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This Page Dedicated to My Two Brothers

Ozarks Memorial Park, Branson, Taney County, Missouri


Photo Taken at Granny's Home on 14 Jewett St.
Jim, Lu Dawn & Wilburn Lee

Young Jim Sims

James Wilford, Lu Dawn, Wilburn Lee

Brother Jim

Our Brother - Jim

Jim & Woodster
Photo Taken 1997

Woody Getting A Drink of Water
Brother Jim - 1997

Wilburn"Lee" Sims Son of George Sims & Mildred Hilton

L-R: Wilburn Lee Sims, Colin Ross, Francis M. Floyd

My Brother Jim

Beatrice Sims

Thomas Jefferson Sims b. 1832, d. 1908 in Clay County, TN.  (There is a note on Rootsweb.com that reads:  Billy married twice and fathered 21 children, the family lived in OK.)
Thomas 1st married Adeline Plumlee b. 16 April 1831 in Jackson Co., TN.  They were married in 1850 in Jackson Co., TN.
Children of Thomas & Adeline:
(All born Clay Co., TN.)
1.  John Edward b. 2 Dec. 1857
2.  Steven Staton b. 25 April 1862
3.  William Parrish b. 24 March 1851
4.  Mancel Lee b. 6 Sept. 1866
5.  Jesse Newton b. 22 August 1864
6.  Eliza Jane b. 8 Nov. 1869
7.  Mary Frances b. 24 Dec. 1871
8.  Tabitha E.  b. 16 April 1868
9.  Nancy Elizabeth b. 28 Oct. 1852
10.  Martha B.  b. 19 Feb. 1856
11.  Settie Bell b. 26 July 1876
12.  George Franklin b.  27 Feb. 1854
13.  Samuel Austin b. 19 Feb. 1860
William Parrish Sims b. 24 March 1851 in Union Hill, Clay Co., Tenn, d. 18 May 1937 in Taney Co., Mo.  William was buried 20 May 1937 Coble Cemetery, Taney Co., Mo.  William Parrish Sims married three times,
William 3rd m. Dorothy Ann Baughman b. 8 July 1881 in Taney Co., Mo.  They were married 26 Jan. 1900 in Taney Co., Mo.
Children of William Parrish Sims & Dorothy Ann Baughman:  (all born Taney Co., Mo.)
1.  Charity b. 16 Jan 1901
2.  Thomas b. 21 Nov 1901
3.  Luther  b. 7 March 1904
5.  Lucy b.  30 Aug 1905
6.  Lydia b.  21 Mar 1907
7.  Jesse Mansel b. 25 May 1910
8.  Charles b. 11 July 1912
9.  Leona  b. 24 April 1914
10.  George Washington b. 19 May 1916 Cedar Creek, Taney Co., Mo.
11. Rosetta b. 3 March 1918
12.  Peter b. 13 July 1920
13.  Benjamin b. 8 May 1923
Note:  another source lists these 9 children as:
1st marraige of William Parrish Sims was to Barbara Didemia Jennings b. abt. 1847.
Floretta, Parrish, Mary I., Harrison W., Harriet Adeline, William Waco.
William Parrish Sims 2nd married on 14 Oct 1885 to Ruth Richardson.
Clorettie, Waco, Adeline

