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James Ross Hilton is standing on left with the pipe in his mouth in this photocopy.  Newt Hilton is sitting Roscoe DeWitt ia on the right.
(James Walker of Missouri writes that his mother has recently identified the men in this photo, but she identifies the man on the right as James Ross Hilton and the one on the left as Roscoe DeWitt.

L to R: James Ross Hilton, Newt Hilton, Roscoe DeWitt

A very young Mildred Hilton and her sister Geraldine!


The following is a photo of Uncle Ben Hilton's wife Lou 1878 - 1966 In her flower garden she loved so much!  (Ben b. 1888 d. 1977).


Old Meadows Schoolhouse, Bull Creek, Missouri

Aunt Annalee's husband (2nd), Lawrence Bilyeu, drove us all down into Bull Creek and the Meadows Cemetery.

Marcy, Lawrence Bilyeu, Gayle
Unlocking The Old School House, Meadows, Bull Creek, Mo. 1980

Children of James Ross Hilton & Minerva Edith Thornton
Would love it if ya'll would just dive in and send them thar pictures in so we can fit them into this monitor screen - then we can all enjoy a lookin at em!
We know you have em - so give em up!

Uncle Billy Rex Hilton

Aunt Eileen Hilton-Rodriquez

Aunt Geraldine Hilton-Barnes

Aunt Coralie Hutchison

Mildred Hilton

Taken at Aunt Gerry's Home, Rogers, Arkansas
Ruby, Kenneth, Geraldine, Mildred

Aunt Ruby, Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Gerry & Mom

Mildren Hilton-Sims-Ross-Floyd This is Lu Dawn's Mother

Aunt Ruby
Mildred's Sister

JoAnn Hilton-Mohney-White Mildred's Sister

Home, Home At Last! Mom happy back in Missouri!
Lu Dawn & Mom, Millie 1980 Trip to Missouri

Reunion of Lost Sibling-Geraldine, Coralie, Billy Rex, Eileen

Renunion Heals Family Split 54 years Ago
Article written by Nancy Woodard, NWA Morning News:  Some 54 years ago during the Depression, seven siblings pleaded with their mother to keep their 2-week-old sister.  However, a widowed Edith Hilton, knowing she couldn't provide for another child, gave the infant up for adoption.
And more than five decades later, Coralie Hutchison of Florida met three of her siblings in Rogers (Ark.) for the first time this week........."When I see you (Hutchison) from chin up, you scare me," said Billy Hilton, Hutchinson's brother.  "You look more like my mother than any of my other sisters.".......<>
<>Lu Dawn writes:  Coralie visited at my mother's home in Lumberton, North Carolina a few years ago.  My reaction when I first set my eyes on her was quite similiar to that of Uncle Billy Rex!  All I could do was stand there and stupidly stare at Aunt Coralie!  Then I had to hold back the tears as I told her she looked just like Granny!   Aunt Coralie looked at me and said "I know."

Uncle Kenneth Hilton & Wife Joan

Eileen Hilton-Burgess

Daughter of Eileen Hilton-Burgess
Kimberly Sue Burgess Age 2 years & 4 months

Jackie Age 2 months & 3 weeks
Son Of Eileen Hilton-Burgess - "Jackie" Ernest Burgess

Phpto taken Lakes Region, New Hampshire
L-R: Standing: Joan & Kenneth, Sitting: Granny Hurd, Standing on Rock: Momma; Lu Dawn & Sister

Granny Hurd

Granny - Minerva Edith Thornton-Hilton-Hurd

Lu Dawn Hugging the Dog


Fun Times in Bull Creek Country

Granny Hurd, Geraldine, Lu Dawn & Linda -Bull Creek Fun-1958

Granny took Lu Dawn to Mo. at least twice during summertime school breaks.  Linda & Lu Dawn ended up with leaches on their legs from walking up Bull Creek!  But it was worth the fun! Linda is Aunt Geraldine's daughter.  Geraldine is Granny Hurd's daughter. Linda & Lu rode up out of Bull Creek sitting on the trunk of the car!  That was such a fun trip!

Gayle Fassett, Meadows School, Bull Creek, Mo. 1980

Meadows Cemetary is in front of the schoolhouse.  Bull Creek is behind and to the right of the school.
To the left of the old schoolhouse there is a knoll.  Mom would not let me go over it to see where Granny and them once lived; but one day I will!!!

