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A. A. Fassett Headstone, Winchester, N.H.

Cemeteries - A Work Compiled by Lu Dawn Ross During her Searches for Fassett & Other Relatives Long Lost - Not to Be Forgotton


July 20 1980

Today I found the graves of Albert’s first two wives, at the Winchester Cemetery at the corner of Forest Lake Rd. and the Richmond Rd., Winchester, New Hampshire.

            Rachel              wife of Albert A. Fassett           died April 30, 1857

                                    40 yrs               6 mts                6 days


                                    infant son died May 4, 1857     age 8 days


            Abby                wife of A.A. Fassett died April 16, 1860

                                    Age 27


On July 26, 1980 I was able to read the following on Abby’s gravestone:

            Life is like the budding flower,

            When killed by frost e’er it blooms,

            So death shows it’s mighty power,

            And hastens loved ones to the tomb.

On July 30, 1980 I found the graves of Abbie’s and Harriet’s paernts, and two of their sisters at the far end of the road where Abby and Rachel are buried.  Also, there were those of two of their sisters.


From History of Swanzey: pg. 483 – Abby and Harriett (twins) b. 12 Oct. 1833;  Abby d. 12 April 1860;  Harriett now lives in Winchester.  They were daughters of William Wheelock b. Jan. 31, 1793  d. Aug. 14, 1874 and Harriett Porter of Oneida, N.Y.  b. June 14, 1798  d. June 1, 1853.  His father was Thomas Wheelock and his mother was Sally.



Greenlawn Cemetery, Keene, New Hampshire


Walter C. and his wife Abbie, Claude, and Bessie, their children:

            Walter C. Fassett         b.  Oct. 30, 1852         d. Sept. 15, 1931

            Abbie T. Billings wife of Walter C. Fassett

                        b. May 24, 1857          d. May 8, 1904

            Bessie B. dau. of W.C. & Abbie Fassett

                        Died 3 yrs 1 mt 14 days

            Claude T. Fassett son of Walter C. Fassett

                        b. May 10, 1893          d. March 23, 1925

            (Claude had an U.S. American Legion Flag)


            Henry and Mary Jane

            Warren and Amy


            Maurice Worcester – son of Alice L. Fassett and Clarence Worcester, Alice was a

            Sister to Warren Fassett.



July 26, 1980

Today I copied the following from the tall monument we found not far inside the Beaver Street entrance to the cemetery in Keene, New Hampshire:

                        Samuel Griffith died May 18, 1880

                                    Age 77 yrs  6 mts.  And 26 days

                        Mahala wife of Samuel Griffith

                                    Died May 21, 1887

                        Joseph E. Griffth

                                    Jan. 29, 1845

                                    Jan. 26, 1929

                        Ella M. Cummings his wife

                                    Dec. 18, 1854

                                    Nov. 11, 1918


            Dau. of J.E. & E.M. Griffith                  Grace R.

                        Died Sept. 27, 1874     age 11 mts.  23 days




                        Henry A. Griffith           Brother

                                    Born Dec. 5, 1834                   late member of

                                    Died Jan. 7, 1903                          Co. G. 1st____Battery


                        Olive R. Barton

                                    Born Apr. 7, 1838

                                    Died Mar. 25, 1901


                        Emma F. dau. of A.R. & O. R. Barton

                                    Born Apr. 10, 1859

                                    Died June 6, 1882


(I ask:  There is a large Fassett and Barton monument in the Winchester Cemetery, the only name being thereon is that of John Fassett (middle name B.), with the dates—

Oct. 12, 1824 – Oct. 24, 1886.   Is this John connected some way with Olive Relief’s husband Barton, A. R.  ???




Greenlawn Cemetery, Keene, New Hampshire -           Griffith’s


John G. Griffith             died Feb. 15, 1896

                                                Age 69 yrs. 6 mts.


Madilah E.        wife of John  G. Griffith

                                                Died (difficult to read) ? Mar. 7, 1860


Martha A. Patch           wife of John G. Griffith

                                                Died Oct. 9, 1911

                                                Age 73 yrs.


Everetta E.       dau. of J. G. & Martha A. Griffith

                                                Died May 13, 1861

                                                Age 9 mts. 16 days (difficult to read)



Front Chapel across and down from Amy and Warren Fassett’s:

            Tall monument, fallen over:

                        Albert P. Griffith

                                    Died July 8, 1906

                                    Age 70 yrs.  8 mts  26 days


                        Fred Orion       only child of

                                    Albert P. Griffith and Amelia R.

                                    Died Feb. 10, 1886

                                    Age 20 yrs.  1 mt.  6 days

                                    (was unable to read the writing under:

                                                Gone but not forgotton,)


Fassett Headstone, Keene, N.H.

Mark Fassett Trying to Read Fassett Headstone, Keene,N.H.

When is the last time you paid one or more cemetaries a visit with pen & paper in hand & bottle of drinking water close by ?

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Many Fassett Ancestors Located in New Hampshire!

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