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Source:  5th Regiment of N.H., Keene Public Library, Wright Room   -Found July 1980
Date of Record Found:  1861 - 1865
The Great Rebellion
Complete Roster   pg. 63
Fifth Regiment
Fassett, Albert A.A., Co., F. b. Winchester, age 40; resident Hinsdale; enl.; Oct 23 '61'must. in Oct 23, '61, as Corp.; wd. July 1. '62, Malvern Hill., Va.; disch. diabl. Jan, 13, '63 near Alexandria, Va.  P.O. ad., Winchester.


Source: The following information was copied out

of the Index of Revolutionary

                        War Pension Applications obtained at the

Vt. Hist. Society Library,

                        Montpelier, Vt.


            Page 340


                                    Hetty, former widow of J

ohn Durham Alvey,

                                                R3460, which see

                                    John, Md., S34826

                                    Johnathan, Mass., S19807

                                    Joshua, Mass., BLWt. 4177-100-Pvt.

                                                Issues 4/19/1790 to John Bush.

                                                No papers

                                    Richard, Mass., S29150

            Page 17


                                    John Durham, Postmaster to the

 American Army,

                                    Betty Fassett, former widow, (R3460)


I  (Lu Dawn Ross Fassett) copied the

following from the Vital Records Index at Montpelier, Vt.:


Fassett,  Hattie E. of Winchester, N.H. married

Ansel E. Brown 1 May 1867 age 19 1st marriage

  Her father Albert A. Fassett

            Mother Rachel

By Fredk, Frothingham, Minister

Town of Brattleboro, Vermont

The following was copied for me by my son Mark P. Fassett:

Peter Fassett: 1760 Goffstown  page 507

  T:  State Papers N.H. Volume XXXVI           Estate


Samuel Fassett:  Signed for Revolutionary War

Adonijah:  signed for Revolutionary War

            June: 3 : 1776  page 162

T:  State Papers  N.H.  Batchellor Vol. XXX


Index to rolls of honor Volume 3 page 133

                                                And 2 page 139

   Births:            Fassett’s

            Vital Records at Concord, N.H.  (Copied Sept. 23, 1980)

Albert A. Fassett          born Winchester, N.H. July 12, 1821

Maria Fassett               born Winchester, N.H. August 29, 1817

Mary A. Fassett           born Winchester, N.H. August 31, 1814

            All Children of Lewis and Sarah Fassett

Lewis Fassett               born Winchester, N.H. March 31, 1787

            The son of Adonijah and Anna Fassett

            Lewis’ twin sister was Lois, she married a Cady.

Children born to Obel and Lois (?sp Loais) Fassett

            Fitzwillian, N.H.

            John Fassett                 born December 19, 1797

            Benjamin                      born May 1, 1795 twin

            Joseph                          born May 1, 1795 twin

            Thomas Willard            born August 30, 1813

            Eunice                          born February 21, 1811

            Twin Sons                    born May 6, 1809

            Obid W.                       born January 17, 1808

            Stephen Franklin           born September 1, 1802

            Clarrisa                        born August 1804

            Isabel                           born April 28, 1800

            Franklin Benjamin         born July 22, 1799

Children born to Joseph and Hannah Fassett  Fitzwilliam, N.H.

            Nancy                          born November 27, 1805

            Roxanna                       born March 20, 1815

            Joseph                          born August 5, 1769

            Joseph                          born February 20, 1804

            Jude                             born June 17, 1802

            Lydia Woods               born February 25, 1808

            Edman                          born April 21, 1810

            Hannah Ward               born July 2, 1812

            Levi                              born April 10, 1797

            Rebecca                       born December 6, 1798

            John Fassett                 born August 9, 1800

            Emoline                        born April 21, 1810

Children born to Benjamin and Martha Lee Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Ezekial Lee                   born March 25, 1807

            Rebecca                       born March 20, 1809

Children born to Adonijah and Anna Fassett, Winchester, N.H.

