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Ross Crest

Clan Ross Crest: Spem Successus Alit
(Success Nourishes Hope)

One Last Visit With Dad
Dad & Lu Dawn - 1997 - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Jeremy, Gayle, Dad (Grampa Ross)
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Sunset - Leaving The Cape - 1997
Dad had MI next day. Died one week later.

Ruth (Dad's Wife), Carol, Dad, Lu Dawn
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The following photo: Colin Ross & Mildred Hilton Sims


Brothers 5 Are We - Need Roy to Make 6 You See!
Dad - Colin Ross

Harton Ross

Irene - Daughter of Norman & Mary Ann "Maggie" Ross

Don Ross,Sr. Irene Ross Willis, Gordon Ross

His Father Was Neil Ross, son of Mary Ann MacLean-
Don Ross, Sr.

His Father Was Harton Ross-Son of Mary Ann MacLean
Gordon Ross

Don Ross, Sr., Don Ross Jr., Don Ross 3rd

Fulton (lt), Neil (Rt) & Frank (sitting) Ross

Mary Ann & Twin Sister Katherine MacLean

Ross 1789 Belfast, Ireland to Present

Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross-MacKay

Norman Ross & Mary Ann MacLean

About the above wedding photo:  I have to ask - Does it look like Grandmother MacKay had her fingers crossed in this photo?

Colin Ross son of Mary Ann "Maggie" MacLean-Ross Daddy

L to R Wilburn"Lee" Sims, Dad (Colin Ross), & Poppa Floyd (Francis M. Floyd)

October 2007
Our Visit To The Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, NS

October 2007
Carol & Lu Dawn Ross Monument Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007
Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

October 2007 Roadside View
Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

October 2007
Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007 Ross Monument & Headstones
Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

October 2007
Carol Examining Ross Headstones, Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007
Carol Reading Ross headstone, Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery
Lu Dawn Reading Ross Monument

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery, Sewtiacke
clan mcclain cape briton 07 016.jpg
Ross Monument

October 2997
Ross Monument Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007
Ross Monument Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007
Ross Monument Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007 Alexander & Ada Ross
Is this Fort Ellis or Milford Cemetery?

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery
George Ross Died July 23, 1857 & Wife Annie

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery
Charles Samuel Ross

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery
John Ross

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007 Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, NS
Ross Monument

In the photo above, you can see the crack in the middle of the monument.  There is an old tree stump directly to the right of the monument.  Thus we believe that the tree must have fallen on and broken the monument requiring it to be repaired.

October 2007
Lu Dawn & Carol At Milford Cemetery

This cemetery had many spiders!  You can even make out a couple of them on the 
Milford Cemetery Stone in front of Lu Dawn & Carol!

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Lizzie F. Wife of Hugh Ross

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Adeline Daughter of John & Isabelle J Wickwire

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Children of Roland & Emma 'Tanner' Ross

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Charley & Maggie Children of Roland & Emma Ross

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Evelyn J Woodworth

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Adeline Daughter of John & Isabella J. Wickwire

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Paul Woodworth & Wife mary A.

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
Joseph W Tanner And His Wife Margaret

October 2007 Milford Cemetery
William K. Tanner & His Wife Mary S.

October 2007
Parked at the Fort Ellis Cemetery

October 2007 Elmsdale Cemetery

October 2007
Carol - Elmsdale Cemetery

October 2007
Carol Preparing to Leave Elmsdale Cemetery

The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association - Very Nice Site

Click here to go to Orangedale and Gillis Cove Cemetery Inverness County, NS

Link to: Nova Scotia Roots Genealogy Mailing List

Link to free: 'We have constructed the following forms we use in our own genealogy research.'

