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We woulld like to say that our LOST Lewallen was a Matthew John Lewallen; but recent finds in John Mitchell's book and on death certificates of the children all indicate he was:
John Robert Lewallen
with the nickname of 'Babil'.
We feel he must have went by any and all of these names!

Old Note/Story from Hogan's believed to have been written in the 1960's by Wesley Hogan:
Hannah Motley Lewallen was the mother of Sarah Emmaline Lewallen Hogan.  She was born in Kentucky or Tennessee in 1814 or 1816.  She was probably married about 1830.  No record has been found of the marraige or the first name of her husband.
However, it is known that Sarah's father and her oldest brother, Bill and a neighbor went to the gold rush.  A few months later, the neighbor returned and told the family that they had both contracted Cholera.  They had recovered and went swimming in the river (maybe the Platte).  They were still very weak and drowned.  Hannah always thought they might have been killed for the $3,000 they had taken with them.
(Note: evidently this was money they had on them on their trip back home.)
According to the 1850 Taney County, Missouri Census, Hannah is listed as the head of the family. 
Other members of the Lewallen family listed were C.  age 17, no further record of her has been found, perhaps she married and moved from the area or died before the 1860 Census.  Mary Jane 15, and the older children were born in Tennessee. E.A. 13, family members called her Keziah and later Sarah's children called her Kazar.  She was born in North Carolina.  Matthew John II and Jesse 9 were born in Tennessee.  Sarah Emmaline 8 was born near Yellville, Arkansas on October 26th, The records show the year of her birth 1843 or 1844.  George 7, James Ross 4, Robert 3 and Elizabeth 2 were born in Missouri.  However, the Census Reports were not always accurate.
Just before the Civil War, Hannah took some corn to the mill to be ground.  She just had a small amount so she did not put the wagonbox on the wagon.  She was just riding on the running gears of the wagon.  The team of horses went over a steep bank and the coupling came loose on the wagon.  It came forward and hit her, breaking her back.  She did not live very long.
After her mother's death, Sarah was appointed legal guardian for her younger brothers and sisters.  John and jesse joined the Union Army. According to the book one of the Lewallen men was killed by bushwahckers while he was hauling supplies from Taney County to Rolla, Missouri for the Unioon Army.  We think it was James.  We do not know whether George was in the war or not.  He died in Dade County Missouri in 1912.  He spelled his last name Lieuallen. I have read that there are at least forty ways to spell it.  After his brothers left, Robert lied about his age and without Sarah's knowledge or consent, joined the Union Army. Sarah was very upset when she found out what he had done but she thought maybe he would be safer in the army. It was not a safe place to live. One day some bushwhackers came by and told Sarah if they were not gone by morning, they would be back and burn everything. Sarah and her youngest sister, Elizabeth, the only two left home, loaded everything they could get in the wagon and started to Johnson County, Kansas. Her older sister, Keziah and her husband, James Oilver, lived in that area.
Right after the war, Emma Hogan, Sarah's good friend introduced her to her brother, Andrew Jackson hogan.  They were married on September 28, 1865.  They lived in the Kansas City area for awhile after they were married.
One day while they were still living there, Sarah's youngest brother came to visit them.  He clained he had just came for a visit. The next morning A. J. noticed the army brand on his horse had not been altered as was the custom when a man was discharged.  A.J. asked Robert about it and he admitted that he had been stationed in New Mexico Territory and had become homesick and deserted. It was the spring of the year and he and his horse had to swim all the creeks and rivers along the way.  A. J. told him to leave.  A few days later, two army men came to their home looking for him.   They never found him.  Sarah always said they could not have punished him because he had enlisted without her consent.
(Note:  we have info that Robert 'Rob' married  Sarah Angeline "Angie" Davis.  Now we must find his date and location of his marraige.)