            Thankful                       born November 30, 1778

m.Chester Fassett)

            Benjamin                      born July 8, 1780

            Amos                           born June 13, 1782

            John                             born August 14, 1785

 (?m.Susannah Dutton)

            Lois                              born March 31, 1787 Twin

            Lewis                           born March 31, 1787 Twin

(m. Sarah________)

            Anna                            born February 16, 1789

            Abner                           born July 23, 1791 (d. Feb. 12, 1812)

            Samuel                         born August 28, 1789

Children born to Samuel and Betsey (Hutchons) Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Samuel                         born February 11, 1811

            Ashbury                       born December 9, 1812

Children born to Samuel and _________Winchester, N.H.

            Mary                            born January 3, 1778

            Lucy                             born April 19, 1779

(?m.1800 Ebenezer Copeland)

            Ester                            born April 24, 1764\    

 (?m. David Garnsey)

            Anna                            born September 23, 1774

Children born to Albert A. and Rachel Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Harriett E.                    born June 24, 1847

            Henry E.                       born April 18, 1849

            Walter C.                     born October 30, 1852

            Infant male                    born April 26, 1857

Children born to Albert A. and Harriett Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Albert                           born September 13, 1866

            (missing records for births of Abbie by

Abbie Wheelock, and infant son and Sarah

            by Harriett Wheelock)

Children of James B. and Nelly Fassett, Nashua, N.H.

            (note:  James B. born Enosburgh, N.Y., a lawyer; 

Nelly born Hancock, N.H.,

            Nelly M. Morrill         ?Ellen M.)

            E. A. Colburn, M.D.

                        Male                born January 28, 1876 

William M. Fassett

                        Female             born August 25, 1871

 Ann Morrill Fassett

                        Female             born September 22, 1873

                        Male                born April 21, 1884 

Charles Adams Fassett (James B.

                                                            Age 51, Nelly age 41)

                        Female             born August 3, 1877  A. E.

                        Female             born November 27, 1879  Mary A.

Children born to Lanson and Hannah Fassett, Winchester, N.H.

                        Phebe               born August 21, 1809


Children born to Amos and Hannah Fassett, Alstead, N.H.

                        Marcy Margaret           born April 27, 1805

                        Asa                              born October 1, 1803

                        Amos Stuart                 born January 5, 1807


Children born to Joseph W. Fassett and Sarah A. Putney,

Troy, N.H.

                        Frank P.                       born March 22, 1853


Children born to Danvers C. Fassett and ______ Troy, N.H.

                        Gardner C. Fassett       born October 19, 1854

                        Ellsworth                      born March 11, 1863?

            (father shows on record as married to Hannora born

New York, N.Y. and he

            himself born Troy, a loborer on birth of Ellsworth)


Children born to John and Isabel Fassett, Fitzwilliam, N.H.

            William             born December 19, 1765

            Joseph                          born August 5, 1769

            Obel                             born August 25, 17??  (?1773)

            Thomas                        born August 31, 17?? 

            Lucy                             born August 6, 1781

            Benjamin                      born September 30, 1778

            Isabel                           born July 25, 1775

            John                             born May 31, 1767


Children born to Willard and Elizabeth Fassett, Fitzwilliam, N.H.

            Lucy                 born August 1, 1793     (spelled Fausett)

            Elish                 born October 20, 1794


Children born to Luther Fassett and Sarah Ellen

(he born in Fitzwilliam, a mechanic, she born in

Oysterville, Mass.)

            female                          born February 8, 1859 

in Winchester

Children born to Walter C. Fassett and Abigail Billings

(he born Winchester, a railroad watchman \

and she born Keene)

            Bessie Billings   born July 14, 1882, Keene

            Claude                         born May 10, 1893, Keene

 (father now age 40

                                                And an engineer, mother

 now age 34)

Children born to Wilbur A. Fassett and Adela

(he born in Maine, lived in Boston, she born in England)

            female              born June 1, 1885, Concord, N.H.

Children born to Charles W. Fassett and Edlin ?sp  Upton

(he born in Troy, a farmer, she born in Jaffrey)

            Frederick Wright  born December 22, 1879 in Jaffrey


Children born to Henry Fassett and Mary Jane Cummings

(he born in Winchester, she listed on record as born in

Manchester, N.H., she as age 31)

            Alice Lorinsa                born April 3, 1891

in Swanzey, N.H.

            Warren H.  born March 2, 1880 in Swanzey, N.H.