Mildred Hilton-Sims-Ross, Lu Dawn & Granny Hurd

Granny's Home 14 Jewett St., Laconia, N.H.

Granny's Home, Jewett St., Laconia, N.H.  The 1st Photo taken behind the unused addition-like extension  of the house.  The owners to the left front of Granny's house bought it a few years back and had it torn down.  You see it here, how close this house sat to that one, less then four feet from the neighboring house. The site remains empty.  Lu Dawn learned to ride her bicycle here in the back yard.
Sister drove by a few short years ago and was surprised to find the house gone!

Photo taken Laconia, New Hampshire
Granny (Minerva Edith Thornton-Hilton-Hurd) & Ernie Hurd

Granny & James Ross's Gravesite - Spokane, Mo.

Young James Ross Hilton

James Ross Hilton At Work In Coal Mine

James Ross Hilton

William Hilton Family

Photo of William Hilton & wife Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" Bilyeu-The picture of Polly Hilton & family was taken when they lived in Bull Creek at what is known as the Lum Dye Place.  The photographer was Rutledge, from Forsyth,
photo taken 1906 / 1907. 
Polly, who had a swoolen eye, is holding her son Ellis.  William is holding Roscoe DeWitt, son of daughter Mintie, who stands behind him holding her son Charles, (back).  Newt is standing on Mintie's left, and on Newt's left is Janie, Wiliam & Polly's oldest child.
Janie is holding her daughter, Alma.  The two girls on Polly's left are daughters Corrie & Kate and in front of them is Bea Spradlin, daughter of Janie.  On William's right is daughter, Cora, and behind her is son Ross (James Ross Hilton).  The boy on the extreme left of picture is Ocie Spradlin, son of Janie.
Ben Hilton was away from home the day this picture was made, & youngest son, Joe, was not yet born. 

Polly With Swollen Eye

Some of Polly's Children

Left top .. Charles and James Hilton sons of Ellis Hilton
Middle is Cludie and her husband Harrison Gideon Aunt Minta's daughter
Right top is James Hilton , Mamie Hilton and Wanda Bilyeu 
Bottom is Ross Spradling son of Aunt Janie ( Hilton) and Uncle Will Spradling

Hannah Elizabeth - Grammy Polly

Polly's Obituary

Polly and Will Hilton's Gravesite

Rev. Samuel Wilson Hilton & Family

Left to Right:  Alice Hilton Person (dau. of Rev. Sam), Raymond Johnson (grandson of Rev. Sam), Mary Greene Hilton Johnson ( dau. of Rev. Sam), Lucy Williams (grandaughter of Rev. Sam), Rev. Samuel Wilson Hilton himself, Martha J. (Craig) Everett, his 2nd wife, Great Uncle Ben Hilton (grandson of Rev. Sam), Lillie Williams (grandaughter of Rev. Sam)  Note:  When we made our trip to Mo. in 1980's, we visited Raymond Johnson at his home.  We asked him for a picture-but he said he didn't like to have pictures taken!  But here he is!

Reverend Samuel Wilson Hilton

Hilton Floyd Bowman-RockHounding in Maine

Hilton Floyd Bowman & Lu Dawn - Top of The World in Maine

Gayle & Barbara Jean Floyd-Bowman, Lu Dawn's Sister (BJ)

Family Group Photo-Mildred's Children

Mildred's Children in above Photo from Lt to Rt:
Wilburn Lee Sims, Lu's Sissy, Lu Dawn, James W. Sims, & in front is Barbara Jean Floyd.  Lu Dawn was with child here-Mark not yet born.

We Miss You Momma!
Momma - Photo Taken Dec. 2004

My sister called me one Sunday to tell me how poorly Mom was and how she wished she could do something about it for Mom.  I returned her call later and told her I was going to quit my job and go to Lumberton to take care of Mom & Pop (Floyd).
And I did just that!
Much better left unsaid here.  But the good Lord gave me 6 to 8 weeks with mother before she went to sleep in Jesus.
This photo was taken a few days before her death.  I thank God for the time He gave me with Mom.  She died at age 84 after forming a group of massive blood clots in her lungs.

We Miss you Mom!
Momma Floyd (Millie)

Floyd's Funeral Home, Lumberton, North Carolina
Mother's Memory Card

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