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Source: Copied From Vital Records Dept. Index

                        At Montpelier, Vermont    1760   -   1870




Male                Fassett            born 23 Oct. 1869                   p. 523

                        Mother:Lois Stebbins    b. Enosburgh

                        Father:  B.F. Fassett    b. Enosburgh    farmer


Male                Fassett                        born 16 Oct. 18863     p.434

                        Mother:            L.                     b. Enosburgh

                        Father:              F. Fassett        b. Canada  farmer


Female             Fassett              born 17 Nov. 1857   

                        Mother: Julia     b. Enosburgh

                        Father:  Gardner S. Fassett    b. Enosburgh    farmer


Twins               Fassett            (female lived, male stillborn) born 6 Nov. 1870

                        Mother:Maryett Farnsworth      b. Bakersfield

                        Father:  George Fassett b. Enosburgh   merchant


Female             Fassett  born 17 Nov. 1857

                        Mother: Julia Fassett     b. Enosburgh

                        Father:  Gardner Fassettb. Enosburgh  farmer


Male                Abel Hammond Fassett  born 24 Aug. 1806

                        Mother:            Alfrida  Cavendish, Vt. Record

                        Father:              Pearley Fassett


Male                Alvah Fassett    born 22 April 1795    A-41

                        Mother:            Azubah

                        Father:              Nathan Fassett

                        Recorded town of Cambridge


Female             Amelia Fasset              born 10 May 1797  Cambridge

                        Mother:            Azubah

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset


Male                Amos Fassett   born Bennington  11 Oct. 1780

                        Mother:            Anna

                        Father:              Amos Fassett


Male                Amos Gustin Fassett born 9 Dec. 1820  Hancock

                        Father:              Amos Fassett




Male                Amos Julines Fasset  born 3 Dec. 1792

                        Mother:            Azubah

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset


Female             Anna Fassett              born 14 July 1804

                        Mother:            Alfrida of Cavendish, Vt.

                        Father:              Pearley Fassett


Female             Anna Fassett born in Bennington 29 Aug. 1776

                        Mother:            Anna

                        Father:              Amos Fassett

                        Recorded in Cambridge


Male                Asa Fassett                born 29 Aug. 1815

                        Father:  Amos Fassett  Hancock, Vt.  Twon Records

                                                Book 1   pg.  220


Male                Asa Fasset                  born 22 Jan. 1785

                        Father:              David Fasset

                        Mother:            Sabria

                        Arlington, Vt. Land Records Book 1  page 242


Female             Aurelia Fasset                        born 26 March 1791

                        Mother:            Anna Fasset

                        Father:              Amos Fasset

                        Recorded Cambridge, Vt.


Female             Azubah Fassett           born 1 March 1774

                        Mother:  Montague b. Sunderland age 29

                        Father:    Jonathan Fassett b. Bedford, Mass. Age 30

                        Recorded Book 1 pg. 79 births

                        Mother resided Pittsford


Female             Azubah Matilda Fasset          born 11 Sept. 1816

                        Mother:            Patiena

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset            Cambridge


Male                Benjamin Fassett          born Arlington 14 March 1780

                        Mother:            Azubah

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset

                        Recorded Cambridge, Vt.





Births continued

Male    Benjamin Wilson Fasset        born 19 March 1818

                        Mother:            Patiena

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset

                        Recorded Cambridge, Vt.


Female Bertha J. Fassett       born Rochester 19 April 1870              P. 1401

                        Mother:Adelina b. Leicester lived Rochester

                        Father:  Denison Fassett   b. Goshen               farmer


Female Fassett                        born in Bennington        1st child b. 23 Oct. 1765

                        Mother:Mary Montague b. Sunderland  age 19

                        Father:  Jonathan Fassett   of Bedford, Mass.  Age 20


Female Betty Fassett              born Bennington 23 Oct. 1767

                        Mother:Manr Montague

                        Father:  Jonathan Fassett


Male    Challis Fassett  born Arlington 13 Oct. 1781

                        Mother:            Hannah

                        Father:              John Fassett

                        Recorded Cambridge

                        **Challis died 16 March 1783


Male    Charles Fassett          born 24 May 1868

                        Mother:Marg.               b. Canada        lived Burlington

                        Father:  George            b. Ireland                     laborer






Alpheous C. Fassett married Rachel Brewster 28 Dec. 1843 

He resided

            Claridon, Springs, Vt.   Recorded in Pittsford, Vt.


Alphonsoni married Fassette of Mt. Holly the bride

            His mother Miralou A. Colby

            11 June 1854 by C.H. Stevens Minister


Amos G. Fassett marrried Reaxey Fuller 4 Oct. 1840 

He of Hancock, Vt.