Children of Samuel Fassett

            Mary Fassett                born January 3, 1778

                       in Richmond, N.H.

Also found:  Mary Jane Cummings born April 12, 1860

Keene, N.H.

            Daughter of Joseph Wm. Cummings born Savoy,

Vt. Nov. 1, 1837

            And Lorinsa Morse born Windhall,

                 Vt., May 28, 1842.


Deaths:                         Fassett’s

Vital Records, Concord, N.H.  (copied September 23, 1980)


            Albert S. Fassett Winchester

died November 22, 1900

            Cause Intemperance  age 34 yrs 2 mths  19 days

            Born September 3, 1866


            Bessie B. Fassett  died August 26, 1885 Keene

                        Age 3 yrs  1 mth  12 days

                        Cause dysentery


            Abner Fassett Winchester died February 12, 1812

                        Age 20 yrs 7 mths 19 days

spm pf Adonijah and Anna


            Adonijah Fassett Winchester February 7, 1827

                        Age 71 buried Winchester, N.H. 

 (? Born 1756)


Source: Copied all the following Fassett

 information from the New England

                        Genealogical and Historical Register

 at the Keene Public Library

                        Volumes 1 through 50:

            William             9 pg. 184  Vol. 12  John Vol. 4

                Susanna, Decl 9, 1750 married Wm. Fassett


            Patrick             Vol. 10 page 235 Early Records

 of Malden Births

                Joseph, son of Patrick Fassett Oct. 31, 1672


            Patrick Fassett  Vol. 31 page 304   s.   d.

                        Patrick Fassit, 2 persons and estate       12 00

                        Billerica Rates list of ye Number of males

and rateable estate

                                    Taken by lieft

                        Tompson Commssir and their Selectmen

 ye 24 of Aug. 1688


            Patrick             Vol. 42 page 145

                        Job Lane 2 (Jame 1) mattied Mary Fassett,

daughter of Patrick

                                    Fassett of Malden

                        Mary    Vol. 10 page 357



            Joseph Fassett  Vol. 45 page 280

               Muster Roll of Capt. Thomas Willington’s Co. 1778

               2  Joseph Fassett       Do.      On cp,,amd at the Clothing


            Vol. 39 page 145  Children of Adonijah

 and Anna Fassett

                        Thankful           born 30 Nov. 1778

                        Benjamin          born 8 July 1780

                        Abner               born 23 June 1781

                        Amos               born 13 June 1782

                        John                 born 14 Aug. 1785

                        Lois and

                        Lewis               born 31 Mar. 1787

                        Samuel             born 28 Aug. 1789

                        Abner               born 16 Feb. 1795


            Amaziah Fassett           Vol 19 page 263

                        A list of the Prisoners taken at the

Battle of Bunker’s Hill

                                    Lt. Amasiah Fassett of Groton

                        Vol 42 page 169

                                    Prisoner;s taken at Bunker’s Hill,

June 17, 1775

                                    Lt. Amaziah Fassett of Groton—dead—


            Amity Fassett               Vol 12 page 293

                        Ammittai Phassett was, after all,

only the gentle Amity Fassett


            Amos Fassett               Vol 34 page 408

                        Aug. 1755  Amos Fassett died in the

 camp at Lake George


            Amos Fasset                Vol 38 page 33

                        1805 Amos Fasset married Phebe Page


            Samuel Fassett Vol 30 page 406

                        Children of Samuel & ______  Fassett.

                                    Ester    born 24 April 1764

                                    Anna    born 23 Sept. 1774

                                    Mary    born 3 Jan. 1778  (Richmond,N.H.)

                                    Lucy     born 19 April 1779


            Betsy Fassett                Vol 23 page 132

                        Phinias Upham.  His 2nd wife was

Betsy Fassett  married Janu. 1803.


            Vol. 38 page 33  Winchester, N.H.

                        1808 Lanson Fassett married Hannah Tuttle

1809    John Fassett married Susannah Dutton


James Fasitt                  Vol. 14 page 358

            Emigrants for St. Christopher’s, & C.

              James Fassitt 34 yrs.    20 November 1635


Vol. 24 page 170

                        1835-Fassitt, James Wilson, born in Philad.

