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Fassett Family History


Our portion of the Fassett Family History takes place in Cheshire County, New Hampshire and vicinity.  What follows is the result of researches and detective work of Lu Dawn Ross, 1st wife of Paul Lester Fassett of Keene, NH. 


The following information was sent to me, by the assistant, to the town clerk of Winchester, N.H.:  Found in records there, pertaining to the surname of Fassett:

Deaths: Rachel              May 4, 1857 

                Abigail A.              Oct. 30, 1867

                Adonijah                Feb. 7, 1827

                Pearley                  Feb. 7, 1827

                Albert L.                Nov. 22, 1900

                Harriet Wheelock Fassett died 1911 age 78

                (All buried in the Evergreen Cemetary, Richmond Street, Winchester, NH)


Births:    Mary Fassett        Jan. 3, 1778

The clerk lists the children of Rachel and Albert A. and of  Harriet and Albert A., but not any for Abbie and Albert A., nor Sarah born of Harriet and Albert.


Marraiges              Nathan Fassett to Jeruslia Tuttle                      Jan. 9, 1794

                                Amos Fassett to Phebe Page                             Jan. 9, 1806

                                Sauipson Fassett to Hannah Tuttle                  Dec. 4, 1808

                                John Fassett to Susanna Dietlou                      Oct. 1, 1809

                                Samuel Fassett 2cd to Betsey Hutchings       May 7, 1810

                                John B. Fassett to Lydia Phelps                       Nov. 25, 1851

                                Flint Cyril Fassett to Sally Curtis                     Feb. 10, 1803

                                Benjamin Fassett, Jr. to Harriett Rixford          Jan. 1, 1810

                                Joseph Fassett to Grata Foster                          July 2, 1815

                                Ezelsiel Fassett to Fanny S. Willard                                July 9, 1835


Found hand written in a book: birth of Albert A. Fassett, July 12, 1821, born in town.  He died Dec. 30, 1901, age 80 yrs. 4 months, 18 days.  Cause of death was gangranous senarie, place of death was Winchester, N.H.



Fassett Family History pages written and

correlated by Lu Dawn Ross


October 8, 1980

Adonijah, Jr. m. Anna Allen

            Children born Winchester, N.H.: 

(Records in Concord, N.H.)

                        Thankful           b. 30 Nov. 1778

                        Benjamin         b. 8 July 1780

                        Amos               b. 13 June 1782

                        John                b. 14 August 1785

                        Lois                 b. 31 March 1787


b. 31 March 1787 (twin to Lois)

 m. Sarah_______________.

                        Anna                b. 16 February 1789

                                Abner              b. 23 July 1791 d. 12 Feb. 1812

                        Samuel                        b. 28 August 1789


Lewis, b. 31 March 1787

m. Sarah ___________________. 

Lewis died 31 March 1858 aged 71.

            Children born Winchester, N.H.

 (Records Concord, N.H.)

                        Mary A.                        b. 31 August 1814

              Maria                b. 29 August 1817

                              Albert A.           b. July 1821 died 30 Dec. 1901

Albert A.. b. 12 July 1821.

 1st. m. Rachel Dickinson, 28 Nov. 1846. 

 Rachel was born 24 Oct. 1816 and died 30 April 1857. 

Her parents were Abel Dickerson and Abigail Scott. 

 (I have Rachel’s ancestry back to Ivar of Norway 725 A.D.)

            Children by Rachel were:

                      Hattie E.           b. 24 June 1847 m. Ansel Brown

                                Henry               b. 18 April 1849 m. Mary Jane Cummings

                        Walter C.          b. 30 October 1852 m. Abbie Billings

                  Infant               b. April 1857 died 4 May 1857

          Albert A., 2nd m. Abbie Wheelock b. 12 October 1833,

 died 16 April 1860.

            Child by Abbie was:

                        Abbie E.           b. 16 April 1860

m. _________ Bissell

Albert A., 3rd m. (was to his 2nd wife’s twin sister)

Wheelock.  Abbie and Harriett’s parents were

William and Wheelock and Harriett Porter,

they of Swanzey, N.H.

            Children by Harriett were:

                        Albert S.           b. 13 Sept. 1866 d. 22 Nov. 1900

                        Sarah               (mentioned in Albert’s will, b

ut I am unable as yet to find  a birth

                                                Record for her)

(I am also unable to find records of his m. to his 2nd wife,

 Abbie and their child Abbie. 

