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Important Connections Concerning the WIVES & MOTHERS of OUR Ancestors
This page is dedicated to ALL the woman our male ancestors took to wife - our Mothers, Grandmothers, Greatgrandmothers...NOT Already Included on this site's other pages.
IF you have some more to add send Lu Dawn your information & data along with any existing photos you are willing to share !
?(BUT who to begin this page with is the question)?
Well, we will just start with the pages on the 
navigation bar and dig in!
Mary Jane Claughton
b. ca 1828 (1850 Census) Mary's mother was dead in 1858.  Her father was a minister.  She was 16 when she married Sam, he was 34 yrs.
See our Claughton page for data & info!
Henry Thornton  b. 20 Oct. 1855 Franklin Co., Va. d. 24 Dec. 1878 Taney Co., Mo. m.  Savannah Lee Foley  b. 24 Oct. 1861, d. 5 Feb. 1917, Taney Co., Mo. She the daughter of James A. Foley & Mary Ellen Larkins
Savannah Lee Foley Lineage
as we know it .
Daughter of James Foley b. abt 1833 Ireland
(Census 1870 #93, Marion Twp., Christian Co., Mo.)
(Census 1880 #47, Linn Twp., Christian Co., Mo.)
James married Mary (Mahale) Ellen Larkins  b. abt 1833, Kentucky
Children of James Foley & Ellen M.:
1.  William H. b. abt 1854 Ark.
2.  Caroline b. abt 1858 Ark.
3.  Savannah b. 24 Oct. 1861, Mo.
4.  Robert E.  b. abt 1865
5.  John M. b. abt. 1870
6.  Thomas L. b. abt 1872, Christian Co., Mo.
What follows below is the lineage of Mary (Mahale) Ellen Larkins wife of James A. Foley & mother of Savannah Lee Foley-Thornton
Mary (Mahale) Ellen Larkins b. July 1832 McCracken Co., Kentucky
John Larkins, Sr. b. 1584 Bedfordshire, England, M. Elizabeth Baker b. 1584 Bedfordshire, England.  John & Elizabeth were married on the 19 Oct. 1609 in Bedfordshire, England.
Children of John Larkins, Sr. & Elizabeth Baker:
(All born Bedfordshire, England)
1.  William Larkins, Sr. b. 23 Aug 1612
2.  Ursla b. 5 Aug
3.  John Larkins, Jr. b. 8 Jan 1612-13
4.  Alice b. 11 May 1617
5.  Elizabeth b. 21 May 1620
6.  Clement b. 16 Feb 1622-23
7.  Thomas b. 26 Feb 1623-24
William Larkins, Sr. b. 23 Aug 1612 m. Lucy Chower b. 1619 in Bedfordshire, England.  They were married on 2 Dec 1640.
One chilkd found listed born to William Larkins, Sr. & Lucy Chower:
William Larkins, Jr. b. 1641, England
William Larkins, Jr. b.  1641 England, m. Jame b. Botencourt, Virginia.
Children found listed born to William Larkins, Jr. & Jane:
1.  Thomas b. 9 May 1676 Boston, Mass.
2.  Henry Mark b. 1714 Virginia
Thomas Larkins b. 9 May 1676 Boston, Mass. m. Sarah Rowe b.  28 March 1678 Boston, Mass.
They were married in Boston, Mass.
One child found listed born to Thomas & Sarah:
John Larkins, Jr.  b. 19 May 1706 Boston, Mass.
John Larkins, Jr. b. 19 May 1706 Boston, Mass. m. Tabitha (Jenkins or Fennell).  They were married in 1724 New Hanover Co., N.C.
Children born to John Larkins, Jr. & Tabitha:
(All born New Hanover Co., N.C.)
1.  James b. 1732
2.  Mary
3.  William Larkins, Sr. b. 1733
4.  John Larkins the 3rd, b. 1724
5.  Ann b. 1730
6.  Margaret b. 1726
William Larkins, Sr. b. 1733 New Hanover Co., N.C. m/  Mollie Bolls b. 1735 New Hanover Co., N.C.
William Sr. died 19 April 1802.  They were married in 1755.
Children of William Larkins, Sr. & Mollie Bolls:
(All born New Hanover Co., N.C.)
1.  Jane b. 1763
2.  Ann b. ____
3.  Thomas b. 1776
William Larkins, Jr. b. ____
5.  John b. 1784
6.  Samuel b. 1756
7.  James b. 1768
8.  Benjamin b. 1758
9.  Roger b. 1772
10.  Robert b. 1765
Roger Larkins b. 1772 New Hanover Co., N.C. d. abt 1828 Graves Co., Kentucky, m. Sussanna Portevint b. 1756 New Hanover Co., N.C.  They were married in 1784.
Children of Roger & Sussanna:
1.  John b. North Carolina
2.  Samuel
3.  Margaret
4.  Mary
5.  William b. 13 Nov. 1791 Long Creek, New Hanover Co., N.C.
John Larkins b. ____, d. 1845 Graves Co., Kentucky m. Elizabeth Gibbons b. abt. 1805 in Tenn.  They were married on the 27 Jan 1834 in Hawkins Co., Teen.