19 Mar. 1816

                                    died there 7 June 1859;

engaged ‘til 1 Jan. 1854 in

                                    business in Phila.

                        1836-Fassitt, Robert Faris, brother to

James above, born in

                                    Phila. 17, Aug. 1818.

 Died there 3 Mar. 1863.


            Vol. 37 page 398  Winchester, N.H.

1794    Nathan Fassett married Jerusha Tuttle

Page 397  1789  Levi Marble   married

Mindwell Fassett Mar,9th

Page 296  1777 David Cady married

Lois Fassett Mar 2nd


            Vol. 17 page 332 also page 331

                        Oct. 13, 1698  Certificate of Jonathan Prescott,

 sen. r and Jonathan

                        Prescott, Chirurgeons, that Jonathan Fassit

 of Concord is incapable of

                        Service from lameness.


            Vol. 50 page 377  Kuly 1896

                        Book-The Follett-Dewey and other

 families-gives extended

                        Genealogies of the Follett, Dewey, Fassett,

 Safford, Hopkins, Robinson,

                        And Fay Families.

                        (is devoted to ancestry of

Capt. Martin Dewey Follett died 4 Feb. 1831

                        and his wife Persis, daughter of Capt. John Fassett, Jr.)


            Joshua Fassett  Vol. 50 page 459

                        Feb. ye 26: 1777         

Muster Roll for State of Mass.  By James Barrett,

                        Muster Master:

                        Col.  Aldens Battalion  Capt.  Parker Company

                                    Joshua Fassett


            Vol.  38 page 31  Winchester, N.H.

1800    Ebenezer Copeland married Lucy Fassett

1809    John Fassett married Susannah Dutton


The following was copied from the New England

Genealogical and Historical Register at the Keene Public Library,

Volumes 51 through 120:


Fassett             Vol 53 page 142

            “Descendants of Henry Wallbridge”, 1898


Fassett,  Esther  Vol. 55  page 65

Fassett, Pearley page 65

            Susanna page 403

                        Pg. 65  Windhan County ss.     State of Vt.

                                    Be it remembered, that, at

Rockingham in said County,

                        On the 5th day of March, A.D. 1820, 

Mr. Pearley Fassett of Springfield,

                        In the County of Windsor and State of ___?

And Miss Esther Gowing of

                        Jaffrey and State of New Hampshire were

duly joined in Wedlock by me

                                                                        Elijah Wollage, Min.


                        Pg. 403 Matthew Fitch, b. 14 Aug. 1745, twon;

 m. 25 Aug. 1774, Lydia

                        Lane, b. 13 Aug. 1749, daughter of

Job and Susannah (Fassett) Lane.

                        He was a farmer of Bedford.  He d. 3 Aug. 1811.


Fassett, Obil     Vol.  58 page 278

            , Stephen Franklin, page 278

     Fasset, Stephen Franklin, son Obil, _____, 10, 1802

     Baptisms of First Church of Holden, Mass.


Fassett, Lucy  Vol. 61  page 242

            , Timothy

     Marraiges by the Rev. Jeremiah Barnard

     April ye 8th Jan., 1802   Mr. Timothy Fasset to

Miss Lucy Stewart.  Amherst, N.H.


Fassett, Joanna  Vol. 62 page 60

            , Josiah

            , Sarah     pg. 77

            pg. 60 Descendants of Robert Eames

            Samuel Eames m. 2nd, July 4, 1770.

Joanna, b. Oct. 29, 1714, died July 12, 1813,

daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna (Lane) Paige

, and widow of Capt. Josiah Fassett of Bedford.

Pg. 77 Some Records of Bedford, Mass.

            Sept. 3, 1831 Miss Sarah Fassett aged 76

died in Billerica but belonged

            To Bedford, occasioned by a fall.