Carol Touching A Bit Of History
Mary Jane Louallen - King Cemetery, Missouri

Mary Jane's Head Stone
King Cemetery - Missouri

Under The Big Oak Tree
By the Small Lilac Bush - Mary jane Louallen Bilyeu

Wiett Bilyeu & Mary Jane Louallen Bilyeu
King Cemetery, Missouri

George W. Ferguson - Sent in By June in Texas
1st Husband of Louisa Hammond W/O Jesse V. Lewallen

Mary Jane Louallen
Mary Jane has been the subject of many an in-depth search!  Many of us thought we were searching in vain!  This search is evidenced by the Louallen Page here on this site listing cross-referenced Louallens of various spellings!
Not too many years ago I was talking with my sister and she informed me, in quite a matter-of-fact fashion, that "They found her."  I was shocked and so happy to hear those words.  I am certain "Billy Rex" was thrilled also.  He had spent many years researching the whereabouts of Our Mary Jane!
REMEMBER- It is Mary Jane's mother Hannah, Ford, Anna, or Motley we now are searching for!  She was Cherokee!
Mary Jane is Lu Dawn's great great grandmother!
Please note that the John Robert Babil Lewallen found posted all over the internet is in fact, what we believe was the name of  Hannah's husband.
If that was his name, we must find the correct John Robert Babil Lewallen!
I urge you to press on and attempt to find the correct lineage for our Hannah and her husband!
We believe the husband of our Hannah to have been a John Robert Lewallen with the nickname of 'Babil' !
But we do not see how is coud possibly be the son of Richard; although there is food for thought here.....
One of his sons is named Jesse V. Lewallen.
What would the V. stand for?
One of Richard's wife's was a Vowel.  See where I am going with this?  So far that is all I have on that subject.  Much study of Richard's children and marraiges needed!
Looking further at Mary Jane Lewallen Bilyeu, we note that on the death certificate of her daughter, our Grammy Polly, Polly's mother is shown to be one 'Jane Sinclair'.....the informant was Ellis Hilton, Forsyth, Missouri.  Polly was born in 1860/61 and died in 1958.  This covers a period of 96 years, over which information and memories change, and  leaves much room for information to be misconstrued.
As we believe Mary Jane died either in childbirth when bearing Polly and possibly complicated with the problem with a case of measles, with Polly born in 1860/61, we have no idea how the name 'Sinclair' comes into the picture other then on Polly's death certificate and in her obituary.
There are stories of someone being orphaned.  We have always thought this to have been Polly when her mother died.  Now we can conjecture that it may also have been Mary Jane.  The father of Mary Jane's husband, Wiett Bilyeu, had a history of taking in orphans.
Then, Uncle Billy Rex wrote:
1861-1958  Polly's exact birth date is uncertain.  However, about the era 1935 and while she was alive it was common knowledge and undisputed by her that she was a Cherokee orphan.
She was visited throughout her lifetime by Jess Oliver a full blood Cherokee, he claimed her as a first cousin.
She appeared to be Indian.  She was raised as a BILYEU and this name pre-dates the Louisiana Purchase from France.
We know that this Jesse Oliver was the son of our Keziah!