      The Family Ties That Bind.
George Ross
 Born 1788-89 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Died 29 July 1857 Milford Station, Nova Scotia
Married Miss Annie Bateman abt. 1817 in Northern Ireland.  Born 1795 in Ireland.  She died 6 April 1871, Milford Station, Nova Scotia.  Buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Children of George Ross & Annie Bateman:
1.  Nathaniel b. Belfast, Northern Ireland
2.  John born 1819, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, died 27 Sept. 1892, Milford, Nova Scotia, Married Jane Ross (No relation. ) Jane Ross of St. Croix, Nova Scotia b. Windsor, N.S. 1827, d. Halifax, N.S. 27 July, 1889 
John & Jane Ross had 10 children:  Nathaniel, Willian John, Nartha, Annie, Sophie, Sarah, Elizabeth Stephanie, Albert and Eleanor Emma.
3.   Mary Ann b. 4 April 1825 in Ireland, d. 5 April 1902, Milford, N.S., Married Paul Woolworth from Milford Station, N.S. 
Mary Ann Ross & Paul Woolworth had 15 children.
4.  George b. 1827, Milford, N.S., d. 1920 Milford, N.S.  Married Abigail Wickwire b. 1827 d. 1907, daughter of Greenleaf Wickwire of Hardwoodslands.  Both George & Abigail buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewiacke, N.S.
George Ross & Abigail Wickwire had 11 children all born Milford, N.S.   Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Charles, Emma, Isabel, Roland, Georgina Bateman, Ada, Alexander, Hiram, Annetta
5.  Martha married twice - 1st Brust -daughter Annie; 2nd Harrison - two children: George & Elizabeth
6.  Samuel born Milford, N.S.
d. Gloucester, Mass, USA.
7.  Elizabeth b. Belfast, Ireland, d. St. Croix, N.S.  Married John Hunter of Spring Hill, N.S. - four sons:  George, John Jr., Samuel, Charles David.
The Ross' landed in Windsor, Nova Scotia.  From there they came to Milford Station, N.S.  The father, George 1789, cleared the land and built a log cabin.  Three children were born here.  Nathaniel did not come to Canada.  He stayed with his grandparents in Ireland.  When his mother (Annie Bateman) married George Ross, her parents disowned her because the Bateman's were of a higher social class.
George  Ross
George Ross was b. 19 March 1828, Milford, N.S., d. 1920-Buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewaicke, N.S.  Married Abigail Wickwire of Hardwoodlands on 14 Nov. 1851, Shubmacadie, N.S.  She b. 27 June 1827 in Hardwoodlands, Hants Co., N.S., d. 1907, buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewaicke, N.S.
George & Abigail were Married on 14 November 1851 in Shubenacadie, Hants Co., Nova Scotia.
        Children of George Ross 1827 & Abigail Wickwire:
1.  Mary Ann married Alexander Ross (No Relation).  They had twins + 10 Children.
2.  Roland b. 11 April 1856 Milford Station, N.S., d. 7 April 1904 Milford Station, N.S., buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, N.S.  Married Emma A. Tanner  b. 2 Feb. 1854 in Rawdon, Hants Co., N. S. They were married on 7 Dec. 1875 in Shubenacadie, N.S. Emma was the daughter of William Tanner & Mary Sophia Roulston.
Roland & Emma had 8 children.
3.  Elizabeth b. 1832, Milford Station, N.S. d. 17 July 1885 Married Joseph Wilson.  Elizabeth & Joseph had 2 children:  Margaret b. 31 Jan. 1874 m. Ralph Eaton, lived Natick, Mass. USA
and Walter Hamilton b. 21 Jan. 1876 never married, lived Cape Breton, N.S.