 But have guardian papers on this child when

she was age 14 and became heir to

William Wheelock'S will, and I have seen

2nd wife Abbie’s gravestone with the following written on it:

(her grave is beside that of his 1st wife, Rachel)

                        Abby    wife of A.A. Fassett

                        Died April 16, 1860        age 27

            Life is like the budding flower,

            When killed by frost e’er it blooms,

            So death shows it’s mighty power,

            And hastens loved ones to the tombs.

Henry b. 18 April 1849 m. Mary Jane Cummings,

she b. 12 April 1860  (up until now, all these ancestors were born in Winchester, N.H.  Married on 11 May 1876, Keene, N.H.

            Children of Henry and Mary Jane:

                        (born in Swanzey, N.H.)

                        Warren H.         b. 2 March 1880  died 1962

                        Alice L.                        b. 3 April 1891   m. _______________ Worcester

                                    Alice 2nd m. his brother, _______________ Worcester.

Warren H.,b. 2 March 1880, m. Amy Alice Griffith

on 7 October 1903.  Amy was b. 2 January 1880, died 1965. 

 Her parents were Joseph E. Griffith and Ella M. Cummings.

            Children of Warren H. and Amy:

                        Lester H.          b. 25 September 1909 Keene, N.H.

                        Norman W.       b. 24 April 1918 Swanzey, N.H.  m. Katherine (Barrls ? sp.) of

                                                Fitzwilliam, N.H………2 children:  James and Carol

Lester H. b. 25 September 1909, m. Eleanor Winnifred Day

on 7 October 1939 at Colebrook, N.H. 

She born 11 May 1913, Colebrook, N.H. 

Her parents were Edwin Chauncey Day and Blanche M. Alls.

            Children of Lester H. and Eleanor, born Keene, N.H.:

                        Judith              b. 12 October 1941 m. Charles Gilman (no children)

                        Paul L.             b. 8 February 1943 1ST. M. Lu Dawn Ross on 2 August  1963

Paul L., b. 8 Feb. 1943, m. Lu Dawn Ross 

b. 23 March 1945, Nevada, Missouri

Lu Dawn’s parents were Colin Ross b. Milford Station, Hants Co., Sidney,Nova Scotia and Mildred

                                                            Maxine Hilton, b. Taney,Co., Missouri

            Children of Paul L. and Lu Dawn, born Keene, N.H.:

                        Mark P.                        b. 17 May 1965 m. Renee’ O’Connor

                        Gayle L.           b. 21 April 1967 m. Ronald Simoneau

                        Jeremy H.         b. 11 November 1976

Mark P., b. 17 May 1965, m. Renee’ O’Connor :

Children of Mark & Renee'

            Danielle M.       b.

            Tyler M.            b.

            Austin J.          b.




Samuel Fassett: Signed for Revolutionary War

Adonijah Fassett:          Signed for Revolutionary War


T. State Papers of N.H. Batchellor Vol. XXX Revolutionary Documents


Index to rolls of honor Volume 3 page 133

                                     Volume 2 page 139


Winchester, N.H.

Adonijah and Samuel Fassett were among 110 signers of the following:

“According to the within Resolve of the General Congress we have called a meeting and it appears that al the before mentioned Signers have agreed to Stand by the within Covenant”

            Winchester June 3: 1776           William Humphrey

                                                            Isreal Stowell





Source: History of The Town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire

                        1749 – 1801 by Daniel B. Cutter, M.D.


Joseph Fassett, b. in Fitzwilliam, came to Jaffrey Jan. 7, 1836, settled on lot 2, range 4; m. Tabitha Wright, who d. Sept. 6, 1871.  He d. Sept. 17, 1858, a. 63.


1.      Tabitha, b. Aug. 26, 1820; m. Edward Stewart of Boston

2.      *Joseph W., b. June 7, 1822

3.      Lois B., b. Nov. 21, 1823; m. Abel Thompson, q.v.

4.      John B., b. Oct. 12, 1825

5.      Joel E.,  b. May 8, 1827; d. May 11, 1862; a member of Co. E. 2nd Regt. N.H.V.

6.      Edward, b. Sept. 16, 1829; d. May 20, 1850

7.      Luther W., b. Nov. 12, 1831; m. Sarah E. Fassett.  One child.  He was killed by a rebel scout, at Evansport, Va., April 2, 1862; the first man killed from Cheshire County.

8.      Danvers C., b. May 2, 1834; was a member of 1st Regt. Of Heavy Artillery, N.H.V.; m. Hannah Hammon,  Two Sons.

9.      Clarrisa C., b. June 9, 1836; m. Samuel Wilber, Dec. 26, 1856.  One son.


*Joseph W., m. Sarah A. Putney.  She d. Dec. 13, 1875, by being thrown from a carriage by a frightened horse, aged 52.  He m. 2nd ___________ ___________.  Mr. Fassett is one of the businessmen of the town;  has been several years selectman, and is now (1876) representative in the state legislature.