Fassett, Amittai  Volume 63      page 74

            , Dorothy                      pg. 75

            , Joanna                        pg. 76

            , Joseph                        pg. 74

            , Sarah                         pg. 75


     pg. 74  Bedford Intention of Marriage

            October 19, 1754  Simon Newton of Bedford

and Amittait Fasset of Lexington


    Pg. 75  January 31, 1760  Ebenezer Page of Bedford

and Dorothy Fassit of Lexington

    Pg. 74  April 5, 1756 Joseph Fassett of Lexington

and Dorothy Pollard of Bedford

    Pg. 75  March 20, 1760 Cap. John Webber

and Sarah Fassett of Bedford

    Pg. 75  May 30, 1770 Dea. Samuel Eames of Woburn

 and Mrs. Joanna Fasset of



Fassett, Amos  Volume 68 page 144

            , Betty              pg. 143

            , Lydia              pg. 144

    pg. 144  Lydia Johnson b. 4 Oct. 1733

m. (1) 10 Apr. 1752  Amos Fasset; m. (2)

                        5 Apr. 1759  David Paine

    pg. 143  William Johnson b. 13 Aug. 1724

 d. at Canterbury 2 Oct. 1810; m. (1)  29

                        Nov.  1750 Betty Fasset, b. at

Canterbury, Conn.  13 Jan 1727, d. there

                        1 Apr. 1779.


Fassett, P.H.  Volume 70 page 369

            Ashtabula, Ohio  P.H. Fassett-printer, 1916


Fassett, John  Volume 75 page 32

            , Mary

    Mary Woolley b. at Concord, Mass. 8 Nov, 1720;

m. at Bedford, 14 May 1741,

            John Fassett, deacon and captain,

b. at Cambridge, Mass., 1 April 1720, d. at

            Bennington, Vt. 12 Aug. 1794.  Six children.


Fasset,  Amity    Volume 77 page 31

            , Elizabeth

            , J.

    Church Records of Shrewsbury, Mass.

    April 6, 1771 Amity daughter of John. Fasset baptized

    Jan. 16, 1774 Elizabeth daughter of John. Fasset baptized


Fassett,  Margaret    Volume 78 page 71

            A record of Deaths in Boston and Vicinity

            Mrs. Margarete Fassett, died Oct.  21, aged 59


Fassett,  Esther    Volume 79  page 247

            Rev. Matturean Ballou’s Records of Marraiges

                        23 May David Garnsey and Esther Fassett,

 both of Winchester


Fassett,  Mr.     Volume 82  page 16

            ,  Myra

            Myra Williamson, m. ________  Fassett,

 who keeps a meat market.

            Residence, Adams Centre, N.Y.


Fassett,  Frederick Gardner    Volume 87  page 98

            , James Maxwell

            pg. 98 Maine, early newspapers. 

By Frederick Gardiner Fassett, Jr.

                        Orono, Me. 1932

            Pg. 173  Annual Reports-Annual Menbers

 Elected 1933 of the N.E.

                        Resiter—James Maxwell Fassett,

Washington, D.C.


Fassett, Arad     Volume 91 page 384

            , Richard                      pg. 273

            pg. 384  Married by and before in

 Bristol March 20, 1873

               . Arad Fassett and Mill Nettie M. Leeman

            Marriages by Rev. Enoch N. Fowler,

a minister of twenty Methodist Episcopal

                        Churches  in Eastern Maine between

1843 and 1877


            Pg. 273  Margaret Sherman m.

(date of certificate 7 Feb. 1806)

                        Richard Fassett of Bath, Maine.


Fassett, Elizabeth          Volume 100 page 81

            , John                                       pg.  8

            ,Sarah                                      pg.  8


            pg. 81  William (2) Greenlaw came in 1753

from Edinburgh, Scotland,

                        m. Elizabeth Fassett in 1758 and

settled in Bristol, where he d.

                        in 1814, aged over 90 years.

            Pg. 8   Isaac (4) Monroe

(Samuel, David, William (1), born in Conn. In 1745

                        d. at the home of his son, Dan Monroe,

 in Plymouth, N.Y. 1 Aug. 1825. 

                        He m. in Pomfret, Conn., 25 July 1768,

Sarah Fassett, dau. of John and

                        Lydia (Warren) Fassett.  Through her mother

 Sarah (Fassett) Monroe was

                        A descendant of the pioneer families

 of Bushnell and Feffingwell.