One child found born to John & Elizabeth:
Roger P. b. 1798 North Carolina
Roger P. Larkins b. 1798 North Carolina, d. 1850, m. Caroline b. 1802 in North Carolina.  They were married between 1817-1841 in McCracken Co., Kentucky.
Children of Roger P. & Caroline:
1.  James H. b. 1816 in Kentucky
2.  Catherine b. 1818 North Carolina
3.  Ruth Ann b. 1819 Kentucky or Tenn.
4.  Thomas Jefferson b. 1820 Kentucky or Tenn.
5.  Mary b. 1825 Kentucky
6.  Mary E. b. 1825 Kentucky
7.  Samuel b. 1831 Kentucky
8.  Mahale Ellen Larkins b. July 1832 McCracken Co., Kentucky
9.  Milton b. 1836 McCracken Co., Kentucky
10.  William Hodge b. Feb 1839 McCracken Co., Kentucky

Mahale Ellen Larkins b. July 1832 d. 1905 Omaha, Boone Co., Arkansas, m. James Albert Foley b. 1808-1834.  They were married on 2 April 1854 in Wappanoca, Crittendon Co., Arkansas.
(See Thornton Page)
Annie Bateman-Wife of George Ross b. 1788-89
Annie Bateman married George Ross abt. 1817 in Northern Ireland.  Born 1795 in Ireland.  She died 6 April 1871, Milford Station, Nova Scotia.  Buried Fort Ellis Cemetary, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
No retrievable info found on RootsWeb.
Annie has 7 Children listed, giving birth to more genealogy then she could ever dream !
Abilgail Wickwire - Wife of George Ross b. 1827
Daughter of Greenleaf Wickwire of Hardwoodslands. 
We begin Abigail's Ancestry most distant Ancestor:
Pb Thomas Wckwire b. 1499 in Calme, Wiltshire, England  Died 18 Jan 1568 Same.  Buried 21 Jan 1568 same.  Pb probably stnd for: Prebendary 'an honorary canon' or 'the holder of a prehend'.
Thomas m. Jane____b. 1503, same.  They were m. abt. 1523, same.
Children of Thomas & Jane:
1.  John Wickwire b. 1525, same.
2.  Thomas b. 1527
John Wickwire b. 1525 in Calne, Wiltshire, England, died 29 March 1582, England, buried 1 April 1582.  John m. Alice Thornell b. abt 1530 in Yorkshire, England in 1550.
Children of John Wickwire & Alice Thornell:
1.  John b. bwt 1552-1555, Calne, Wiltshire, England
2.  Thomas b. 1552
3.  Amita b. abt 1557
4.  Philip b. 21 Dec 1559
5.  Marye b. abt 1562
6.  Agnes b. 21 Nov 1564
John Wickwire b. 1552-1555 m. Elizabeth ____ b. abt 1560.
Children of John 1552-55 & Elizabeth:
1.  John b. 1580
2.  Christiana b. 1583
3.  Dorothea b. 27 April 1587
4.  John b. 25 Aug 1588, Hurst-Calne, Wiltshire, England
5.  Agnes b. 28 April 1590, Calne, Wiltshire, England
John Wickwire b. 25 Aug 1588 m. Annie Poole b. 1590, Calne, Wiltshire, England.  They were m. on 20 Jan 1614, Calne, Wiltshire, England.
Children of John 1588 & Elizabeth:
1.  Dorithie b. 14 June 1615 Calne, Wiltshire, England
2.  Walter b. 12 Oct. 1616
3.  Sara b. 28 Sept 1621
4.  John b. 18 March 1626 Wotton-Under-Edge, Glousertershire, England
5.  Robert b. 10 Oct. 1629
John Wickwire 1626 m. .____b. abt 1627.  They m. abt 1648 in Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England.  John died 18 July 16__, Wotten-Under-Edge..  He was a clothier.
Children of John 1626 & Mary:
1.  William b. 1659 Wortley, Wotton-Under_Edge, Gloucestershire, England
2.  John b. 23 Oct 1652
3.  Mary b. 7 Feb 1654 Berkeley, Gloucertershire, England
4.  John b. 18 May 1656 Wotton-Under-Edge
5.  Maryb.  18 May 1656 Wotton-Under-Edge
John Wickwire b. 1656 d. March 1712 Wotton-Under-Edge, Buried Montville, New London, Co., Coon.  John immigrated to Coon. in 1675.  Birth date is a bapt date.  John m. Mary Tonge b. 17 Sept. 1656 New London Co., Conn.  They were m. on 6 Nov 1676 in Montville, New London Co., Conn.
Children of John Wickwire 1656 & Mary Tonge:
1.  George b. Oct 1677 New London, Conn.
2.  Christopher Wickwire (Wickwere) b. 8 Jan 1679 New London, Conn.
3.  John b. 2 Dec 1685 New London, Conn.
4.  Elizabeth b. 23 March 1689 New London, Conn.
5.  Jonathan b. 19 Feb 1691 Montville, Conn.
6.  Peter b. 12 March 1695 New London, Conn.
7.  Ann b. 25 Sept 1697 New London, Conn.
Christopher 1679 m. Elizabeth Swaddle b. 26 April 1690 Lyme, New London, Conn.  They were m. abt 1710.