1.                  Charles W., b. Dec. 3, 1848

2.                  Abbie A., b. Jan 14, 1851

3.                  Frank P., b. March 2, 1853; d. Oct. 22, 1853

4.                  Henry, b. Dec. 19, 1863



Source: History of Troy, New Hampshire  1764 – 1897

                        By M.T. Stone, M.D.


            Fassett,  Patrick Fassett and his wife Sarah came from Rock Fassett Castle, Ireland, and settled in Lexington, Massachusetts.  There is a tradition that the ancestors of the family were refugees who fled from Scotland to escape religious persecution, and that the name Fassett was assumed to conceal their identity. The original name being Macpherson.  The proper English pronunciation of the name Fassett gives the broad sound to the a, and in England as well in this country, some branches of the family spell the name Fawcett or Fossett, as being less liable to mispronunciation.  The final consonant is often written single.  The oldest children of Patrick and Sarah were:


                        Joseph, b. Oct. 2, 1672; d. June 1754; resided in Lexington.  By wife Mary had a son, Joseph, b. Dec. 6, 1701; d. Aug. 14, 1755; m. Amity Willard, whose father was from Wales.  Had six children of them the 4th,

 John, b. Dec. 7, 1739; m. Isabel Bogle of Natick, Mass.  They came to Fitz. About 1768, their 3rd child, Joseph, being the first white male child born in that town.  They had eight children, Willard, John, Joseph, Obil, Thomas, Isabel, Benjamin and Lucy.

            Obil, b. Aug. 25, 1771; m. Sept. 28, 1794 Lois, b. April 5, 1768; d. Aug. 11, 1847, daughter of Levi and Ruth (Darling) Bixby of Winchendon.  He d. Nov. 14, 1842.  They had Joseph, Benjamin, John, Francis Benjamin, Isabel, Stephen Franklin, Clarissa, Obil Williams, two sons-twins, Eunice Bixby, Dr. Thomas Willard.

            Joseph Fassett, son of Obil, b. May 1, 1795 m. March 3, 1830,

,Tabitha, b. Sept. 12, 1791; d. Sept. 6, 1871, daughter of Joel and Tabitha Wright of Fitzwilliam.  Was in woodenware and lumber business in Fitzwilliam; removed Jan. 1836 to Jaffrey; built the 1st half-way house on the Monadnock.

            His son Danvers C., b. May 2, 1834, m. Aug. 18, 1855, Hannah Hammon, b. Jan. 12, 1836; d. Nov. 15, 1895.

            Children:           1.  Gardner C., b. Oct. 19, 1857, 1st m. Annie Brine;  2nd m. Josie Luther, resides in Reading, Mass.

2.      Ellsworth L., b. March 11, 1863 1st m. July 4, 1882, Jessie M., adopted daughter of Henry A. Spofford;  2nd m. Aug. 4, 1891, Elleanor Mabel Robinson, b. Oct. 26, 1870.


 Joseph Wright (3), (Joseph 2, Obil 1) , b. 7 June 1822, m. 1st Nov. 16, 1847, Sarah A. Putney, who d. Dec. 13, 1873, from injuries received by being thrown from a carraige on Ward Hill; m. 2nd Nov. 5, 1874, Mrs. Emily E. (White) Dunn of Sullivan who d. April 7, 1888; m. 3rd , Mrs. Eliza N. Powers.  Mr. Fassett d. July 23, 1891, caused from having his neck broken by being thrown from a mowing machine while at work in a field near his house.

            After his 1st m., he lived for a few years in the town of Boston, Mass.; but in 1854, he returned to Jaffrey and bought the old homestead farm, on which he resided until his death.  He was chosen and appointed to man offices of honor, trust and responsibility.  Children numbers 1 and 3 were born in Troy, the 2nd in Boston.

1.      Charles Wright, b. Dec. 3, 1848, m.  Oct. 5 1876, Adelia P., b. Jan. 14, 1847, daughter of Thomas and Marietts (Chitter) Upton of Jaffrey, where he resides.  One child-Fred Wright.

2.      Abbie Ann, b. Jan. 14, 1851, m. Oct. 10, 1878 Alvin H. Simonds of Fitchburg, Mass.; d. Nov. 22, 1879.  One child-Susan Ethel Simonds b. Oct. 22, 1879.