There is a Mary Jane Sinclair b. 1831 in N.C. the daughter of Rhonda Lewallen and Alfred Sinclair.  There was no other information or data found with this find.
Thus we are left to query if Mary Jane was an orphan of one of our John Robert Lewallen's sisters???  Although our Mary Jane was listed as born in 1835 in Tennessee.  Thoughts to ponder. Remembering Mary Jane spelled her name Louallen.
Hannah Ford &/or Motley b. 1814 in Tenn.(One source indicates: b. 18 Oct 1813, Warren, KY or TN)  (Native American Desc.-Cherokee)  -Hannah is reported to have married in 1830 in Tenn.  to a John Louallen/Lewallen who died in 1848/1850.
Hannah died 1861/1862 in Walnut Shade, Mo. and is buried in Old Meadows Cemetery, Bull Creek, Mo. in an unmarked grave to the left as one enters the gate.
(More about Hannah furthur down on this page.)
Children of Lewallen b. abt 1800& Hannah b. abt 1816 :
1.  Mary Jane Louallen b. 1839 in Tenn.
2.  Bill-William b. (not found on 1850 Census) Mentioned by family as being the ooldest son & to have died with his father.)
3.  Keziah  E.A.b. 9 April 1833  in NC.  Married James Oliver 1859.  Died 1921 Taney Co., Mo.
(James Oliver was a full blood Cherokee and his picture is said to have hung in the Branson, Mo. Bank-He claimed our Grammy Polly as a first Cousin.  This is fact as his mother Keziah was sister to Polly's mother, Mary Jane.)
4.  Mathew John b. 1835 in Tenn.
5.  Jesse V. b. Dec. 1841/42 in Tenn.
6.  Sarah Emmaline b. 1842 in Ark. (source death cert. shows: b. 26 Oct 1844 in Mo, but this was 67+ years later and the informant was most likely incorrect) m. Andrew Jackson Hogan
7.  George W. b. 13 Jan. 1843 in Mo./d.17 May, 1912 Dade Co.Mo.
(Lewallen, Lieuallen)
8.  James Ross b. 1845 in Mo.
9.  Robert "Rob"  b. 1847 in Taney Co., Mo.
10.  Elizabeth D. b. 1848/49 (note: attacked Bud with knife as he tried to kill Stephen) Taney Co., Mo.
11.  C. b. 1833 in Tenn. No further info/data located.
Mary Jane Louallen b. 1837 in Tenn. m. Wiett Bilyeu b. 25 Dec. 1835 in Crawford Co., now Miller City, Missouri.  Mary Jane died 1860/61 in Bull Creek, Mo. from measles complications and is buried King Cemetary South of Selmore, Missouri.  Mary Jane & Wiett Bilyeu were married in Ozark, Christain Co., Mo. abt 1856/58.  Mary Jane is buried with a feild stone for her headstone beside the headstone of her husband, in the King Cemetery.  This is a small cemetery a few miles south of Selmore, Missouri. 
If our Mary Jane m. Wiett Bilyeu in or about 1856/58, and if she was born in 1831 or 1835/37, she would have been 23-25 or 20-23 when she married him.  This tells us she could possibly have been married to a Sinclair first and perhaps Sinclair died.  either that or we are forced to go with the Sinclair as postulated earlier.
Children of Mary Jane Louallen & Wiett Bilyeu :
1.  Sarah Emmaline "Tooley"  "Tulie" b. 1 Jan 1858/60 in Taney Co.
Ozark, Mo.  Said to have left to sign-up on the Indian Rolls. 
(Julie writes: She was married twice:  one was Perry McMinn and the other was Phillips.Thomas Jefferson Phillips. He was her third (or possibly 4th) husband. Her first husband was Commodore Perry ("CP") McMinn, second (or third) was Daniel Mosier. "McDonald" was mentioned to me at one point (2nd??), but I've found nothing to substantiate it.  I've heard that when Dan Mosier died he left her quite a nice little farm, but that ......)