Children of Christopher & Elizabeth:
1.  Ichabod b. 1713 Montville, Conn.
2.  Solomon b. 1715 Montville, Conn.
3.  Nathan b. 1717 Montville, Conn.
4.  Elizabeth Swaddle b. abt 1718 Lyme, Conn.
5.  Ann b. 1720 Lyme, Conn.
6.  Mary b. 21 Sept 1724 Lyme, Conn.
7.  James b. 1725 Lyme, Conn.
8.  Zebediah b. 22 March 1730 Montville, Conn.
9.  Bridget b. 1733 Lyme Rock, Cornwall, Litchfield Co., Conn.
Zebediah b. 1730 m. Sarah ____ b. abt 1733.  They were m. abt 1752 in New London, New London Co., Conn.
Children of Zebediah & Sarah:
1. Unknown b. ___
2.  Zebediah b. 1754 New London, Conn,
3.  Amos b. 17 Nov 1756
4.  Elizabeth b. 20 May 1759 Lyme Rock, Cornwall, Litchfield Co., Conn.
Zebediah Wickwire b.1754, died 1845 Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.  He m. Temperance Clark b. btw 1755-60, Nova Scotia, Canada
Children of Zebediah & Temperance Clark:
1.  Daniel b. 26 Jan 1780
2.  David b. 19 Sept 1781
3.  Thomas b. 19 Sept 1781
4.  Edwin Greenleaf b. 29 Jan 1785 Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
5. James William b. 7 March 1790 Horton Kings, Nova Scotia
6.  Ephia b. 10 Oct 1797
7.  Elizabeth b. 24 July 1801
Edwin Greenleaf Wickwire 1785  (sketchy info-was a note stating he had seven daughters) m. Hanna b. abt 1805. 
Children of Edwin Greenleaf & Hanna:
1.  Abigail
2.  Unknown
3.  Unknown
Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean
Our Grandmother MacKay
See MacLean Page
Mary MacLean of Hynes
Neil McLean b. 1806, Colls Island, Scotland, of Acha.
Info. from betty MacDougall of Coll in letter dated 10 Aug. 1980 2nd m. Mary macLean of Hynes 18 Feb. 1840 - nothing furthur.  See MacLean Page.
Margaret McRae
 b. 23 April 1852, Nova Scotia.
Married Neil MacLean b. 1842
Margaret's parents:  Duncan MacRae & Katherine.
Margart MacRae & Neil MacLean had 9 Children.  See MacRae page.
Great Uncle Angus Hector MacLean's book "God and The Devil At Seal Cove" holds many references to our Great Grandmother & Grandfather, his brothers & sisters and many stories of his life growing up there.  On the final page of his book, Angus writes:
'When Father got to the house he had difficulty getting the bundle through the door, and then he spilled everything out onto the floor--shoes, clothing, suits of underwear, and many packages with unknown contents.  "There you are, " he said, "and we have twenty dollars to the good!"  Mother said, "Oh, the honest man!" and then she did something that amazed us.  She caught an end of Father's mustache in each hand and gave him a real kiss in the middle of the mouth.  We were not a kissing family, and even Father was so stratled that he looked like a boy being kissed for the first time,'
On page 103 Angus writes of his mother:
'Mother, too, hasd her moments when worry left her.  There were times when the work got done, and she sat at the spinning-wheel and sang as she kept it humming.  She had a beautiful voice and knew many old Gaelic songs.  The spinning-wheel was her iano and the spinning chode her relaxing time, except when someone droped in for a "ceilidh" (a friendly visit).  The great brown earthenware tespot was always on the back of the stove.  When someone called, she'd put it on to heat, adding more tea and more hot wate.  She served bread and butter, and maybe preserved fruit, with the tea.'
Back on p. 5 Angus wrote of his mother's 'side' as he called it:
'There is still less known on my mother's side, not even, a "pedigree".  All I have has been woven together from overheard snatches of conversations.  Mother was a MacRae, and that would mean something to Highland people.  "The wild MacRaes" of Scotland were just as wild in Cape Breton, by which I mean vital, tough, and full of vinegar.  I read somewhere that the clan MacRae were the only people ever to successfully pull a mutiny in the British army.  My mother's people were like that--independent and unsubdueable.  It was rumored that the MacRaes produced some prominent clergy in the old land, but they seemed to me to be delightfully free from holiness.
Duncan MacRae, my maternal grandfather, settled within ten or twelve miles of Valley Mills, at a spot on the lake known as Big Harbor Islandm which was separated from the mainland by a narrow canal said to have been dug by the Micmac indians with their canoe paddles.  Duncan came from Kintail or Inutyre--there was always a difference of opinion on this p9int among his children in later years.  Duncan married twice and begot a raft of children--ten boys and four girls, or thereabouts.  I never knew how many were of the first marraige, but there must have been a few.  This grandfather also died of an infected wound.  The clearing of the scrub and forests of the wilderness must have been hazardous to men from a virtually treeless land.
