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Native maerican Connections Here!

Our Bilyeus As We Know Them
Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" Bilyeu
Connecting to Mary Jane Louallen
(Photo of John Whitten Bilyeu is located at bottom of this page.)
Isacc A. Bilyeu (Billiou) b. 1799 Allegahany, Va. was a fur trader in 1st Reg., Bradley's Tenn. Vol in War of 1812
Isacc d. 1860/65 probably in Carroll Co., Ark.
Isacc married Mary Ann Workman abt 1824.  Mary Ann was b. 1787 in CumberLand, Md.
Found Mary Ann Workman:
Mary Ann Workman was full blood Cherokee. Note: It is believed that members of both the Harp
family and the Bilyeau’s participated in the "Trail of Tears". The Workman (WorTman) families also made the trek. Many Workman’s are enrolled officially with the Cheek nation and received claims.
Link: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/l/e/i/Vera-M-Leisure/GENE3-0010.html#CHILD23
Children of Isacc & Mary Ann Bilyeu:
1.  Jacob b. 1803 Overton Co., Tenn.
2.  Elizabeth Louisa b. 1813 Overton Co., Tenn.
3.  Margaret "Peggy" Ann b. 1821
4.  Stephen William b. 1824 Kentucky
5.  Mary Ann "Polly"  b. 1811/1824 Overton Co., Tenn.
6.  Rachel b. 13 Sept 1832
7.  Isacc b. 12 Dec 1812
8.  John Whitten b. 14 March 1809 Overton Co., Tenn
9.  Maryjane Jane "Jennie (Ballew/Bilyeu) b. 22 May 1785?
10. Dianna b. 16 May 1817 Marion, Tenn.
11.  Dianna b. 16 May 1817 Marion, Tenn.
John Whitten Bilyeu b. 14 Mar 1809 Overton Co., Tenn. married Sarah Frances Harp b. 7 May 1810 in Overton Co., Tenn.  John Whitten & Sarah were married 28 July 1832 in Crawford Co., now Glaze Twnp., Miller Co. Missouri.
(See notes at bottom of this page for more about John Whitten Bilyeu)
Children of John Whitten & Sarah:
1.  Wiett b. 25 Dec. 1835 Crawford Co., now Miller CO., Mo.
2.  Stephen b. 25 Oct 1846 in Mo.
3.  Cornelius Mildredge "Millie" b. 1837 in Miller City
4.  Isacc William b. 1 Oct 1838 Kings River, Carroll, Co., Ark
5.  John Henry b. 19 May 1840 Miller Co., Mo.
6.  Martha b. 13 Sept 1844 Miller Co., Mo.
7.  Jacob Marion b. 20 June 1842, Mo.
8.  Martin Fisher b. 24 Feb 1849 Taney Co., Mo.
9.  Caldonia b. 11 Feb. 1852, Ark.
10.  Alf Bolin b. Adopted
11.  John Stratton b. Adopted
Wiett Bilyeu b. 25 Dec 1835 Crawford Co., Now Miller City, Missouri, died 21 Feb 1917 in Bull Creek , Mo.  He was buried 22 Feb. 1917 at Highlandville Cemetery, Highlandville, Mo. 
Wiett Bilyeu 1st married Mary Jane Louallen b. 1837 in Tenn. Wiett & Mary Jane m. in 1856/58 in Ozark, Christian Co., Mo.
Mary Jane Louallen is Lu Dawn's Great Great Grandmother.
Children of Wiett Bilyeu & Mary Jane Louallen:
1.  Sarah Emmaline (Tooley) (Tulie) b. 1 Jan. 1858 Taney Co., Mo., d. 1935 Newton Co., Mo., buried:Burson Cemetery
2.  Hannah Elizabeth "Polly b. 23 Jan 1859 Christain Co., Mo. d. 12 Jan. 1958 Ozark, Mo., buried Spokane, Mo.
Wiett 2nd m. Mary Jane Hanks Brown b. 1839/40 Maury Co., Tenn.  Wiett & Mary Jane Hanks Brown were m. in 1861 in Christian Co., Mo.
Children of Wiett & Mary Jane Hanks Brown:
1.  Wiett Benton b. 12 Nov. 1875/76 Ozark, Mo.
2.  Nancy A.
3.  John Franklin b. 26 Dec. 1877, Mo.
4.  George Washington b. 8 Oct. 1864
5.  William Thomas b. 6 Jan. 1867, Mo.
6.  Susan M. b. 1 Dec. 1869 Ozark, Mo.
7.  Laura Virginia b. 17 March 1871, Mo.
8.  Mary Jane b. 17 April 1873, Mo.
9.  Addie Belinda b. 6 Feb. 1880
10.  James b. 1882
 Wiett 3rd m. abt 1883 to Edith Jane Eakins Rose b. 14 Oct. 1845. 
Children of Wiett & Edith :
1.  Litisha (Lutisha Bama) b. 24 Nov. 1883
2.  Martha Ann b. 10 Oct 1885/86
3.Ora Mabel b. 2 Jan. 1889 Ozark, Mo.
Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" Bilyeu b. 23 Jan. 1859 in Christain Co., Mo., died 12 Jan. 1958 Christain Co., Mo. Polly was a midwife.  Polly married William Hilton on 27 July 1879 in Christain Co., Mo.  Polly is Lu Dawn's Great Grandmother. 
(See Hilton Page for more on Grammy Polly & William Hilton)
A personal note to:  John Mitchell of Springfield, Missouri - I have ordered a copy of your book!
Uncle Bill - I have your book also!  And you signed it for me!
More About John Whitten Bilyeu
John Whitten Bilyeu was postmaster of Kings River (now Kingston Area of Madison County, Ark.) 1837 - 1838.  He was appointed postmaster for Kings River, Ark., 7 Sept. 1837.
He adopted two sons - Alf Bolin (notorius background) and John S. Stratton (interesting story here).
John Whitten was a slave owner before the Civil War.
See "Tales of the Bull Creek Country" written by John Mitchell of Springfield, Mo.
John Whitten served in Civil War under Captain Galloway, Co. 1, Stone County Home Guard. 


John Whitten Bilyeu born 14 March 1809, Overton Co., Tenn.

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Present Day Bilyeu - The Big Smith Band - Springfield, Missouri

The Big Smith Band website sent to me via email link.  The following photos borrowed from their site.
Thank you Big Smith Band!

Hosea front row with overalls. Bull Creek
Hosea (pronounced Hozee) Bilyeu-Old Enterprise School

Hosea & Ann Bilyeu
Hosea was present at the infamous Bilyeu-Meadows Feud shootout on Bull Creek.

Jimmy Bilyeu taking Baldknobbers Oath at Gun Point

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