3.      Frank P., b. March 2, 1853

d. Dec. 19, 1863

4.      Henry J., b. Dec. 19, 1863 in Fitzwilliam (adopted).




Source:   History of Cambridge, Mass. 1630-1877

By Lucuis Page

Fassett, Joseph (1) , owned land at the Farms, 1699.  He was prob. The same who m. Mary, daughter of William Munroe, and had Joseph (2), b. Dec. 6, 1701.


            Joseph (2) , res. At Lexington, and by wife Amillai, had Joseph b. and d. 8 Jan.  1726-7;

            Mary, b. 18 Aug. and d. 12 Oct. 1728;

            Joseph, (3) b. 21 March 1730-31;

            Amittai, b. 1 Feb. 1732-3; m. Simon Newton of Bedford 14 Nov. 1754;

            Mary, b. 9 May 1736;

            John, b. 7 Dec. 1739;

            Johnathan b. 15 March 1741-2;

            Sarah, b. 13 Jan. 1744-5.

Their father died 1755; his wife Amittai m. John Page of Bedford 15 Jan. 1756, and died 25 Dec. 1771.



Mass. 1800 Census

Fassett, Obiel Middlesex Co. Mass, 157


Fassett, Jonathan Worchester Co. Mass. 378


Fassett, Jonathan Jr., Worchester Co. Mass. 378


Fassett, Obediah Worchester Co. Mass. 378



1.                  < 10 males

2.                  10 – 16 males

3.                  16 – 26 males

4.                  26 – 45 males

5.                  > 45 yrs. Males

6.                  < 10 females

7.                  10 – 16 females

8.                  16 – 26 females

9.                  26 – 45 females

10.              > 45 yrs. Females


12.       # Slaves




Source: Gazetteer of Cheshire County, N.H. 1736 – 1885, by Child


Pg. 546            Thomas Wheelock came to Winchester in 1795 and settled where his granddaughter, Mrs. Harriett (Wheelock) Fassett now lives.  He married Mary Watts of Alstead, 10 children, 4 of whom died young, of those who grew to maturity, Abiagail Married Joel Fosgate, Phineas married Mr. Wilson, Thomas married a Miss Scott, John died at age 21, one went west, and William married Hjarriett Porter of Conn., and was the father of of Mrs. A. A. Fassett, now residing on the old place, the house being over 100 years old.


Mention story of Dickinson’s pg. 534  her daughter Eunice (Mrs. A.H. Fassett), now 82 years old, is the only surviving child.  She resides in the village of Winchester with her daughter, Mrs. Maria E. Russell.  Eunice’s mother was Mary, her father was Samuel Wright, they had 9 children.



 Source: List of Probate papers found in the County Court House in Keene, N.H.

                        (Cheshire County)

            Fassett                                    214

            Fassett, Albert A.       941

            Fassett                                    23

            Fassett, Abbie E.        585

            Fassett, Abbie T.        967

            Fassett, Benji.            20

            Fassett, Danvers C.   946

            Fassett, Harriett        944

            Fassett, Henry                       1021

            Fassett, Henry Juan  222

                        See Kidder

            Fassett, Jessie M.     731

            Fassett, Nathan          19

            Fassett, Pearly                       208

            Fassett, Walter C.      1387

            Fassett, Warren         1849



Found with will of Adonijah Fassett was letter requesting copy of his to be sent to her from:     Mrs. Dale Ackerman, 3255 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, Wa. 98225  dated about 8 years ago.  I have sent a letter requesting information to this lady early in July of this year, 1980, but as of today, Aug. 19, 1980, I have not had an answer from her.


Answered 2nd request Oct. 6, 1980!  Yeah!



I found the following in the Keene City Hall:

4 March 1840  Abel H. Fassett married Eunice Eviden in Keene, both of Winchester, N.H.


6 Nov. 1833  Joseph Franck married Nancy J. Fassett in Keene, both from Keene, N.H.



Page 10 record of Births in Keene, N.H.:

2 Feb. 1873     Keene, Harrison A. Male 1st child of Frank W. Cummings and Lucretia Richardson born in Stoddard, N.H., father Frank a railroad fireman Frank born  in Perkinsville, Vt.


2 Mar. 1883     Keene, Arthur Wayland male 5th child parents same as above now age 30 yrs each, father now an engineer.


Page 266

Born 14 Dec. 1823 Keene, Sarah Eliz. Cummings

Born 12 June 1825 Keene, John Albert Cummings

            Children of John and Sarah Cummings


Griffith, Barney died 8 Dec. 1880 74 y 10 m.

Griffith, Lizzie, wife of R. Griffith died 1 Sept. 1879  28 y.

Griffith, Mary E. of Rodney Griffith died 1 Dec. 1863  20 y. 9m.