The MacRaes were also handsome people.  Two thirds of that mob of girls were beautiful blondes and redheads........But my best love was themother--Grandma to me.  She was a MacDonald and had a parcel of ManDonaold and MacPhail relatives.  She lived until after I left home, and it was when I was saying goodbye to her that I realized how I cherished her.  She was the only grandparent of whom I could remember more than a name.'
This book of Angus Hector MacLean is filled with wonderfully true accounts of the life of our ancestors the MacLeans and Margaret MacRae!
See MacLean Page
See MacRae page
Katherine Murchison
b. in Scotland  m. Colin MacRae  b. 1775 in Kintail, Scotland,  died in Big Harbor Island-Cape Breton-,Malagawatch,NS
One child found:
Christopher MacRae b. in Kintail, Scotland
Katherine Murchison & Christopher MacRae had 7 children.
See MacRae Page
Catherine MacDonald
 dau. of Duncan MacDonald & Jane _______, m.Duncan MacRae  b. 1815, Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, Malagawatch, Nova Scotia,  Catherine was born 1832 Marble Mtn., Cape Breton Island, N.S.  & died 1918.
Duncan MacDonald b. 1812 in Scotland m.___________ in Marble Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  He died 1871 and is buried Marble Mountain, Cape Breton Island, N.S.
(Biography: Emigrated from Scotland with wife.)
Children of _____& Duncan macDonald b. 1812:
1.  Catherine MacDonald b. 1832 in Marble Mtn., Cape Breton Island, N.S.
None furthur found.
Catherine MacDonald b. 1832 m. Duncan MacRae b. 1815 Big Harbor Island-Cape Breton, Magalawatch, N.S. 
Children of Catherine & Duncan MacRae :
1.  Margaret "Maggie" MacRae b. 23 April 1852
2.  Christopher b. 1857?
3.  Jane Macrae b. 1856
4.  Donald b. 1858
5.  Duncan b. 18__?
6.  Mary b. 1863
7.  Lilly MacRae b. 1864
8.  Colin N. b. 1867 Magalawatch, Noova Scotia
9.  Jessie b. 1868
10.  Catherine b. 1861
See MacLean & MacRae Pages
Nancy Bird,
daughter of Enos Bird (Byrd) a prominent Virginia and North Carolina (coastal area) name.  They were m. in 1787.  Nancy was b. 1766 Saint Mary's, Maryland.  She m. in Samuel Hilton b. 1766 in 1787 in Randolph, North Carolina.
Her Father Enos Bird (Byrd) b. 1738 Maryland, died abt 1763 in Maryland.
Nancy died 5 Feb. 1835 in Hilton, Scott Co., Va.
Enos Bird (Byrd) & __________ (I think Native American Indian)
Nothing Furthur.
Rhoda Lawson
b. 1803, d. 1859, the daughter of William Lawson, a Revolutionary War Veteran
m. William Hilton b. 1803
William Lawson b. 26 Jun 1731 Montrose, Scotland, d. 18 April 1826, Scott, Va.
Biography from RootsWeb:  "William was taken prisoner by the Elglish during the Scottish uprisings.  He was sent to the colonies, arriving on the "Gildart" on 5 August, 1747.....was bound out to a plantation owner......, ran away.  He was nearly 50 years old when he fought at the Battle of King's Mountain in 1780.  In 1781, he was listed as a Sgt. in Damiel Triggs company......." 
Buried in Lawson Confederate Cemetery, Snowflake, Scott Co., Va.  His tombstone reads:  William Lawson Scottish Rebel  Husband of Rebecca......."  Rebecca died 16 Jan 1827.  See book:  "Wm. Lawson A Scottish Rebel" copyright Bill Porter.
William m. Rebecca Jane Banks on 24 May 1768 in Halifax, Va.
Children of William Lawson & Rebecca Jane Banks:
1.  Willian Lawson  (Rev. War Soldier) b. 1769 Halifax, Va.
2.  Travis b. abt 1771 North Carolina
3.  Jeremiah b. abt 1773 N.C.
4.  Robert b. abt 1774 N.C.
5.  Sarah b. abt 1776 N.C.
Thinking about who Rohda's parents were:
Robert Lawson- There were two or three Robert Lawson's in the same areas as our Rebel. One is now believed to have been from the line of Drewry Lawson. The other Robert is not yet known. One of the "Roberts" may have married Anna Goad. One DNA test was completed, indicating no match to our Rebel, nor to the line of Drewry. There is a second DNA in process at this time (Aug 2009) and we are in hopes it will offer a clue to the bloodlines.
William Lawson b. 1769 Halifax, Va., d. 30 June 1852 Scott, Va., m. Nancy Baker b. 1772 Va. They were m. on 4 June 1788 in Montgomery, Va.