George Washington Sims b. 19 May 1916 Cedar Creek, Taney Co., Mo. d. 22 September 2004 in Rogersville, Mo.  George was buried 25 September 2004 at Ozarks Memorial, Taney Co., Mo.
1st married Mildred Maxine Hilton (See Hilton family page)
George & Mildred had two sons:
1.  Wilburn "Lee" b. May 1938, Mo.
d. 1989 from heart attack
has 3 children
2. Living Sims b. 29 Feb. 1940, Mo.
George Sims 2nd m. Helen Bamma Parks, b. 16 Jan. 1924 in Taney Co., Mo. George & Helen were married on 3 March 1945 in Taney Co., Mo.
<<<>>>     <<<>>>
Dorothy Ann Baugman wife of
William Parrish Sims
(Retrieved on RootsWeb)
Hans Jacob Bachmann b. 4 Apr 1628, Zurich, Switzerland
Johannes Rudolf Bachmann b. 3 July 1659, Zurich, Switzerland
Johannes Rudolf Bachmann b. 8 Oct 1693, Zurich, Switzerland
had Henry (Heinrich) Bachmann, Sr. b. 13 Oct. 1711 in Richterswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Henry Bachmann, Jr. b. 1750 in Shenandoah Co., Va.
John Baughmann b. Dec 1774 in Shenandoah Co., Va. d. Jan 1857 Boone, Co., Arkansas. Married Dorothy Folly Mover b. 24 Aug 1783 Boteourt, Va. d. 14 Sept 1873 Marble Creek, Iron, Mo.
Henry Baughmann, IV, b. 1809 in Jones Cove, Sevier Co., Tenn. d. 23 March 1882 Bellefonta, Boone, Arkansas.  Married Charity Sutton b. 1820 Newport, Cocke, TN. d. 1864 Bellefonte, Boone, Arkansas.
Peter William Baughmann b. 11 Oct. 1831 in Marble Creek, Madison Co., Mo. d. 1904 Cedar Creek, taney Co., Mo. Married jane Kysar Greenwood b. Jan 1855, Mo. d. 1901 Taney Co., Mo.
Dorothy Ann Baughman b. 8 July 1881, Arkansas, d. 15 March 1969 in Kirbyville, Taney Co., Mo., buried 18 March Coble Cemetery, Taney Co. 
Married William Parrish Sims
on 26 January 1900 , Mo.
in Taney Co., Mo.
Children of Wiliam Parrish Sims & Dorothy Ann Baughman:
Charity Sims b. 16 Jan 1901 taney Co., Mo. m. James McDonald Rhodes
Thomas Sims b. 17 June 1902 Taney Co., Mo. d. July 1968 Forsyth, taney Co., Mo.  m. Anna Bertha Sheldon b. 1903 Kellerton, Ringgold, Iowa  d. 1982 Kewanee, H
enry, Illinois
Luther Sims b. 7 March 1904 Taney Co., Mo. d. 1962  
m. Beatrice Hurd
Lucy E. Sims b. 30 Aug 1905 Taney Co., Mo.
 d. 1906 Taney Co., Mo.
Lydia Sims b. 21 March 1907 Taney Co., Mo.  Residence in 1920 was Cedar Creek, Taney Co., Mo.
Viola Sims b. 21 March 1907 Taney Co., Mo.
d. 1909 Taney Co., Mo.
Jesse Mansel Sims b. 25 May 1910 Taney Co., Mo. d. 11 Jan 2006 Burney, Shasta, California  m. Edith Bertha Brown b. 1915  d. 1938 
One Child located: Nina Rea Lee Sims b 1938 d. 1938
Charley H. Sims b. 11 July 1912 Taney Co., Mo. d. 20 Aug 1913 Taney Co., Mo.
Leona Sims b. 24 April 1914 Taney Co., Mo. d. 8 May 2010 Forsyth, Taney Co.,Mo. Lived Cedar Creek, Taney Co., Mo. 
m. John Dorcas Marler b. 1906 d. 1982
George W. Sims (see above under Sims)
Pete Sims b. 13 July 1920 d. 6 March 1936 Cedar Creek, taney, Co., Mo.

Our brother Wilburn, known in later years as 'Lee', graduated from Dartmouth College and went on to become an English Professor at UNH.
Our borther James, known to us as 'Jim', first joined the U.S.Navy then went on to serve in the U.S. Air Force.  Jim is a retired Electrical/Electronics Engineer and currently lives in North Carolina.
Whenever Jim returned from a tour of duty, I would gladly do my 'Big Brothers' laundry.  It was not the fact that he paid me to do his laundry, it was the fact he was my big brother and I thought highly of doing his laundry for him in the old wringer-washer down in the basement of Thornton Way, Keene, N.H.  In fact, Jim taught me how to properly do laundry!
There are many enjoyable stories to be told here!

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