4.  Isabel Maud d. 197  m. John Kenty.  Isabel & John had 2 children:  Elsie & George
5.  Elsie Kenty 1st married Hugh MacCallum, had 2 children: Donald & Jack, Divorced. 2nd married Hubley & lived on Quinpool Road opposite North West Arm, Halifax, N.S.
Roland Ross
Roland b. 1856 Milford Station, N.S.  d. 1904 Milford Station, N.S., buried Fort Ellis Cemetery, Stewaicke, N.S., married Emma Tanner (See Emma's Photo bottom of this page) b. 1854 Rawdon, Hants Co., N.S., d. 1914 Milford Station, N.S. buried Milford Station Cemetery, N.S.  Emma's parents:  William (Kingston) Tanner & Mary Sophia Roulston (Rolyston).  (See Wives & Mothers Page for more on this Tanner Family Group.)
Children of Roland 1856 & Emma Tanner:
1.  Ada b. Milford, Hants Co., N.S., married Styles Keddy.  They lived in USA. (Styles is no relation to Mayle Keddy-see Edith below)
2.  Sophia- No Info.-b. Milford, hants Co., N.S.
3.  Charles- b. 1879, Milford, Hants Co., N.S.
No Info.
4. Norman b. 1876 d. 1928 Buried Malagawatch Cape Breton, N.S.  Married Mary Ann MacLean daughter of Neil MacLean b. 1842 & Margaret MacRae b. 1852  Lived Sydney, N.S.  Norman Ross & Mary MacLean had 6 children: Neil, Fulton, Frank, Hartan, Irene, Colin (Colin Ross is Lu Dawn's father).
5.  Hilda b. 7 Jan 1885, Milford, hants Co., N.S., married Don Benjamin of Carroll's Corner, N.S. Lived in Danville, Conn., USA.
6.  Ethel- b. Milford, Hants Co., N.S. No Info.
7.  Edith M.  b. 1877, Milford, Hants Co., N.S.  married Moyle Keddy (no relation to Styles Keddy noted above).  Lived in USA.
8.  Margaret b. Dec. 1880, Milford, Hants Co., N.S.
9.  Franklin David b. 25 May 1887-88 Milford Station, N.S. d. 26 Oct. 1949 Elmsdale, N.S., buried Elmsdale Cemetery, N.S.  Married Lena May Smith b. 7 March 1889 in Carroll's Corner, N.S., d. 8 July 1956 and buried in Elmsdale Cemetery, N.S.
David Franklin known as Frank & wife Lena had 10 children: Roy Ernest, George Roland, James Newton, Gordon Smith, Harlan Austin, John Ira, Helen Genevieve, Edith Mae, Norma Irene and Ruth Emma
Roy Ernest m. Harriett Caroll, had 7 children: Roy Harlan, Carl Ashby, Estelle Mae, Donald Edward, Terrance David, Mary Jane and Kenneth Ira.
George Roland m. Enna Wellwood, had 2 children: David & Judith Anne
Gordon Smith m. Mina Meller, had 2 children: Robert Gordon & Joan Mary Alice
James Newton 1st. m. Evelyn Burnmaster, had 3 children: Franklyn James, Jane Melissa & Norman Leslie   (2nd m. Phyllis Elliott-No Children)
Harlan Austin - never married
John Ira m. Eva Wellwod, no children
Helen Genevieve 1st. m. George Malaidack had 3 children: George Doris, Aleck Ross & Mark Steven  2nd m. Robert Murnber-No Children.
Edith Mae m. Frederick Collins, had 4 children: Caroyln Mae, Brenda Anne, Thomas (died), & Deborah Ruth.
Norma Irene m. Angus MacDonnell, had 7 children:  Lena Marie, Theresa Ruth, Francis Edward, Ronld Angus, Margaret Anne, John Joseph-infant died, Elizabeth Lorraine, Leonard John-died, Twins-Susan Mary & Sarah Marie.
Ruth Emma m. Corbett McNutt, had 5 children: Vernon Leonard-died, Norma Lee, Helen Louise, Joseph Alexander, & David Walter.
The above information of David Franklin & Lena's children sent to Lu Dawn by Ruth McNutt of Thura, N.S., Norman Ross of Gays River, N.S., Norma McDonnell, Elmsdale, N.S., Helen Murnber of Halifax, N.S. and Frank Ross of Elmsdale, N.S.  - Thank You!