William served in the Virginia Continental Army from 1st Jan 1777 to 15 Sept 1778.  Also served the patriot's cause in the Revolutionary War.  He & his father are the only William Lawson's listed as Rev. War veteran's. 
Children of William Lawson & Nancy Baker:
1.  Rebecca b. 1792 Montgomery, Va. 
2.  Catherine b. 1795 Russell, Va.
3.  Jerimiah b. 13 Jan 1798 Russell, Va.
4.  William b. 26 May 1799 Russell, Va.
5.  Elizabeth b. 1801 Russell, Va.
6.  Rhoda Lawson b. 1803 Russell, Va.
7.  James b. 1805 Russell, Va.
8.  Jane b. 1807 Russell, Va.
9.  Hiram b. 1809 Russell, Va.
10.  Henry b. 13 April 1812 Russell, Va.
11.  Servina b. 1814 Russell, Va.
See Hilton page
Emma Jane Lee Scott
b. 1838 m. Rev. Samuel Wilson Hilton b. 1828 .
(I believe she was of Native American-Indian Heritage through her mother.)
Emma Jane Scott was b. 12 July 1836 in Tenn.,  d. 27 March 1896 in Spokne, Christain Co., Mo. 
Emma was the daughter of William W. Scott b. abt 1810 in Tenn.
William W. Scott b. abt 1810 m. Francis Slate b. abt 1817 in North Carolina.
One child found:
Emma Jane Scott b. 1838
See Hilton Page
Nothing furthur found of this Scott line neither that of Francis Slate's line.  This is a clue pointing to Native American heritage.
Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" Bilyeu
b. 20 Jan 1859, m.
William Hilton born 1855, died 1911,  is buried at Spokane, Mo. 
Spokane, Mo., died 12 Jan 1958, Chadwick, Mo.  She is buried at Spokane Cemetery, Mo., adopted by or child of Wiette Bilyeu b. 1835 & Mary Jane Lewallen.  Polly was 1st m. to Green Williams on 30 Dec. 1875, 1st child died, 2nd child Mary Green  b. 1878. 
See Bilyeu Page
Mary Ann Workman
Mary Ann was b.1787 in CumberLand, Md. m.
Isacc A. Bilyeu (Billiou) b. 1799 Allegahany, Va. was a fur trader in 1st Reg., Bradley's Tenn. Vol in War of 1812
Isacc d. 1860/65 probably in Carroll Co., Ark.
See Link for Bilyeu & Workman Lineage and Cherokee Conection !
Great site with much inof & data.

John William (Woerton) Workman b. 1598 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 10 Jan 1640 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands, buried 12 Jan 1640 Ansterdam, Netherlands, married Harmtje (Hannah) Workman b. 1604/07 in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlans.
They were m. in 1628 Amsterdam.
Children of John William Workman & Harmtje (Hannah) All born Amsterdam, Holland, netherlands):
1.  Derick Jans Woertman b. 1630
2.  Richard b. 1628
3.  Annetje b. 1632/36
4.  Elizabeth Jans b. 1630
5.  Anneje Lodowycke b. abt 1636
Derick Jans Woertman (Workman) b. 1630, died 10 April 1694 Brooklyn, Kings, N.Y. m. Merritje Teunise Denyce b. 3 April 1644 New Amsterdam.  They were married 10 April 1660 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland
Children of Derick Hans Merritje Teunise Denyce:
(All born Brooklyn, New York)
1.  Annije b. 15 June 1684
2.  Merritje Dircks b. 21 Nov 1686
3.  Barentje Dircksen b. abt 1689
4.  Andrias Dircksen b. abt 1694
5.  Peter Derick b. 1683/84
6.  Haramita (Harmptje) b. 6 June 1661
7.  Femmetje Phobe b. 6 Jan 1664
8.  Jan Dirckson b. 1665
9.  Gartruyd Dircksen b. 1667
10.  Teunis Derick b. 28 Dec 1669
11.  Paulis (Paul) b. 2 April 1672
12.  Denyse b. 27 July 1678
13.  Lysbeth (Elizabeth) b. 4 April 1681
14.  Annetje b. 15 June 1684
15.  Marretje b. 21 Nov. 1686
16.  Catherine b. 1677
17.  Lorewyck (Lodewyck) b. 1690
Jan Dirckson Woertman (Workman) b. 1665, 1st.  m. ______b.abt 1669 in Leyden, Holland.  They wer2 m. 17 Jan 1690.
Children of Jan Dirckson & _________:
1.  Abraham b. 1709  (Lived Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey.)
2nd m. Andries (Andrews) Anna Maria
Children of Jan Dirckson & Anna Maria Andries (Andrews):
One Child Found Listed. Appears to be same as listed to 1st marraige.
1.  Abraham b. 27 April 1709, Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey
Abraham Woertman (Workman) b. 27 April 1709, died Waco, Cheste, Penn.  He is buried Peen or Md.  He m.  Annejte (Anna) Smith b. 14 July 1706Summerset, New York.  They were m. before 1727.
Children of Abraham 1709 & Annetje (Anna) Smith:
(All born Somerset, new Jersey.)