Fassett, Azubah Matilda           Volume 104 page 123

            ,Benjamin Wilson                                  pg. 124

            , George Merrill                                    pg. 124

            ,Luther Hhopkins                                  pg. 123

            ,Mary Amelia                                       pg. 124

            ,Nathan                                                pg. 123

                        Patience (Hopkins) Snow b. 1 Feb. 1789;

 m. in Georgia, Vt. 10 Mar. 1814

                        Nathan Fassett, b. in Pittsford, Vt.,

 10 Feb. 1788, son of Dr. Nathan and

                        Azubah (Montague) Fassett. 

He settled in Alnion, Orleans Co., N.Y., and

                        Afterwards removed to Roscoe,

Wennebago Co., Ill., with his son Luther.

                        Children (surname Fassett):

1.      Luther Hopkins, of Roscoe,

farmer, b. in Cambridge, Vt., 17 Dec. 1814;

m. in Barre, N.Y., 24 Sept. 1844, Amanda Bates, the dau. of

Jesse Bates.  2 Children.


2.      Azubah Matilda, b. 11 Sept. 1816;

d. unmarried in Brighton, N.Y.,

28 June, 1841

3.      Benjamin Wilson, b. 19 March 1818;

 m. in Brighton, N.Y., 18 Oct.

1843, Esther Maria Perrin.  He was an officer

in an artillery company

in the Civil War.  1 Child.

4.      George Merrill, b. 27 Aug. 1820;

died s.p. in Chicago, Ill., 26 Nov.

1868; m. in Barre, N.Y., 21 May 1846,

Eliza Sprague.  He was a hotel keeper in

 Barre and removed to Chicago.

 After his death she resided

with her sister in Rockford, Ill.


5.      Mary Amelia, of Rockford, Ill.,

b. 2 Dec. 1822; m. in Barre, N.Y.,

5 Oct. 1848, William Newton, d. 6 Oct. 1874.


Fassett, Ben.    Volume 105 page 158

            $10.00 reward for idenity (proof) of Eleanor,

wife of Dr. Isaac Adams of Pomfret,

            Conn.  She married secondly Lt. Ben. Fassett

of Pomfret and died by July 1784.—

            Mrs. W. Lovering Holman, 275 Concord Avenue,

Lexington 73, Mass. 1951.


Fassett, Julius               Volume 108 page 248

            Elmira Whittemore, b. 28 Dec. 1810;

d. 21 March 1840; m. 10 March 1830 Julius

            Fassett.  (Eli J. Whittemore papers.)


Fassett, Joanna Volume 111 page 135

            Sabrina Slate, b. 30 Dec. 1805; m. 5 Nov. 1829

Charles Martin )ibid., p. 263).

            A Charles Martin was b. 14 Sept. 1802,

son of Ebenezer and Joanna (Fassett)

            Martin of Canterbury, Conn.


Fassett, Josiah              Volume 116 page 98,  99

            , Nabby                                    pg.       99

     pg.  98  On 27 Feb. 1772 Josiah Fassett and

Joseph Holland “apprisers”, returned the

            inventory of the estate of Daniel Cloud. 

(Records in the Conn. State Library).

     Pg. 99  The will of the youngest son, Eli,

who died in Waterford, Vt. 13 Jan. 1812-----

            It would also seem from his will, a copy of

 which is on file in the Conn. State

            Library, that he was at one time a resident

in that part of Pennsylvania in the

            Jurisdiction or which was so hotly contested

between Penn. And Conn., since he

            Leaves “unto Nabby Fasset of Brantrim in

the State of Penn., all the property

            That Josiah Fasset Esq., of said Brantrim

 has of mine in his hands.”


Fassett, Josiah              Volume 119 page 80

            , Patrick                                   pg. 71

     pg. 80  Wanted: Parentage and ancestry of

Hannah Thayer who married in Pomfret,

                        , Conn., 31 Aug. 1752,

  Josiah Fassett.---Mrs. R. L. Schuster,

              456 Chenango St.,Binghamton, N.Y.13901.(1965).


     Pg. 71  Fassett-Genealogies in Preparation  1965

                        Fassett.---  Patrick, born in Scotland in

1628, died in Billerica, Mass.,  

                        7 Nov. 1713, by Mrs. Richard Schuster

456 Chenango St., Binghamton,

                        N.Y., 13901.  (1965).

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