            By Lewis Hill Minister of the Gospel

Alvan Fassett married Anna Butler of Enosburgh

 15 March 1821

            By James Mason Justice of the Peac

Marraiges continued

Amos G. Fassett married Proter(?)  Elizabeth A.         P. 60

            He of Hancock, father Amos Fassett, mother Phebe

            7 July 1869 in Middlebury  His 2nd marriage.


Anna R. Fassett married Cornelius S. Palmer  29 Oct. 1870

            She of Jericho, father Nelson Fassett

                                    Mother Jane Wilbur

            Her 1st marriage age 21            b.         Fairfax


Anna Fassett married Abel P. White 1 April 1829 

She of Springfield.


Anna Fassett married Moses Piper  married at

Winchester, N.H.

            Recorded at Hancock, Vt. 

Aurasa Piper Town Clerk

            Book 1 page 226 Town Rocords D.S.

 Durham Town Clerk


Archabald Fassett married Orpha Barber 

27 June 1830  He of Claridon

            Recorded Book 10 pg. 33


Bernice Fassett married John Wood 3

0 Oct. 1831  She of Clarendon

            Book 10 page 50


Betsey Fassett married Dixtro, Nathan 

19 April 1807  Bennington, Vt.


Catherine C. Fassett married Wilbur,

Sumner 12 Dec. 1854

            She of Jaffrey.              Rockingham.


Catherine E. Fassett married William Haswell

the 2nd  .  She of Bennington  2 June 1859.

 Her 1st marriage age 24 yrs.  She born  Bennington Ctr

.  Father Henry H. Fassett, mother Mary F.






Female Fassett              born Jericho   died 9 March 1859       P210

            Stillborn            mother: A.B. Fassett

                                                Father:              M.B. Fassett


Female             Fassett, Alpheda        died 18 Nov. 1814

                        Springfield, Vt. Clerk


Female             Fassett, Alsteade       wife of Pearly Fassett

                        Died 18 Nov. 1814  age 40

                        Pleasane Valley Cemetary


Deaths continued

Male    Alvah Fassett             died 24 June 1795

                        Mother:            Azubah

                        Father:              Nathan Fasset


Male    Alvin Fassett  age 68 husband of Anna Fassett

                        Died 8 Feb. 1862

                        Enosburgh Cemetary


Male    Amos Fassett age 77  17 Dec. 1857



Female   Anna Fassett died 10 May 1792

                        Mother:            Anna

                        Father:              Amos Fassett

                        Bennington Book B pg. 56 of Misc. Records


Female   Anne Maria Fassett  age 38

                        Parents:            Heman and Betsy Robinson

                        Husband:          John V. Fassett

                        Cemetary Old Bennington Part


Male                Anson B. Fassett  16 mths.

                        Parents:            Elisha and Savina Fassett

                        Died 28 Aug. 1814  Enosburgh Cemetary


Male                Asa Fassett    age 3 yrs 22 days 

died 12 May 1785

                        Parents:            Daivd and Sabra Fassett


Female             Azubah Fassett age 59 yrs 4 mths. 11 days

                        Died 25 June 1812  Consort of

Dr. Nathan Fassett

                        Cambridge Mountain View Cemetary

                        Recorded twon of Cambridge


Female             Azubah Fassett  age 30 days born Pittsford

                        Parents:            Jonathan born Bedford, Mass.

                                    Mary Montague born Sunderland, Mass.

                        Died 31 March 1774

                        Book  1  pg 29  Deaths


Male    Fassett, Col Benj.  Age 59  wife Hetty

            Died 11 Feb. 1816  Cemetary Old Bennington Part


Male                Fassett,  Benj. S.  died 10 Jan. 1865              P. 141

                        Age 64 yrs. 11 mts.  11 days                farmer

Born Bennington           father:   Benj.  Mother:  Hetty

                        Cause:  Inflammation of bowels


Female             Mrs. Betty Fassett age 35  died 31 July 1794

                        Cemetary Old Bennington Part


                        Cephas Fassett age 74 yr 12 days died 27 Dec. 1867

                        Born Hyde Park           Father:  John Fassett

                                                            Mother:  Hannah Fitch

                        Hyde Park        Spouse Gyrene Fassett


                        (another card shows-75 yrs. Die 27 Dec. 1868 

Hyde Park Cemetary)


Challis Fassett born Arlington  died 16 March 1783

                        Parents:            John and Hannah Fassett



Male                Charles Fassett  son of Henry H.

and Mary F. Fassett

                        Died 29 April 1833

                        Cemetary Old Bennington Part


So much information to get online - forgot how much I had hidden away until I started trying to upload it!  Ouch !

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