1.  Benjamin b. 1727
2.  Samuel b. 1730
3.  John b. abt 1734
4.  Joseph b. 1734/35
5.  Isacc b. abt 1736
6.  Abraham (Abram) b. 1737
7.  Stephen b. 1737/38
8.  Andrew b. 1742
9.  Jacob b. 1740
10.  George b.  1744
11.  William P.  b.  1742
Jacob Workman b. 1740, d. 1821 Bourbon Co., Kentucky, m.  Elizabeth Wickoff b. 27 Oct 1749 Readington, New Jersey.  They were married abt 1778 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.
Children of Jacob b. 1740 & Elizabeth Wickoff:
1.  Abraham b. 1779 Readington, Somerset, new Jersey
2.  Isacc b. 1781 Cumberland, Allegany, MD.
3.  Benjamin b.  1785 Cumberland, MD.
4.  Mary Ann  b. 1787 Cumberland
5.  John b. 8 Oct 1789 Cumberland
6.  Samuel P.  b. 25 March 1795 Cumberland
7.  James b. 1797 Allegany, MD
8.  William F.  b. 8 April 1799 Allegany
9.  Stephen (Barney) b. 5 June 1800 Allegany
10.  Michael b. 1802 Allegany
11.  David b. 10 Sept 1804 Allegany
Mary Ann Workman b. 1785/87 Cumberland, Allegany County, MD., d. 1860.  Married Isacc Bilyreu b. 1802.
See Bilyeu page.
Sarah Frances Harp
NOTE:  Name changed from EARP to HARP as Military records of sons of William (Earp) Harp b. 1729 show sons names Josiah & Erasmus as both names.)
 b. 7 May 1810 in Overton Co., Tenn. 
m.John Whitten Bilyeu b. 14 Mar 1809 Overton Co., Tenn. John Whitten & Sarah were married 28 July 1832 in Crawford Co., now Glaze Twnp., Miller Co. Missouri.
John Harp b. 1580 in Ireland m. _______
One Child Found:
Thomas Marion Sr. b. 1610 Ireland
Thomas Marion Harp, Sr. b. 1610 Ireland, m.  Susannah _______ b. 1629 Ireland.
One Child Found:
Thomas Marion harp, Jr. b. 1656 Ireland
Thomas Marion Harp Jr. b. 1656, died 20 March 1719 in Maryland, USAA.  He married Mary Prddicord b. 1656 Ireland.
Children of Thomas Marion Harp, Jr. & Mary Peddicord:
1.  Joshua b. 1706 MD
2.  John b. 1680 MD
3.  Joseph b. 1690
4.  William5.  America
6.  Henry
Joshua Harp b.1706 Maryland m. Mary Budd b.1706 Maryland.
Children of Joshua harp & Mary Budd:
1.  William Harp b. 1729 MD
2.  Caleb b. 1734 Va.
3.  Thomas Marion harp b. 1732
4.  Matthew Earp Harp
(Note:  Earp is found on some of the following records)
William Harp b. 1729 m. Priscilla Nicholas b. 1728 MD.
Children of William Harp & Priscilla Nicholas:
(All born Maryland).
1.  Phillip "Earp" b. 1755
2.  Nicholas b. 1753
3.  Ester b. 1757
4.  William b. 1759
5.  Erasmus b. 1765
6.  Anne b. 1766
8.  Sarah b. 1775
9.  Caleb b. 1777
10.  Gemina b. 1773
Mathew b. 1776
12.  Josiah Earp Harp b. 1 March 1761
Phillip "Earp" Harp b. 1755 Montgomery Co., Maryland, m.  Sarah Vaughn b. 1770.
Children of Phillip "Earl" Harp & Sarah Vaughn:
(All born Granville Co., North Carolina except Thomas-see below.)
1.  Sarah Frances Harp b. 1770
2.  Salina
3.  John Lewis b. 1790
4.  William T. b. 1804
5.  Beverly b. 30 Sept 1806
6.  Thomas J. b. 4 July 1828 in Overton County, Tenn.
Sarah Frances Harp b. 1770 m. John Whitten Bilyeu.
  See Bilyeu page.
Mary Jane Louallen
b. 1837 in Tenn.  m.
Wiett Bilyeu b. 25 Dec 1835 Crawford Co., Now Miller City, Missouri, died 21 Feb 1917 in Bull Creek , Mo.  He was buried 22 Feb. 1917 at Highlandville Cemetery, Highlandville, Mo. 
See Mary Jame Louallen Page
Mary Jane Louallen's Parents were
John or Matthew or Matthew John Lewallen &
Hannah "Anna"  Ford ? Motley? b. 18 Oct 1813 in Warren, Kentucky.
John Motley b. 1630 England, d. 8 Feb 1683/84 Old Rappahonnock, Va. He married Mary Mills b. _
One Child Found:
John Motley, Jr. b. 1675
John Motley, Jr. b. 1675 m. Elizabeth North in & 1695.