2..  Mary Ann   b. 1860 in Ozark, Mo
(One scource indicates: b. Christian Co., Mo.)
3.  Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" b. 23 Jan. 1859 in Christian Co., Mo.  Polly died 12 Jan. 1958 Ozark, Mo.  She is buried Spokane, Mo.
Hannah Elizabeth "Polly" Bilyeu 1st m. Green Williams 30 Dec. 1875 in Galloway, Green, Mo. Polly & Green Williams had two children:  Baby Boy Williams and Mary Green Williams b. 28 Nov. 1878.  Polly was a Midwife. 
Polly 2nd m.  William J. Hilton in 1890, Green Forest, Ark., Mo.  They were married 27 July 1879.  Polly died of flu/pneumonia complications.
Polly is Lu Dawn's great grandmother.
Children of Polly Bilyeu & William J. Hilton:
1.  Bulah Jane
2.  Mintie
3.  W. Newton
4.  Benjamin Harrison
5.  James Ross (See Hilton Page in Nagation Bar)
6.  Katherine "Katy"  Katie" Ellen b. 1896
7.  Carrie b. 1899
8.  Cora b. 1900
9.  Ellis b. 1903
10.  Joseph b. 1907
(See Hilton Page in Navigation Bar)
Found on 1850 US Federal Census:
H. Lewallen, Age 36, Birth Place Tennessee, White, Female, Home in 1850 Jasper, Taney, Missouri  Family Number 435
Name                                                                          Age
H. Lewallen                                                                    36   b. 1814
C. Lewallen                                                                     17  b. 1833
M. J. Lewallen (Mathew John)                                          15  b. 1835   
E. A. (Keziah)   Lewallen                                               13  b. 1837
M. J. (Mary Jane)  Lewallen                                          11  b. 1839
J. V.  Lewallen                                                                    9  b. 1841
S.E. (Sarah Emmiline) Lewallen                                    8  b. 1842
J. R. (James Ross) Lewallen                                          4  b. 1846
R. B. Lewallen                                                                  3  b. 1847
  E. Lewallen                                                                     1   b. 1848/49
Note:  Two other familly members missing from the above 1850 Census are;
John Robert Lewallen and his son 'Bill' William
They have been reported to have left ofr the Gold Rush and been killed on their way home.  As child Elizabeth is shown as born in 1849, we can deduce that these two disappeared that year.
This does not explain the Robert Lewelling who purchased land in Taney County, Mo. in 1850.  Who was this Robert Lewelling?  these are also other Lewallen, Taney Co., Mo. Land Purchases in 1854.
we are in the process of listing these.
Found on RootswebAncestry.com 
Hannah's Parents
Edwin Motley b. 1780 Wake Co., NC Christened in Allen, Ky d.1839
Martha Patsy Lynn b. abt. 1784 in Wake Co., NC
Married 11 January 1802 in WAKE cO.,  NC
Patsy is found on the 1850 Census as living in Allen, Ky Age 65
Other listed on that census with her are:
James Motley               Age 42
Patsy Motley                 Age 21
Sally Motley                Age 9
Note:  I stop here as records on Rootsweb.com & Ancestry.com differ with dates and ancestry.  I leave you to search Rootsweb.com and see what you find there.
One record indicates Edwin died 26 Apri 1838 in Difficult Creek, Allen, Ky. but I am leary about this being Hannah's parents.  Much work left to be done here.
Hannah Lewallen is believed to be buried in Meadows Cemetery.
I have yet to tie-in the name of Ford or that of Motley! 
She was the mother of:
1 William 'Bill' - Said to have died with his father
2 C. Lewallen - Nothing furthur Located
3  Mary Jane Lewallen Bilyeu (md Wiett Bilyeu)
4 Keziah Lewallen Oliver (md James Oliver)
5  Matthew John Lewallen (md Martha Bilyeu)
6  Jessie V. Lewallen (md Louisa Hammond)
7  Sarah Emmaline. Lewallen (md Andrew jackson Hogan)
8  George Lewallen d in Dade Co. MO)
9  James Ross Lewallen - Said to have died taking a load of supplies to the Union Army
10   Robert R. Lewallen (md Sarah Angeline "Angie" Davis)
11  Elizabeth D. Lewallen Bilyeu (md Stephen Bilyeu). 