Griffith, Samuel died 18, May 1880  77 y.   6m.  26 d.




Source: The following information was copied out

of the Index of Revolutionary

                        War Pension Applications obtained at the Vt.

Hist. Society Library,

                        Montpelier, Vt.


            Page 340


                                    Hetty, former widow of John

 Durham Alvey,

                                                R3460, which see

                                    John, Md., S34826

                                    Johnathan, Mass., S19807

                                    Joshua, Mass., BLWt. 4177-100-Pvt.

                                                Issues 4/19/1790 to John Bush.

                                                No papers

                                    Richard, Mass., S29150

            Page 17


                                    John Durham, Postmaster to the

American Army,

                                    Betty Fassett, former widow, (R3460)




I  (Lu Dawn Ross Fassett) copied the following

 from the Vital Records Index at Montpelier, Vt.:


Fassett,  Hattie E. of Winchester, N.H. married

Ansel E. Brown 1 May 1867 age 19 1st marriage

  Her father Albert A. Fassett

            Mother Rachel

By Fredk, Frothingham, Minister

Town of Brattleboro, Vermont



The following was copied for me by my son Mark P. Fassett:


Peter Fassett: 1760 Goffstown  page 507

  T:  State Papers N.H. Volume XXXVI           Estate


Samuel Fassett:  Signed for Revolutionary War

Adonijah:  signed for Revolutionary War

            June: 3 : 1776  page 162

T:  State Papers  N.H.  Batchellor Vol. XXX



Index to rolls of honor Volume 3 page 133

                                                And 2 page 139


   Births:            Fassett’s

            Vital Records at Concord, N.H.  (Copied Sept. 23, 1980)

Albert A. Fassett          born Winchester, N.H. July 12, 1821


Maria Fassett               born Winchester, N.H. August 29, 1817


Mary A. Fassett           born Winchester, N.H. August 31, 1814

            All Children of Lewis and Sarah Fassett


Lewis Fassett               born Winchester, N.H. March 31, 1787

            The son of Adonijah and Anna Fassett

            Lewis’ twin sister was Lois, she married a Cady.


Children born to Obel and Lois (?sp Loais) Fassett

            Fitzwillian, N.H.

            John Fassett                 born December 19, 1797

            Benjamin                      born May 1, 1795 twin

            Joseph                          born May 1, 1795 twin

            Thomas Willard            born August 30, 1813

            Eunice                          born February 21, 1811

            Twin Sons                    born May 6, 1809

            Obid W.                       born January 17, 1808

            Stephen Franklin           born September 1, 1802

            Clarrisa                        born August 1804

            Isabel                           born April 28, 1800

            Franklin Benjamin         born July 22, 1799


Children born to Joseph and Hannah Fassett 

Fitzwilliam, N.H.

            Nancy                          born November 27, 1805

            Roxanna                       born March 20, 1815

            Joseph                          born August 5, 1769

            Joseph                          born February 20, 1804

            Jude                             born June 17, 1802

            Lydia Woods               born February 25, 1808

            Edman                          born April 21, 1810

            Hannah Ward               born July 2, 1812

            Levi                              born April 10, 1797

            Rebecca                       born December 6, 1798

            John Fassett                 born August 9, 1800

            Emoline                        born April 21, 1810


Children born to Benjamin and Martha Lee Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Ezekial Lee                   born March 25, 1807

            Rebecca                       born March 20, 1809


Children born to Adonijah and Anna Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Thankful                       born November 30, 1778

(m.Chester Fassett)

            Benjamin                      born July 8, 1780

            Amos                           born June 13, 1782

            John                             born August 14, 1785

(?m.Susannah Dutton)

            Lois                              born March 31, 1787 Twin

            Lewis                           born March 31, 1787 Twin

(m. Sarah________)

            Anna                            born February 16, 1789

            Abner                           born July 23, 1791

(d. Feb. 12, 1812)

            Samuel                         born August 28, 1789


Children born to Samuel and Betsey (Hutchons) Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Samuel                         born February 11, 1811

            Ashbury                       born December 9, 1812


Children born to Samuel and ____, Winchester, N.H.

            Mary                            born January 3, 1778

            Lucy                             born April 19, 1779

          m.1800 Ebenezer Copeland)

            Ester                            born April 24, 1764

(?m. David Garnsey)

            Anna                            born September 23, 1774


Children born to Albert A. and Rachel Fassett,

Winchester, N.H.

            Harriett E.                    born June 24, 1847

            Henry E.                       born April 18, 1849

            Walter C.                     born October 30, 1852

            Infant male                    born April 26, 1857









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