Children of John Elizabeth:
1.  Henry Nance b. 1704 Essex Co., Va.
2.  John b. 1701
3.  Katherine b. 1702
4.  William b. 1706
Henry Nance Motley b. 1704, died 1778 Halifax Co., N.C., married Hannah Andrews b. 1705 Essex Co., Virginia.  They were married in 1733.
Children of Henry & Hannah were:
1.  John Marion b.  1740 Essex Co., Va.
2.  Elizabeth
3.  Thomas b. 1735
John Marion Motley b. 1740, died 13 June 1812 in Warren Co., Kentucky, married Elizabeth page b. 1740 Essex Co., Va.
Children of John Marion Motley & Elizabeth Page:
1.  Sarah b. 1765
2.Catherine Elizabeth b. 1767
3.  Mary b. 1770
4.  James Marion b. 15 June 1773
5.  Nancy b. 17 Jan 1781
6.  Penelope b. 1783
7.  Matthew Page b. 1 Feb 1786
8.  Henry Thomas b. 21 March 1788
9.  Edwin b. bet. 1775/1780 Wake Co., N.C.
Edwin Motley b. bet 1775 -  m. Martha Lynn b. 1784 Wake Co., N.C.
Children of Edwin & Martha Lynn:
1.  Matthew Motley b. 1803 Wake Co., N.C.
2.  Edwin Lynn b. 6 May 1806 Wake Co., N.C.
3.  James Squire b. 16 Apr 1808 N.C.
4.  Hannah "Anna" b. 18 Oct 1813 Warren Co., Kentucky
Is this our Hannah???
If so,
Hannah "Anna" Motley b. 1813, died 1861/62 , is buried Old Meadows Cemetery, Bull Creek, Missouri.  She m. John Robert Babil Lewallen b. abt. 1788/89 Prince Edward, Va.?
See Mary Jane Louallen Page.
John Mitchell writes much of Hannah, Jane & Polly, in his book, Tales of Bull Creek Country.
On page 52 we find the following:
'This information on the Lewallen Fmily has been furnished by Wesley A. Hogan of Elk City, Knsas.  It is included here to correct and supplement versions contained in the first printing of the book.
Wesley Hogan is the grandson of Sarah Emmaline Lewallen who married Andrew Jackson Hogan in Johnson City, Kansas, 28 September 1865.
According to Wesley, Hannah Lewallen's maiden name was Motley and Sarah often spoke of :Uncle John Motley.  He was a slave owner but the Lewallens were firmly opposed to such practice and had no part of it.  Hannah's husband's first name is not recalled, he was referred to as "Granpa Lewallen." The oldest Lewallen boy was "Bill" - he and his father left Missouri to join the California Gold Rush.  According to a neighbor who accompanied them they were both drowned in the Platte River.  The legend is they carried $3,000 in gold which was never found.  A question is why they would have this much money on the way to the gold fields, also how they accumulated it. (Note: This was most likely $ they werer returning home with.)
Hannah died after a runaway wagon accident in which she broke her back.  Sarah then assumed care of the family and the children in the home, particularly Robert and Elizabeth, the youngest, John and Jesse both joined the Union Army, leaving Sarah and Elizabeth to tend the farm.  When Bushwhackers threatened to burn them out they put their belongings in a wagon and moved to Johnson County, Kansas where Keziah and her husband, Jim Oliver lived.  Sarah and her husband visited Missouri and Arkansas in 1906 and at that time Jesse and his family lived at Green Forest.
Sarah Emmaline died 14 March 1919, and is buried in the St. Charles Cemetery, Chautaugua County, Kansas.'
Now, Hannah Lewallen, was my gr gr gr grandmother on my mother's side.  I remember during the 1970's and 1980's when we were searching for Hannah and her daughter Jane Lewallen, being told the story of how they had arrived in Arkansas after leaving the Trail of Tears, and that Hannah's husband left for the Cailfornia Gold Rush and was never heard of again.
As to the question of the $3,000 in gold, this very well could have been $3,000 in cash made from the Gold Rush and that is what ultimately caused his drowning death in the Platte? River!  That makes sense - that he was killed/drowned and his money stolen!
As for the names Motley & Lewallen, it is known that many Native Americans escaped or left the Trail of Tears and took white men's names.  It is also known that these Native Americans hid out as 'whites' and lived among the 'whites' with white man's names.
Also remember that our government insisted that these people be forced to take 'white man's ' given names by the U. S. Military and others!
This is a known fact.
John Mitchell writes on page 27:
'It seems probable that the Lewallen family was part of the forced migration of the Cherokees from Tennessee to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma in the 1830's and 1840's.  On that migration many of the weary travelers left the march and took refuge with Indian families living in Arkansas and Missouri.  According to one legend Jane Lewallen's family was one that remained in Missouri rather than continue the journey to Oklahoma.  This story relates how Jane's father, who was a Cherokee chief, left his family behind while he accompanied the tribe to Indian Territory.'
Remember that Hannah was located on a census in Arkansas then later in Missouri!
John Mitchell continues to write:
'Whatever the true story of Jane Lewallen, the following are facts which can be substantiated by official records.