The following was sent in by June in Texas:


Jesse Louallen - born 08 Dec 1842, Tennessee,

died 14 Mar 1918, Missouri


Jesse married Louisa Ferguson, a widow, 01 Mar 1866

in Christian County, Missouri.

Jesse & Louisa had the following children According to 1880 Census, Jackson Twp, Polk County, MO:

William, born 1867

Rachel,  born 1868

Benton, born 1870

Louisa, born 1872

John, born 1874

Magie, born 1877


Louisa was the d/o Thomas and Rachel (Lyons) Hammond.

Louisa was born in Tennessee on 25 Feb 1841 and died 21 Feb 1915 in Missouri.

She 1st married George W. Ferguson, s/o Obadiah  and Elizabeth Ferguson.  He was born in 1835 in Wallens Creek, Lee County, VA and died from Civil War injuries 28 Sep 1862, in Christian County, Missouri.  He's buried in King Cemetery, Christian County.

Louisa & George W. Ferguson had the following children:

-Mary F., born 18 May 1857, Christian County, MO. 

 I have never found what happened to her.

-Ruben Alexander, born 18 Jan 1859, Christian County, MO,

died 18 Feb 1938, Barry County, MO

-James O., Born 03 Dec 1860, Christian County, MO, died 12 Sep 1932, Benton, Polk County, MO

(June tells us:   George's dad, Obadiah Ferguson, born abt 1765, died 1847,  was my 5th great-grandfather and is my brick wall.)



According to  Tales of Bull Creek Country, by John K. Mitchell:
Hannah died in either 1862 or 1863, up Bull Creek from the cemetery.  Hosea Bilyeu and another boy were taking Hannah's body to Meadows for burial when they were fired on and chased by bushwhackers.  Hosea escaped; as a precaution, his grandparents, John Witten and Sarah Harp Bilyeu, sent him up to Rolla to enlist with the Union Army.  No mention is made of whether Hannah's remains were actually buried in Meadows in another attempt, or who the other boy was.  James Ross Lewallen, Hannah's son, is believed to be the boy from Taney county who was killed by bushwhackers while taking supplies to the Union Army.
One source suggests that Hannah's husband may have continued Westward with the Removal to Oklahoma, and that he may have returned now and then to visit her as she continued having children through 1848/49. 
He is reported to have died in 1848.
I feel that he was a Jesse or a Matthew.  These two names show up on TN Census, then they are not on the next TN Census but show up on Ark Census instead!
Another version of her husband has him leaving with eldest son for the Gold rush and after just barely recovering from Cholera, they both drowned in a river.
Yet another version has them traveling on a wagon train to the Cal. Gold rush when the wagon train was attacked by Indians.  This version indicates they were killed by Indians during the attack and are buried somewhere on the Prairie.
Lewallen Cemetery
Branson, Taney Co., Mo.
Lewallen Angeline . 1846 1928 .
Lewallen Charlie . 1884 1962 .
Lewallen Jess . 1891 1954 .
Lewallen Jess Jr. 18 May 1931 1951 .
Lewallen Lacie . 1886 19?? .
Lewallen Robert . 1845 1932 .
Oliver Corb . . 10 May 1921 .
Oliver Dovie . 12 Sep 1867 6 Oct 1899 .
Oliver J. B. 1868 1913 .
Oliver James . 1838 1913 h/o Keziah
Oliver Jess W. 22 Feb 1861 11 Feb 1939 h/o Salina
Oliver John . 28 Apr 1813 24 Feb 1881 h/o Frances.  (Frances bur in Stone Co. MO)
Oliver John R. 8 Feb 1859 7 Oct 1899 .
Oliver Keziah Lewallen 9 Apr 1836 22 Mar 1920 w/o James
Oliver Richard . 25 Nov 1863 28 Nov 1881 .
Oliver Salina P. Benton 8 Aug 1866 9 Nov 1939 w/o Jess

View From Rear Of The King Cemetery, Missouri
Our Mary Jane Louallen Rests Here

Small Stone To Right Of Wiett's Head Stone
Our Mary Jane - King Cemetery, Missouri

Gate To The King Cemetery - Missouri
Burial Place Of Our Mary Jane Louallen Bilyeu

King Cemetery

King Cemetery

King Cemetery

King Cemetery

Lewallen Cemetery
Branson, Missouri

Click here to go to a full listing of those buried at the Lewallen Cemetary in Branson, Missouri

Link to Taney County Cemeteriy Listings. A Great Source.

Fred Studying Map
Lewallen Cemetery - Branson, Missouri

Lewallen Cemetery-Resting Place of Keziah Louallen
Branson, Missouri

Head Stone Of Lacie & Charlie Lewallen
Lewallen Cemetery, Branson, Mo.

Keziah & James Oliver
Branson, Mo. - Lewallen Cemetery

Keziah Louallen Oliver - Mary Jane's Sister
Lewallen Cemetery - Branson, Missouri

Jesse Lewallen, Jr.
Lewallen Cemetery - Branson, Missouri

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