if you are a New Englander and know that much about how this area was settled.  So I’ll just give a brief description.  From the early settlements along the coast the people gradually moved inland from Boston.  The townships in southern New Hampshire were being settled by 1730.  Later the descendants of these families moved into Vermont and then into upper New York State.  The Fassett family was typical of many that spread out over the country in that manner.

          I have a copy of the History of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire that was published in 1886 and The Fassett Family was one of the first families to settle there.  Deacon John Fassett was born Dec. 7, 1739 and came to Fitzwilliam about 1768.  He had a son Joseph, born August 5, 1769 and was the first child born in Fitzwillaim.  Joseph had a son John, born Aug. 9, 1800 and John married Polly. Born August 30, 1803 daughter of Silas and Betsey (Dunton) Woods.  The records do not show what became of this John Fassett and I wonder is this could be the same John you folks are interested in.  The age and time period could make it possible and also names such as Dunton and Dutton could very easily be a case of misspelling.

(Typed on the left side of this page of this letter by Ione Conway---Note:  Neither Deac. John (b.1739 not gr.son John b. 9 Aug. 1800 check out with my records.-I.W.C.)



Fassett Family History


Our portion of the Fassett Family History takes place in Cheshire County, New Hampshire and vicinity.  What follows is the result of researches and detective work of Lu Dawn Ross, 1st wife of Paul Lester Fassett of Keene, NH. 


The following information was sent to me, by the assistant, to the town clerk of Winchester, N.H.:  Found in records there, pertaining to the surname of Fassett:

Deaths: Rachel              May 4, 1857 

                Abigail A.              Oct. 30, 1867

                Adonijah                Feb. 7, 1827

                Pearley                  Feb. 7, 1827

                Albert L.                Nov. 22, 1900

                Harriet Wheelock Fassett died 1911 age 78

                (All buried in the Evergreen Cemetary, Richmond Street, Winchester, NH)


Births:    Mary Fassett        Jan. 3, 1778

The clerk lists the children of Rachel and Albert A. and of  Harriet and Albert A., but not any for Abbie and Albert A., nor Sarah born of Harriet and Albert.


Marraiges              Nathan Fassett to Jeruslia Tuttle                      Jan. 9, 1794

                                Amos Fassett to Phebe Page                             Jan. 9, 1806

                                Sauipson Fassett to Hannah Tuttle                  Dec. 4, 1808

                                John Fassett to Susanna Dietlou                      Oct. 1, 1809

                                Samuel Fassett 2cd to Betsey Hutchings       May 7, 1810

                                John B. Fassett to Lydia Phelps                       Nov. 25, 1851

                                Flint Cyril Fassett to Sally Curtis                     Feb. 10, 1803

                                Benjamin Fassett, Jr. to Harriett Rixford          Jan. 1, 1810

                                Joseph Fassett to Grata Foster                          July 2, 1815

                                Ezelsiel Fassett to Fanny S. Willard                                July 9, 1835


Found hand written in a book: birth of Albert A. Fassett, July 12, 1821, born in town.  He died Dec. 30, 1901, age 80 yrs. 4 months, 18 days.  Cause of death was gangranous senarie, place of death was Winchester, N.H.



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