Jane Lewallen was born in Tennessee in 1835, and in the 1850 census of Taney County, Missouri, she is listed in the house of her mother, Hannah.  Her father is not listed in this census, or in any other that we know of.  He seems to have disappeared about 1848, and even family descendants of today can give no clear account of what happenned to him.  Hannah, while listed as white, could have been at least part Cherokee.  The resemblence of her children and grandchildren to Indian physical features is too much in evidence to dismiss the possibility of Indian ancestry.'
A very special Thanks goes to John Mitchell for including so very much about our gr gr gr grandmother Hannah, our gr gr grandmother Jane and our gr grandmother Polly!
Emma Tanner b. 2 Feb 1854 Rawden, Hants Co., Nova Scotia m.   Roland Ross.  Emma, the daughter of
William Tanner b. 1824 m. Mary_____, b. 1829.
Family Found Listed in the Index to 1871 Census of Hants County, Nova Scotia as follows:
Rawden, North  # 66  71
Albert age 13
Anna age 11
Caroline 19
Emma age 17
Joseph age 15
Margaret age 5
Mary age 10
Mary age 41 (This is Mary Sophia Rolyston)
Robert age 7
Thomas age 0 (under 1 yr old)
William age 3 (This is William Andrew born 1861, Rawden, Hants Co., N.S.)
William age 46
(This find accomplished on 14 June 2007)
See Ross Page
(The Second Tanner Family Listed in this Same Census Follows Below:
Rawden, South  # 53  57
Tanner, Adelia age 7
Caroline age 13
Eunice age 10
George age 20
Harriett age 40
James age 12
John age 16
Josiah age 17
Mary age 6
Thomas age 52
Janette Elizabeth Lively
b. 1882 in Beaver Bank, halifax Co., N.S.
Married William Andrew Tanner b. 1861, son of William Tanner b. 1824.  This William Andrew Tanner is brother to our Emma Tanner.  William & Jannette were married 13 Jan 198 in Milford, Hants Co., N.S. 
(Jannette's parents were John Henry Lively b. 1856 & Janet L. Fisher.  Parents of Janet L. Fisher were James Fisher & jeanette.)  John Henry Lively's parents were Reuben Lively & Elizabeth.
William b. 1861 and Jannette E. Lively had 13 children:
1.  Effie L b. 1913 Upper Kennetcook, Hants Co., N.S.
2. Guy Andrew b. 1915 East Indian Road, Hants Co., N.S.
3.  Thomas b. East Indian Road
4.  Aubrey b. East Indian Road
5.  Lester Boudreau b. East Indian Road
6.  Fred Tanner b. East Indian Road
7.  Henry b. East Indian Road
8.  Arnold b. East Indian Road
9.  Frank b. East Indian Road
10.  Living Tanner
11.  Living Tanner
12.  Living Tanner
14.  Living Tanner
Anna Copeland
Adonijah Fassett, Sr. born 23 September 1720 in Canterbury, Conn., m. on 4 Nov. 1745 to Anna Copeland. 
William Copeland b. 30 Dec 1599 Lancaster, England m. Lydia Townsend b. 1630 Lynn, Exxes, Mass.  They were m. on 12 Oct. 1651 in Braintree, Norfolk, Mass.
One Child Found listed:
William CopeLand b. 15 Sept Braintree, Norfolk, Mass.
William Copeland b. 1656 m. Mary Bass b. 11 Feb. 1669/70.  They were m. abt. 1693.
One Child Found Listed:
William Copeland b. 7 March 1694/95 Braintree, Norfolk, Mass.
William Copeland b. 1694/95 m. Mary Thayer b. 10 Feb. 1689/90 Braintree, Norfolk, Mass.
Two Children Found Listed:
1.  Lydia b. 25 Oct. 1720, Braintree
2.  Ann b. 4 Aug. 1728, Braintree
See Fassett page

Catherine MacDonald
Daughter of Duncan MacDonald (He born 1812, Scotland)
Duncan married Jane ______born 1812 in Scotland.
Duncan & Jane were married in Marble Mountain, Cape Bretan Island, Nova Scotia.

One child found born to Duncan & Jane MacDonald:
Catherine MacDonald, born 1832 in Marble Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  Catherine died 1918. 
Catherine married Duncan MacRae b. 1815 in Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  He died 23 April 1888 in Big Harbor Island, Cape Breton, and is buried Malagawatch Cemetery, N.S.
!See MacRae page for more lineage on Duncan MacRae & Catherine MacDonald)
Note:  Duncan MacRae 1st married ___________(unknown)
Number of children of this 1st Marraige is unknown.
Two children found:
1.  Duncan
2.  Jessie
Jane ___________
Jane _____________ 1st Wife of Duncan NacDonald (he born 1812 in Scotland).  Jane was born in 1912 in Scotland.  She immigrated from Scotland.
Jane died 1871/1881 in Marble Mountain,
Cape Breton Island,Nova Scotia
They were married in Marble Mountain,
Cape Breton Island,Nova Scotia
Two children found of this marraige:
1.  Duncan
2. Jessie


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