Norman Ross b. 17 Sept. 1876 in Milford, Hants Co., N.S.
Norman was born in Milford, Hants, N.S. Died 15 Aug. 1928 age 51 yrs. N.S.  Buried Malagawatch Cape Breton Cemetery, N.S.
Married Mary Ann 'Maggie' MacLean b. 1886 Orangedale, Cape Breten, N.S. Mary was the daughter of Neil McLean b. 11 Aug. 1842 Isle of Coll, Scotland and Margaret McRae b. 23 April 1852 ? N.S.
See MacLean's Page for more MacLean & MacRae Lineage
 Norman & Mary lived Sydney, Cape Breton.  After Norman died in 1928, Mary came to Boston, Mass. where she met and married Neil MacKay.  Neil & Mary had one child: Roy (More on Roy & his family later below).
 Norman suffered from an infected tooth and died of septicemia.

Children of Norman Ross & Mary Ann MacLean:
1.  Neil D. b. 16 Apr. 1905, Milford, N.S., m. Emily Crowley, had 4 children: Donald, Norman, Steven, Buddy.
2.  Fulton J. b. 23 June 1907, Milford, N.S (Inverness Co.), m. Marjorie, had 3 children: Edith, Norman, Bruce.
(In 2003 Norman living in Delaware)
3.  Frank b. 22 May 1910, Marble Mt., N.S. (Inverness Co.) m. Helen Sterns, had 2 children: Kenneth & Gordon.
4.  Harton B.
5.  Colin b. 1918 Sydney, N.S., d. Oct. 1997, Halifax, Cape Cod, USA, from a heart attack, 1st. m. Mildred M. Hilton-Sims of Taney Co., Mo. (Colin & Mildred are Lu Dawn's parents.) Mildred & Colin had 2 children:  Lu Dawn & Sister
(See Hilton & Thornton's Pages for more of Mildred's Lineage)
(Lu Dawn & Paul have 3 children: Mark, Gayle & Jeremy.)
 (Sister & Husband had 4 children: 2 sons & 2 daughters.)
Colin 2nd m. Ruth Myer & had one son: Collie Guy-nickname 'Dutch', (living)  West Bridgewater, Mass., m. __________
Collie Guy had __________children and lives in Texas where he has a construction business.
6. Margaret "Irene" b. 15 May 1926, Sidney, N.S. m. Stanley Willis.  Stanley d. 1977.  They had 3 children:  Tracy, Dana, Allen.  Lived Mass.
Mary MacLean-Ross-MacKay and Neil MacKay had one son: Roy MacKay  b. 17 July 1932 Brockton, Mass, Plymouth Co.
Roy married 10 August 1953 in Middletown, Plymouth Co., Mass. to Shirley Ann Manson, b. 15 Jan 1935 in Brockton, Mass.  They attend Methodist Church.  Roy is retired carpenter.  Shirley is a bookeeper.  Shirley is the daughter of Delbert Manson & Edith Pearson.  They live in Sandwich, Mass.  Children of Roy & Shirley:  Gary b. 2-8-54, Brockton d. Marco island, Florida 6-14-2000 of heart attack; 
Scott  m. Terri Brace Oct. 21, 1978;
Kevin  m. Sara Hull Oct. 14, 1995.
Lu Dawn Ross daughter of Colin Ross
b. (living) Nevada, Mo., m. Paul L. Fassett in 1963, in Keene, New Hampshire, Grace Methodist Church.
Children of Lu Dawn & Paul:
Mark Paul  Keene, N.H.,  m. Renee' in Keene, N.H. Have 3 children: 2 sons & 1 daughter
Gayle Louise  Keene, N.H., m. Ronald Simoneau in Keene, N.H.  Have 4 daughters
Jeremy Heath  Keene, N.H. m. Angaliec "Angie" Austin of N.C.  Have 5 children: 2 sons & 3 daughters
Colin Ross b. 1918 Served during World War 11 in the 332nd MPEG (Military Police Escort Guard)
Oct. 3. 1942 - Fort Devens, Mass.  Ernest Hurd (Lu Dawn's maternal grandmother's 2nd husband) served in the same company at Camp Clark, Mo.  Guarded German POW's.
Colin did not work with dogs - Dad refused to!  He was biten by a Great Dane as a paper boy.  The great dane took a chunk out of Dad's forearm.  (Thank you Sissy for that story).  I thought it was a bite to his calf.




Daughter of William Tanner & Sophia Roulston
Emma A. Tanner-Ross

Lu Dawn's Great Uncle
Frank Ross & Family

All information / data is welcome !

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